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Dance With Me Tonight

I'm looking at you
You're looking at me
We're the only two off the dance floor
Do you see what I see
Two broken lives working in harmony
Might make for a decent time
So get up and dance with me
What's the point of life

If risk is just a board game
You roll the dice
But you're just hoping that the rules change
What's the point if you can't bring yourself to say
Things you want say like
Dance with me tonight
- 'Dance With Me Tonight,' Hugh Grant

Weddings had never really been Molly's thing.

Oh, she enjoyed going to them and sharing in the joy of the couple who tied the knot, but they often left her feeling a little sad.

Especially when the dancing started and she had no one to dance with.

At least not until the 'couples' dances were over, then she could get up with some of her friends and have a good time. Although it never stopped her from looking a little wistfully at the couples who were still dancing together.

John and Mary's wedding was no different.

She smiled as she watched the happy couple begin their bridal waltz, absently waiting for the moment when the rest of the bridal party would join them. She hid a smirk behind her hand at the memory of John trying to convince Sherlock to dance at his wedding.

Sherlock had reluctantly agreed to one dance.

Molly's smile turned into a sigh as the bridal party joined the couple; this would be Sherlock's 'one dance' so she would have no hope of convincing the consulting detective to take her out for a spin on the dance floor.

She took another sip of her drink as she watched the bridal party encourage others to join the dancing, moving to drag people up onto the dance floor. Soon the floor was full of couples and the bridal party had all changed partners.

Sherlock being the only exception as he'd abruptly stepped back from his partner and disappeared into the shadows, deftly avoiding a slightly tipsy Mrs. Hudson by sending her in the direction of Lestrade.

Molly took another sip of her drink and frowned a little as she realised she was the only one still sitting at her table.

She took it back, John and Mary's wedding was different – it was worse.

"Dance with me," said a deep voice from nearby, startling her from her thoughts.

Molly looked up to see Sherlock holding out his hand expectantly, "I'm sorry, was that an order or a request?" Molly teased, setting aside her drink.

Sherlock tried to scowl at her, but it wasn't very convincing. "Will you dance with me Molly?" he asked, still holding out his hand.

Molly smiled and took his hand.

"I thought you were only going to dance once?" she asked as he led her out to the dance floor.

Sherlock gave a half smile as he put his hand on her waist, drawing her into the waltz hold. "I promised John I would dance once, for his sake," he informed her, spinning her, "how many dances would you like?"

Molly stumbled against him, not entirely sure if it was from the spin or his words, "What?"

"How many dances would you like?" he repeated, tightening his hold on her slightly.


"Of course, it could be argued it's only one dance if you don't change partners," he continued in a conversational tone.

"I guess…"

"May I have this dance Molly?" he asked seriously.

Molly felt a small smile spread across her face, "You may."

Sherlock gave a satisfied smirk at her words and pulled her closer. Feeling brave, Molly rested her head on his shoulder and reflected that, perhaps, this wedding wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.