This is my first fanfiction including any of Richelle Mead's characters. It's just a series of Adrian and Sydney drabbles with the theme FRIENDS DO AND BESTFRIENDS… In this story, Adrian attends the same school as Sydney and they happen to be bestfriends…now :p …every chapter will have 2-3 drabbles..

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Friends would knock at the front door; Bestfriends would walk right in and say I'm home…

Sydney looked around her new apartment. It was perfectly neat and tidy obviously. One look at the clock told her that Brayden would arrive any minute since he was always early.

Sure enough, exactly two minutes later there was a knock on her door. Taking one last look in the mirror, Sydney opened the door with a smile.

'Hey Brayden,' greeted Sydney feeling slightly nervous since apart from Adrian and Eddie both of whom did not actually count in this case, she had not invited any boys to her apartment yet, 'Please come in.'

Brayden gave Sydney a polite nod before entering the apartment.

'Hmm.' Murmured Brayden glancing at the purple walls in her sitting room.

Sydney decided to ignore that sound which did nothing to ease her nerves as she sat down on the off white couch.

'Come. Sit.' Said Sydney to Brayden.

Brayden glanced at her momentarily then sat down at a respectable distance, still staring at the wall as if something confused him.

Sydney sighed.

'Is there something you have to say?' she asked trying to keep the annoyance she felt out of her voice.

'I am glad you asked.' Replied Brayden in a matter of fact tone, 'Tell me why would someone choose a shade of colour so unbalanced and ostentatious?'

Sydney's eyes widened but Brayden simply looked on as if he had not said anything which was impolite.

Sydney cleared her throat, unsure of how to reply. Actually the entire apartments colour scheme had been handled by Adrian who couldn't resist showing off his artistic abilities.

'Well,' said Sydney finally, 'I like it.'

'Well,' said Brayden in a tone similar to hers, 'I suppose our opinions do not quite match on this matter. Anyways-'

He smiled softly and leaned closer to Sydney who despite recognizing the gesture couldn't feel slightly less affectionate. But she shifted closer to Brayden as well.


'I'm home!' came Adrian Ivashkov's voice, 'And I have hot wings!'

Sydney and Brayden sprang apart just as Adrian entered the room carrying a bucket of hot wings.

'Oh we have a visitor.' Said Adrian casually glancing at Brayden who sat as far as the couch would allow him since he was uncomfortable around "Sydney's brother".

Sydney rolled her eyes suppressing a groan.

'Hot wings Brandon?' asked Adrian messing up Braydon's name for the hundredth time.

'No thank you.' Replied Brayden coolly.

'Adrian,' said Sydney trying to keep from hissing, 'don't you have that thing to do?'

Adrian glanced at Sydney, an eyebrow arched.

'What thing?' asked Adrian.

Maybe she imagined it but Sydney thought she saw a glimmer of mischief in Adrian's eyes as he said that.

'Don't you have some place to be tonight?' she asked a bit more forcefully.

Adrian flopped on to the couch between Sydney and Brayden.

'Of course.' Said Adrian, 'This is some place. And I'm here aren't I?'

Then turning to Brayden, Adrian held out his piece of chicken.

'You have no idea what you are missing.' Said Adrian.

'You think?' thought Brayden dryly as Sydney avoided his eyes.


Friends tell you not to do something stupid when drunk, Bestfriends will post security so that you don't get in to trouble...

'Angeline,' groaned Sydney as Angeline set down her empty glass and giggled.

Sydney glanced around the room at the raging party, with drinks. Lots of them.

Leaning on Sydney and Eddie, she followed Jill towards the door.

'Ah ladies,' came an all too familiar voice, 'and Eddie, leaving already?'

'Go wait for me in the car.' Sydney told Jill who obeyed and Eddie followed, the she turned to Adrian, 'Of course not. How could we leave without saying goodbye to our host?'

Adrian bowed grinning devilishly and handed a full glass to Angeline who took it instantly.

'No!' cried Sydney taking away the glass and thrusting it at Adrian, 'No more. Look at her!'

'Fun police.' Muttered Angeline repeating the term she'd learned at school.

'You have school tomorrow!' cried Sydney glaring at Adrian who smiled lazily, 'how do you plan on dealing with that after all the drinking tonight?'

'Let's cross that bridge when we get to it Sweetheart.' Said Adrian, 'where is the perfect Hayden tonight?'

'Brayden.' said Sydney automatically, 'He's visiting a cousin in Jersey for a few days.'

Adrian frowned, a slight darkness appearing in his eyes as he remembered something.

'Um Adrian?' asked Sydney concerned now, 'You okay?'

And just as quick as the darkness came, it went away. Adrian gave her a wicked smile as he glanced at the party.

'Just an idea.' He said gazing at something.

Sydney followed his gaze which led to a pretty cheerleader who happened to have a boyfriend.

'You do realize she has a boyfriend and an overprotective older brother both of whom are here tonight.' Said Sydney casually.

'Ofcourse,' scoffed Adrian, 'my party, remember? Hey Angeline, drink up, you know we don't waste. Good night Sage. See you at school.'

Sydney groaned as he walked with purpose towards the cheerleader.

It would be so easy to just leave him to his fate. But Sydney knew that he was too drunk to work his compulsion if he got in to trouble.

'Come on!' she muttered to Angeline as she pulled her back inside.

'Hey Carl.' Said Sydney nearly shoving Angeline on to the cheerleader's brother, 'Meet Angeline. Both of you like to-um-drink. Have fun talking.'

As Sydney hurried away she made a mental note to keep an eye on the brother and Angeline. Adrian was using his killer smile on the cheerleader now. Sydney walked faster and smiled in relief as she saw the cheerleader's boyfriend.

''What the hell was his name?' she thought as she made her way towards him.

'Dr-Drake?' called Sydney uncertainly to the jock.

'Hey Sydney,' said the boyfriend smiling at her, 'You look good.'

'Come let's talk.' Said Sydney positioning both of them in the middle of the dance floor in such a way that while Sydney had a clear view of Adrian and Angeline, Drake had his back towards them.

'No.' said Drake, 'Let's dance!'

He put his hands on her hips and pulled her foreward.

'Oh no!' thought Sydney groaning mentally, 'Hands off me.'

Across the room Adrian glanced at Sydney and shot her a questioning look seeing her present company. Sydney returned his look with a desperate one of her own. Adrian couldn't help chuckling at Sydney's distraction tactics. She really needed a lesson or two from him.

'Okay so I'll get the notes to you tomorrow kay?' said the cheerleading smiling at Adrian.

'Thank you, Diana.' Said Adrian smiling at her.

'Give me a call to remind me.' Said Diana a suggestive look in her eyes.

'I'm sure you wont need it.' Replied Adrian charmingly, 'Excuse me. Hey Angeline!'

Angeline was starting to walk away with Diana' brother. Seeing Adrian release his victim, Sydney got the Jock to release her by a few simple words.

'Oh look Diana's heading this way.'

Quickly she walked towards Adrian who was holding up Angeline now.

'I hope you had fun.' Said Sydney sarcastically as Adrian and her made their way to Adrian's car.

'Sure did.' Replied Adrian with a wink.


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