Song this chapter is based around: Invincible by Jesse McCartney.

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This wasn't supposed to happen. Not like this. Just three hours before, they were having so much fun.

Murdoc's birthday was today, so the band was celebrating with shots of whiskey and apple juice (for Noodle). Murdoc, like always, had a little too much to drink.

"M-mudz," 2D tried to stop his tipsy giggling.


"Mudz, yer drunk."

"Faceache...shu' up." Murdoc growled, throwing an empty beer can toward the man.

"No fighting." Russel warned, picking up another beer can.

"T'is is stupid, I'm out o' here." Murdoc got up from his chair and began heading toward his Winnebago.

"Mudz, yer too drunk ta drive, give meh yer keys." 2D got up to follow the older man, but tripped over his chair.

Murdoc laughed until he was red in the face, then made his way to the car park.

"Murdoc, 'D's right, you're too drunk to drive." Russel stood and followed the man. 2D staggered behind him, followed by a very confused looking Noodle.

"Where Murdoc-san go?" The girl asked.

"Murdoc, stay here, you're too drunk." Russel tried to argue, but found the alcohol numbing his own senses.

Murdoc flipped him off then started his love-shack-on-wheels, opened the garage, and took off down to the road.

"Murdoc!" Russel called after the car, then gave up.

"Russel-san, we go after him?" Noodle pulled at the drummer's sleeve.

"Nah, he'll be fine, it's your bed time anyway." Russel picked Noodle up and carried her to bed.

"Bu' 'm no' sleepy yet." 2D protested.



"You're drunk."

"Murdoc! Answer your phone!" Russel hollered into his phone, tapping his foot impatiently. His constant yelling must have been a little too loud, because next thing he knew, 2D and Noodle were wide awake, standing in the kitchen next to him.

"What is going on?" Noodle asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Russel hung up his phone and turned to the singer, looking him straight in the eyes. 2D wasn't much of a thinker, but he did know how to read people.


"I just saw a car wreck on the news, two are injured and one is in critical condition."

"Well 'ow do ya-"

"It was a Winnebago that smashed into another car."

"Well, tha' doe'n't mean it-"

But, 2D was cut off yet again, this time by the t.v. volume turning up ever so slightly.

"Look, it Murdoc-san." Noodle pointed to the t.v. screen.

2D and Russel's eyes widened in pure shock when they heard what the news reporter had to say next.

"Murdoc Niccals, bass player for the band, Gorillaz, was pronounced dead at the scene, medics are trying everything they can to save him."

Just three hours before, They were having so much fun. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Not like this.