A tabby tom was sitting in a semi-circle with six other cats while he and the others were listing to a flame colored tom. "Two cats from each place will become twolegs," the flame colored tom spoke to the seven cats in front of him in a semi-circle. "Bramblestar," he nodded to the tabby tom. "Brightheart and Cloudtail will be going on behalf of Thunderclan." As Bramblestar opened his mouth to protest but the flame colored tom cut him off. "We didn't chose who would be going, if we did we would have let you have a say in it." Bramblestar's jaws clamped shut. "Good to know Firestar." He mumbled. Firestar nodded to a blue-gray shecat "Mistystar, Icewing and Mossypaw will be going on behalf of RiverClan." Mistystar nodded. Firestar then turned to a brown tabby tom.

"Onestar, Heathertail and Crowfeather will be going on behalf of WindClan." Onestar nodded. Firestar looked at a white tom with jet-black paws. "Blackstar, Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw will be going on behalf of ShadowClan." Blackstar nodded but looked a bit worried because his deputy was leaving. Firestar nodded to a white shecat "Half Moon, you decided that half of your cats would go find the lake and live there, Chasing Clouds and Shaded Moss will be going on behalf of the ancients." Half Moon dipped her head to Firestar. He turned next to a dark gray tom. "Stoneteller, Splash when Fish Leaps and Night of No Stars will be going on behalf of the Tribe of Rushing Water." Firestar looked at a brown-and-cream tabby.

"Leafstar, no matter how much i dont want to say it, Firekit-" Leafstar cut him off. "No! Not my kit!" She yowled. "Leafstar, calm down, Clovertail is going too. She'll take good care of her." Firestar said. Leafstar nodded. "Spottedleaf and Silverstream will be going on behalf of StarClan." The two shecats stepped out of the shadows. "Yes Firestar." They said in sync. "Now I must warn you, if a cat falls in love with a twoleg, they won't return." Firestar warned them. He turned back to Bramblestar. "Bramblestar, Brightheart will have her scar as a twoleg, warn her about that." He told him. Bramblestar nodded. "Now the prophecy, 16 cats will leave before the monsters come. If they stop them the lake, gorge, and mountains will still be there." All nine cats nodded.