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Annabeth was worried. While she knew Percy could fight if the Romans tried to hurt him they would simply outnumber him. From what she heard about the camp from Jason it was harsh, but Percy was the one who made jokes in life or death situations, so if they accepted him then she didn't think he would change.

'It's not his fault Hera took him away', Annabeth thought to herself. She was still thinking about Percy when Jason walked up to her. Annabeth was glad Thalia was with them, since she was the only way Annabeth had been able to concentrate.

Thalia had gotten special permission from Lady Artemis to come with them. A few other people from camp had come as well. Clarisse, Conner and Travis had come. Nico was going to go with them, but then seemed panicked and said he was going to help his dad in the Underworld.

Annabeth was slightly annoyed at him, for not coming with them. Percy was like his brother. "Nervous?" asked Jason. Annabeth jumped. She was so lost in thought, she hadn't heard him walking up to her. "Not really, you?" said Annabeth, smiling. "Yeah" Jason smiled.

Then he seemed to get curious. "What is Percy like?" Annabeth knew he wanted to know about Percy since, no one would talk about him at Camp Half-Blood.

Annabeth thought about it and then answered "If I had to choose one word to describe him, I'd say loyal. He would never let a friend get hurt if he could stop it" Jason nodded, looking thoughtful. "Is he as good of a fighter as I've heard?"

Annabeth smiled. "He is the best swordsman in over a century." Jason looked curious. "How do you know that? For all you know, I could beat him easily if we fought."

Annabeth laughed. She couldn't help it. Jason looked insulted, so she quickly stopped and tried to explain. "Jason, I've seen you fight. You rely on other people to know your weaknesses and protect them. You fight offense more than defence."

She sighed and continued. "Percy can fight with other people and alone equally. He has more speed and agility then you, and more experience fighting"

Jason shook his head "No, I've been at camp since I was a child. I've fought more monsters and demigods"

Annabeth countered "But have you ever fought against a god and won? Have you ever fought someone who could control time, make you slow down or just simply stop, and won? Have you ever faced the gods themselves, stood fearless at the sight of them and even dare to insult some of them. Have you ever laughed and made a joke in a life or death moment? Percy has done all that and more"

Jason held up his hands. "I didn't mean to insult him, I just thought..."

Annabeth nodded, guilt flashing through her eyes. "Sorry, it's just...everybody always made fun of him and he never once defended himself, but when it was someone else being made fun of he always defended them. And when you said that, it sounded like you thought you were better than Percy"

"How could I with everything you've told me?" Jason said. "Anything else you could tell me about Percy?" Annabeth thought for a moment before speaking. "While he isn't a genius with things in books, he is great at solving puzzles or mysteries. He also knows a lot of people's secrets"

"How?" Jason asked, surprised. He hadn't been able to figure out anything about most people at Camp Half-Blood, and the things he did find out were useless. "People told him them. There's something about him that makes you trust him"

Jason raised an eyebrow. "Then I can't wait to meet him" "Jason!" shouted Leo."I need some help!" " I better go." said Jason running towards the control room.

Annabeth was wondering what was wrong when Jason ran back out. "Leo went on fire, and the ship caught on fire!" he said, worriedly. Then the ship got very unsteady.

"Leo, do something, try to calm down!" Annabeth shouted. Thalia ran out. "What's happening?" she asked.

"The ship caught on fire" Annabeth told her. Thalia shouted "Jason,try to help him put the ship down in the water."

"But I can't control the air well enough to help-"Jason started, but Annabeth cut him off feeling annoyed. "Just try!" Jason nodded went over to Leo

Annabeth was losing hope. The ship was on fire and the only one that was fire-proof was Leo. "Piper get some buckets and Leo calm down!" Annabeth shouted over the roar of the flames.

"Thalia, can you make it rain?" Thalia nodded and closed her eyes. First it started as drizzling then it started lashing rain.

Clarisse and the Stolls ran out, choking on smoke.

They ran over to Thalia and Annabeth. Annabeth wasn't sure what Leo was doing, since he was flames were steadily burning everything in their path and didn't look like they would stop anytime soon.