The Cat's Me-OW!: Part 1

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Star Trek is the property of Gene Rodenberry.

Captain's Log: Stardate 5944.6. We have had a difficult time aboard the Enterprise since the unfortunate events on Idyzk IV. Morale is depressed which is should be expected all things considered, but it weighs heavy on me nevertheless. Not only because it has affected my crew, but there is the matter which I, and I alone, am personally responsible.

We arrived on Idyzk IV to investigate reports of growing hostilities in the northern hemisphere and try to negotiate peace between the indigenous people there. The situation had escalated past the point of peace talks, but as usual, we tried anyway. We observed racial prejudices there on a scale last documented during earth's 20th Century. Warfare, mass internment... it was brutal. A ceasefire was achieved eventually, but only through means of intimidation. The weapons of the Enterprise can be a formidable tool in negotiations. I regret more peaceful measures were so ineffective. It was rash and I suspect I will face an inquiry when we return to civilized space. At the time though I anger which brings me to the reason for our all our sadness.

Minas, a young adolescent who served as a guide to the landing party. His death will haunt me for some time. I am sure of this. It was on my orders that we stayed to pursue peace talks and in the meantime, Minas was captured and killed before we could execute a rescue. For this I am responsible.

His death has hit Mr. Spock hardest of all. He will no say it, but I can tell. The boy was of mixed heritage, and for that reason he was put to death - an abomination to both of his peoples.

Spock has grown...cold since Idyzk IV if Vulcans are capable of such emotion. He spends more time alone in his quarters or apart from the rest of the crew in a corner of the recreation room with one of his datapads. Furthermore, he and Bones have had...difficulties lately. Words that were once received with patience and forbearance are now only barely tolerated. I worry about an altercation between my senior officers.

I have decided to change course from our present heading. I think some shore leave will do us all some good, and as it happens, I know the perfect system to make even the most unhappy Vulcan smile.

I hope...


Author's Note: Just as a heads up, subsequent chapters will be in traditional prose style. I don't want anyone thinking it'll be all Captain's Logs; this just seemed like a good way to get the ball rolling.