Tori sighed and checked the messages first.

The 1st one was from her friend. Fi, which was short for Fiona : Hey Tor, u missed last period 2day , r u feeling alryt? Mssg me back as soon as u can



The second one was from Jade: Hey Vega, meet me in my house at 5, wanna do the maths project wid ya

3rd was from Maria: Hey Tor, r u feeling alryt? Tll me if ya wanna hang later! Byeee 3 :*

4th was from Lily: mssg me later … hope Ur feeling better :*

5th was from Tori's cousin: Hey cuz, how'd da first day of skool go?

Tori read all the messages and went through the notifications next, and then finally she opened the friend requests section

Beck Oliver accept/ decline

Tori' lips made an o nd her eyes almost popped out. She tilted her head in confusion and send Beck a message"

Tori Vega: I want NOTHING to do wid u so leave me alone

Almost 5 minutes later she got a reply.

Beck Oliver: Luk, I know Ur angry, but at least can we be friends? I've changed a lot…

Tori Vega: Luk, as I said, I don't want anything to do with you, I loved you and you broke my trust

Beck Oliver: And that's why I wanna make it up to u

Tori Vega: Nothing u do can make it to me.

Beck Oliver: Can I at least try?

Tori Vega: umm…

Beck Oliver: Just friends?

Tori Vega: umm…

Beck Oliver: C'mon plzz

Tori Vega: okay...

Beck Oliver: Yes! Ok, first of all, Im rreaaalllyyy sorry for what I did to u that day

Tori Vega: I should have known you were playing wid my heart… The whole school knew you were a player, but I trusted you Beck, it was my fault not yours.

Beck Oliver: No, it was my fault, but I've changed, and I came back to make it up to u

Tori Vega: So you're saying u changed schools just to make it up to me? -.-

Beck Oliver: Yes

Tori Vega: Really? :O

Beck Oliver: Yes

Tori Vega: I really mean a lot to u, don't I?

Beck Oliver: I love you

Tori Vega: WHAT?

Beck Oliver: I never stopped unloving you, I loved you in 8th and I still love you.

Tori Vega: But you cheated on me

Beck Oliver: Yea, I was just confused, we had been fighting like always.

Tori Vega: Beck, i…. Don't love you, I used to, but not now.

Beck Oliver: Yea, I know, you've moved on

Tori Vega: Yea, I have, but we can still be friends.

Beck Oliver: Yea, I would like dat :)

Tori Vega: :) we can start by you telling me why you were staring at me in English.

Beck Oliver: oh, you noticed

Tori Vega: yea I did. Soooo sorry... Gtg byeee. C u tomorrow in skool.

Beck Oliver: ok bye.

Tori logged out and ran downstairs after hearing the doorbell. It was Cat and Maria. Tori even noticed a basket of daisies in Marias hand.

"Hey guys" said Tori

"TTooorriiiiiii, hope you're feeling better"

"Thanks Cat, yea I am, Hey mars, is that for me?" she asked

"Yea" replied Maria and handed over the basket


"No problem, now can we go to jade's to finish some project for maths?"


Tori went inside, grabbed her bag and came out. They drove to Jade's and the girls had a good time together. After finishing the project, the girls watched a scary movie and went to sleep on the sofa.