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"What do you mean Hayley is pregnant?" she widened her eyes and stared at Stefan. Her mind clouded with an image of Tyler and Hayley whispering into each other's ears.

He said Hayley was trying to help him. She was the one who taught him how to break the sire bond. She was there the entire time when Tyler was breaking every inch of his bones to turn himself, pounding them into dust. The vision of his transformations came very vividly to her, taunting her to death. She had witnessed the horrible after effects on him, and she was aware of how a friendship may evolve into a bond during those vulnerable times. Was it possible that Tyler and her…?

No way. Tyler loved her. It was the danger of hurting her that drove him away from Mystic Falls. He was doing everything to keep her safe from Klaus. He could never end up being with Hayley. Exactly… he cared for the werewolf lady just as a friend. He considered her as a good friend whom he could trust in the times of his needs.

Needs… Tyler once said her about his physical needs, how he was always horny. What if something had happened between them in the most vulnerable times, when Tyler needed both emotional and physical support to brace him?

"What are you talking about Stefan?" she realized how shaken she was as her voice sounded extremely down and unnerved. She was supposed to be there with him all those times when he was inviting those torments upon himself.

"Caroline, it's not what you think." Stefan places his hand on the small of her back as she tilted her head to meet his gaze. He sat by her and rubbed his hands soothing her inner turmoil.

"It's Klaus. He is the father of this baby."


Caroline was too tired that evening. First Elena stole her dress in the prom night, and then she didn't get the perfect prom she dreamt of since her childhood. Tyler came of course, which seemed like a miracle to her; but thanks to Klaus, the miracle lasted only for a short while. Before she could realize anything he was gone.

She practically hated the new, emotionless Elena for acting like a bitchy fashion victim. The Elena she knew would never attack an innocent girl to get her ribbons, or steal her best friends dress for their dream evening; the dress she chose herself once when she was not trying to kill her. However, that excuse was not enough for her to back off from her duty to look out for her best friend who was going through a rough patch; especially when Elena had bigger reasons and excuses than hers.

So she was there at the Boarding house that morning, to check on her, and the arrangements the Salvatore brothers had done to get her humanity back. As soon as she stepped into the boarding house Katherine dropped the news on her.

"How could Klaus get her pregnant? He is an ancient creature, besides a vampire cannot procreate right?" she eyed all the three senior vampires in the living room of the Boarding house.

Damon snorted for a reason she didn't know or care to know. Stefan looked in deep thought.

"Werewolves can procreate, and Klaus is a hybrid. This is a loophole of the nature, and a golden opportunity to get rid of him served on a silver platter to us." Katherine threw a sultry, amused smirk at her. "Hurt?"

Caroline glared at her and questioned Stefan.

"How is that going to help us?"

"That is something we are going to discuss, and we need peace for that." Damon casted a sideways glance at her as she started pacing up and down throughout the room. Stefan looked at her concerned.

"Are you alright?"

"Of course I am alright," She tried to smile. "Why I wouldn't be?"

Lying was something she hated. She was changed after being a vampire. She had become stronger, confident person who knew her own feelings. She was surer of her abilities and knew what to do when something needed to be done.

But her abilities were not helping her clear out the disorientation that was clouding her mind. She was not alright. As she drove to her home, she thought of what Katherine claimed about Klaus. She had a point, Caroline thought taking a sharp left turn. Her car ran towards a road less used, full of dirt, rocks and potholes. Klaus and Katherine were the same. They manipulated, thirsted for power, they controlled, punished; but their actions were perceived by one singular place from deep inside, they both were alone. And they hated it.

Caroline shook her head. She was reflecting exactly what Katherine said to the Salvatore brothers. Was that what she said to Elijah as well to gain his alliance? Damon said Elijah was trying to help Klaus and Hayley with the child. The child, Niklaus Mikaelson's child… the heir of the tremendous power and charm.

She pictured a baby girl first, with features matching both Klaus and Hayley. Then a boy's face emerged in her mind. Klaus's child… she never imagined he would be the lucky one to have the power of procreation.

Maybe Katherine was right. Eventually Klaus would accept is fatherhood. Which roughly translated, they would get a life minus the fear of the original hybrid messing with their lives.

That meant he would leave Mystic Falls.

That also indicated a life where Tyler would be back to her. Stefan's life would get normal, as normal as was possible for a hundred and fifty years old vampire who lost his girl friend to his brother.

Matt would be safe, so would Liz, Meredith and Bonnie. Sylus would still hover over their heads with the intimidating prospect of open the doors of the Other World; but Bonnie surely would come up with some resolve.

Without Klaus most of the things would get back to their normal places. Their lives would be easy. The town would be quiet.

Without Klaus she would loss the option where she always found a solution to her problems. Next time when Elena or someone else steals her dress, she wouldn't have anyone open their family collectibles in front of her to choose a dress of such royal caliber that helped her look Princess Grace of-Monaco hot. An unwanted smile slipped through her lips as she thought of that dress and the conversation before that.

Without Klaus no one would ever try to buy her off by sending her expensive diamond bracelets. She wouldn't receive sketches of her.

Without Klaus everything would be changed.

She stopped her car in the midst of the road that went further down to the forest. This was the place she kissed him when he possessed Tyler's body. She was disgusted that day.

Her phone buzzed blinking Klaus's number on the glowing screen. She frowned. So now he could sense that she was thinking of their times together?

Freaking hell!

She took the call reluctantly debating on her mind what would be the appropriate words for her to say him? Congratulations you dog for having a hybrid baby? Or screw you Klaus?

"Caroline," his voice shook her with a mixed emotion she didn't really knew of.

"Klaus, What is it?"

"I am standing in of my favorite places in the world, surrounded by food, music, art, culture; and what I can think about is how much I want to show it to you."

"Where are you?" she remembered after asking that she already knew where he is. He is in New Orleans, with Hayley. She felt a pang in her heart as the werewolf's name popped into her mind. He completely ignored her question.

"Maybe one day you'll love me."

Her throat tightened. Before she knew it, streams of tears glided down her face. Suddenly she realized something that was hidden in her sub-conscious for a long while, something she had feared to admit before this morning.

Without Klaus she wouldn't be the same Caroline Forbes anymore.

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