Title: A Long Way Home (Chapter Three)

Author: LizzieInk

A/N: This chapter is told from the point of view of McGee, as I wanted to show the reactions of the rest of the team. I hope you like it!

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McGee paced the length of the waiting room anxiously, running his hand impatiently through his cropped hair. He had come straight to the hospital after working the crime scene.

Agent Timothy McGee had arrived on scene shortly after Tony and Ziva had been driven off in the ambulance. The scene wasn't any more or less horrific than any other crime scene he had ever worked, and yet the sight he had been met with upon his arrival had left him reeling.

The car Tony and Ziva had been driving was wrecked, the front passenger side had all but folded in on itself, with broken glass from the window left littering the floor of the vehicle. However the image that McGee couldn't rid his mind of was the blood.

There had been a significant amount of blood on both of the front seats, as well as on the floor of the drivers side of the vehicle, and although McGee knew that Tony and Ziva had not been killed instantaneously, he couldn't quite manage to quench the fear that was trying to claw its way into the back of his mind. McGee had seen too many horrible things during his time as a field agent, and he had trouble keeping his mind from dwelling on worst case scenarios.

McGee and Gibbs had worked the scene quickly, forcing themselves to think of nothing but the task at hand. The fact that Tony and Ziva had been alive meant that Ducky was free from duties, and instead had headed straight to the hospital with Abby to await any news.

Gibbs and McGee had combed the crime scene in silence, photographing and bagging evidence. Fortunately as there had been no witnesses there was no need to conduct any interviews. Even though this meant that they had no idea who had performed the hit and run, as the offending car had been left abandoned, they had been glad of the speed at which the crime scene could be processed. After doing as much as they could, McGee and Gibbs had left the crime scene in the hands of other officials, so that both the vehicles could be delivered to the evidence garage back at NCIS headquarters.

Analysing the vehicles could wait. The safety of their team mates could not. Gibbs had wanted round the clock protection on Ziva and Tony until they found out who was after them. Even though McGee had relayed that whoever had hit them had gotten the diamonds, which was probably what they came for anyway, Gibbs was still adamant that his agents needed protection. He had lost too many people in the past already and he wasn't about to lose any more now.

So Gibbs and McGee, after processing the crime scene as best they could under the circumstances, had rushed to the hospital to check on the status of their friends.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, McGee and Gibbs had found Ducky and Abby waiting nervously in the waiting room. Duck and Abbs had heard no news yet, other than to say that their agents were still alive. They were still waiting for word from a Doctor in regards to the seriousness of Tony and Ziva's injuries.

Fortunately they didn't have too long to wait, as a Doctor had then pushed through a set of double doors nearby and proceeded to call out Dr. Mallard's and Abby Scuito's names. Abby had been on edge, and was shaking with nervous energy, as she had leapt towards the doctor, asking for any further news about their friends. Ducky, Gibbs and McGee had all followed Abby quietly.

The doctor had smiled comfortingly as he told them the news. "Your agents have both been extremely fortunate. They both have broken bones, and have of course sustained many cuts and bruises, both from broken glass and the impact of the crash. Agent Dinozzo has also suffered a minor bump to the back of his head, and is currently suffering from a concussion, but other than that both of your agents are doing great. Agent David was conscious when I left her, although still slightly confused, and we are hopeful that Agent Dinozzo will wake up soon. Both of the patients are currently having casts and bandages applied."

McGee upon hearing the Doctors words; that Tony and Ziva had been incredibly lucky, had turned to Abby and enveloped her in a tight hug. Clinging to each other, Abby had burst into tears of relief while McGee had held her tight, comforting her while at the same time drawing strength from her touch.

Gibbs and Ducky had been quick to request that they be allowed to sit with the patients. Gibbs explained to the Doctor that their investigation into the attacker's identity was still active, and upon voicing his concern for his agent's safety, had insured that he and Ducky could both go through to see Tony and Ziva, while two hospital security staff were posted outside of their doors.

McGee and Abby had been pacing the waiting room ever since, waiting for Gibb's to come and tell them that they could finally see their friends.

When Gibbs emerged from behind the double doors, Abby almost jumped out of her skin, while McGee had cast an anxious glance at his boss. Stepping forward nervously McGee uttered a single word.

"Gibbs?" He asked tensely. McGee's pain and worry was evident in his voice.

Thankfully Gibbs stepped forward and smiled, clasping McGee's shoulder warmly.

"Tony will see you now McGee. He just woke up." Gibbs then turned to Abby and hugged her reassuringly. "Come on Abbs, how about you give Ducky a break and come and sit with Ziva for a while?"

Abby stepped back from Gibbs with tears in her eyes and gave Gibbs a weak but happy smile: "I'd like that," she replied, before linking her arm comfortingly through his and allowing Gibbs to lead her towards their friends. McGee taking Abby's other hand in his own, followed silently.

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