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After skating, both of them agreed to head home. They reached the tower and it was just 7:30 pm and no one was home yet. They then decided to just watch a movie and pass the night off. "What movie shall we watch?" Starfire asked. "I don't know. Why don't you pick?" Robin answered. Starfire was excited as she searched they DVD cabinet for that one movie she always wanted to watch. "I found it!" She shouted holding up the case. "Actually I have wanted to watch this for a long time now but we did not have any more movie nights." She explained as she handed Robin the DVD. Robin took a look, "No Strings Attached huh? Okay then!" Robin said as he placed the DVD in the player.

The lights were turned off and he sat beside her. Starfire was already cuddling the teddy bear he gave her as her eyes were fixed on the screen. She would ask something from time to time especially about how earthlings mated because there were those scenes in the movie. Robin didn't have a hard time explaining since he learned that the mating rituals of Tamaraneans were similar to humans.

Then there was the heart breaking scene which made Starfire cry and cuddle closer to Robin. He already had an arm around her and her tears fell on his chest where her head rested. "Why don not they just admit that they love each other?" She asked while sobbing. "It's not always that easy Star. Emma obviously loves Adam but she's afraid to get hurt now Adam's had enough and just left her." He answered. "But why did he leave, does he not love her?" She asked again. "Girls tend to do that, take them out on dates, give them gifts but at the end they don't return the feelings. Adam just got tired and left." He said trying to focus on the movie but somehow he could relate to what Adam felt.

There was silence between them. "You took me out on dates and you gave me this teddy bear. Is it the same as the movie?" She asked so innocently. It was his time to be caught off guard by that question. "W-w-well… uhm… Star you s-see…" He stuttered. Her face leaned closer looking for an answer but this made him blush. Damn it, no turning back now Robin! Just let it own gently. "O-of course! I mean that's how humans show affection to someone." He nervously answered. "But you never have taken Raven on a date or given her stuffed animal pillows." She countered. "It's because you're special Starfire. I kinda' treat you differently." He said.

Starfire smiled and lay on his chest as the movie continued. "So if you took me on those dates and have given me gifts… does that mean you love me like Adam loved Emma?" She asked again, inching her face nearer to his. It seems she never runs out of questions, you can't blame her anyways. "I guess you could say that…" He said. "Yeah Starfire, I do love you… for a long time now." Robin added, his heart pounding very fast.

Starfire leaned in and kissed him. At first Robin was surprised but he gladly returned the kiss. It was something different but then again it was always different with Starfire. After what seemed like an eternity they pulled away. "Then your feelings are returned." She said then she lay back on his chest and he hugged her tighter. They were both smiling and contented with the events today. They hadn't realized that they both fell asleep on the couch.

The next day…

"We're back!" Cyborg shouted as they opened the door. "Robin? Starfire?" Beast boy called out but there was no answer. "Where are those two? They couldn't possibly be still asleep" Cyborg said.

"Uhh guys, I guess you better shut up because these two are still sleeping… together." Raven said pointing at the couch. Cyborg and Beast Boy immediately ran to the sofa and saw Robin with his arms around Starfire who was peacefully sleeping on his chest. They all looked at each other.

"This isn't really a surprise" Raven said. "It was bound to happen anyways" Beast Boy added. "It was about time!" Cyborg commented. The three went up to their rooms and left the two sleeping on the couch cuddled up together.

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