The sun shined into the room, its light crossing it to eventually settle over the sleeping child's closed eyes.

A disgruntled murmur left the small form as it vainly tried to shoo away the annoying light, only to concede defeat soon after, when it became clear that the light wasn't going to go away. Slowly, the child sat up straight rubbing an eye while the other half-opened sleepily and inspected the room with its red gaze.

After that, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, the little girl stood up to fix her clothes, which had turned all wrinkled because of the way she had fallen asleep on the couch. At that same time, she also fixed the twin ponytails that held part of her long blond hair.

Once she had done all that she glanced at the clock. It was late afternoon, and soon her mama would be back home. The child smiled. Her kind mother who had such a gentle smile. Some people said that she was spoiling her, and to some extent it might be true, but the little girl knew that it was the way her mama tried to say sorry and make up for all the time she couldn't be with her.

It wasn't her fault, really, she had an important job and many, many people counted on her, and the blonde understood that and didn't blame her for it, even if sometimes she wished they could spend more time together.

She exhaled slowly as she sat down on the couch and swung her legs. Any minute now the door will open and her mama, tired from a long day of work, will call her with her usual loving smile and ask her about her day, and they'll talk about everything and anything.

Just then the door opened, and there she was, her kind mama smiling lovingly at her.

"I'm home."

"Welcome home Precia-mama."


AN: With this oneshot I wanted to play in part on the similarities between Alicia and Vivio, but mostly about Precia and Fate. Precia, before she lost Alicia (and her mind), was very much like the loving mother Fate is to Vivio, kind and with a loving smile. I hope I managed to deceive some of you until the end.