Song this chapter was inspired by: Home By Philip Philips.

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Murdoc's P.o.V:

It's a pretty boring day. I asked dad if we could go for a car ride and he said yes. It took a lot of convincing, but he finally let me drive the car! He says that if it turns out anything like the 19-2000 music video, he'd kick my ass up one street and down the next. I rolled my eyes at this and got into the passenger seat.

I really had no idea where we were going, I just kept following the road, occasionally having to swerve out of the way of approaching cars and other dullards on the street.

"Slow down, Mudz, we ain't in a hurry ta get anywhere." My dad puts a hand on my shoulder, which I promptly shrugged off. I think I forgot to tell him that we were on a road trip, but he doesn't seem to mind.

I turn the radio on to some song by the Beatles I think. My little brother must know it, because he starts singing along.

My brother really is a talented singer. I feel bad for beating him up all the time, I don't mean to be violent like that and I think he understands that. By now, my little sister is probably the only reason why I haven't severely hurt him, other than that time I accidentally hit him with my car.

My little sister is a little ball of fire. She will hunt me down if I beat up my brother too much. But all in all, she can be my best friend, and I lover her to bits.

After about an hour or so, I look in my rear view mirror. I smile lightly when I see my brother and sister curled up together in the back seat, sleeping soundly. I look to my right and it turns out my dad is fast asleep too.

I turn the radio off so they can all sleep better and I continue driving. It suddenly hits me that I'm tired too and it would be best to get them all home safely.

Back at Kong studio, I poked my dad a little, "Russ, get up." I whispered, doing my best not to wake my brother and sister.

"We home yet?" He rubs his eyes.

"Yup, can ya 'elp meh ge' 2D and Noodle in?" I asked, then waited patiently for an answer.

He nods and sits up before getting out of the car and going to the back seat to get my brother. For the first time in weeks, I notice just how thin 2D is and it almost scares me a little. I sighed lightly before pulling my sister into my arms.

She stirs a little and her tiny green eyes open.

"Mur'oc, where at?" She rubs her eyes.

"We're 'ome, Noodle." I said blankly, carrying her to her bed. She falls asleep the moment her head hits the pillow. I kiss her goodnight and leave her room, leaving the door open just a little to let the hall light in.

I walked past my dad's room and peaked inside. He too is already asleep. I roll my eyes a little then head to the car park.

I heard 2D fumbling around in his room, probably looking for a bottle of pain meds.

"They're in the top drawer." I called to my brother as I opened the door to my Winnebago.

"'Fanks, Mudz."

I grunted, then crawled in to bad, not even bothering to change my clothes.

I stare blankly at the ceiling, listening to the creaks and haunting noises of my house.

My home.

A/N: Finto, done, over :D Murdoc is back with his family and all is well. I might work on some more angst, but school is winding down, so I might be awhile.