Chapter 14

Laura wasn't in her room. Mycroft got on his mobile and checked with security, trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

There was no need. She was on the grounds...walking... with some of her guards. When Mycroft and Lex met up with her, all three immediately began deducing the others.

Mycroft spoke first.

"What have you been doing, young lady? "

"I don't know what you mean. "

Lex eyed the young girl, the very image of herself man years ago.

"You are covered in a sheen of sweat. It must be no more than 60 degrees. You have been doing something far more exhertive than walking. "

Laura looked at the woman.

"Who are you? "

"Laura! " Mycroft snapped. " No need to be rude. "

Laura tilted her head in mock apology. Her keen blue eyes narrowing on Lex's face.

"My father had a twin. " It was a statement, not a question.

"I... still does, actually. But how did you know? "

Mycroft almost laughed as Laura's expression became a feminine version of her she was saying "How do you not get this? "

"Lets see. First of all, you look just like me. But you look about his age. But curly dark hair, high cheekbones and our eyes aren't what clued me. "

"What was? "

"You have that same defect in your eye both my father and I have. Like when our eyes were being colored, someone got a little outside the lines in one spot. "

"Thank you for the science lesson, Laura. My name is Alexandria, or Lex for short. "

"What do I call you? "

"Whatever you are comfortable with. "

"Auntie? "

"If you'd prefer. "

"So, if you don't mind, I would like to continue my walk. "

"Or whatever else you were... " Lex stopped for a moment, her eyes falling to Laura's left arm.

"What? "

"Nothing. Look, I need to talk to you about the boy you seem connected to. "

"What's it to you? "

"He's my son. Billy. "

"Your son? "


"So, he'd be my cousin. So, Adler is bringing about an impromptu Holmes family reunion? Does she know this? "

"She does. " Mycroft supplied.

Laura was quiet for a long spell before looking back at her aunt with eyes Lex sadly realized had seen too much for her tender years.

"Lets begin, then. "


Sherlock tapped lightly on the door before coming into the bedroom. Molly was strong enough to sit up now, and the sight made his heart clench.

"Hi you. " Molly said in a small voice, her eyes bright and soft as she looked at her husband.

"You seem to be feeling much better. " He replied, sitting on the edge of the bed beside her.

"I am. Seeing you helps. I had hoped you'd come sooner. "

"Yes, well I would have. We just happened to have a bit of a strange afternoon. "

"Yeah? "

Sherlock filled Molly in on the days events and watched her face as she expelled a breath.

"A sister, a nephew... its all a lot to take in. "

"It is. The complication level just got very high. I'm afraid we all have a lot to discuss, but after all this mess is settled. "

"Focus has to be on the case. "

"Yes, exactly that. "

"But you can't just be cold about this, Sherlock. You know this now. You don't know this woman or her child, but they are still your family. There is a connection between the two of you as there is between the children. Twins are supposed to have a very special bond. "

"We don't, though. "

"But you can. And you can use that. "

"No we can't "

"Yes, love. You can. And you must. Irene Adler is about herself. Your father was as well, and so was Moriarty. You have to choose to fight for something greater than yourself. Fight for those you love. Those who are important to you. Aside from you. Its how you finally defeated Moriarty and your father. And it will be how you can bring down Irene. "

"She wants revenge. Its a powerful motivator. "

"She wants YOU. She wants control OVER you. Right now, in a manner of speaking, she has it. You have to take it back, Sherlock. For all our sakes. "

Sherlock looked down at his tiny wife in wonder.

"How did I get lucky enough to find such a brilliant wife? " he smiled tenderly.

"I am the ying to your yang. Our intellectual strengths lie in opposing courts. But together we make the complete package, remember? "

"The unstoppable Holmes'... "

"Absolutely. Where is Lex now? I would love to meet her.

"She's speaking with Laura about Billy. "

"Maybe Lex will be able to see something we haven't. "

Sherlock suddenly sat up like a lightening bolt just made a home in his spine, his eyes wide and a smile forming on the corner of his mouth.

He bent low, held his wife's face in his hands and placed a hard kiss on her lips.

"My clever girl!" He said, hopping off the bed.

"I did something good? "

"The best. "

"Oh, THE best. Good to know. Would I understand it? "

"Eventually. " Sherlock chuckled heading for the door.

"Good enough to deserve your personal service of breakfast in bed in the morning? " Molly smiled sweetly at her husbands back as he was walking out the door.

Sherlock stopped, his hand still on the knob and his body half out of the door.

"For this? I just might get you pregnant again! " He chuckled deeply, wiggling his brows as he ducks out barely escaping the pillow that hit it.

Molly sat back against the headboard and smiled reluctantly. It was good to see Sherlock joking around again. She just had to make sure he didn't revert into his former self too much for this. Too much as at stake.

She looked at the wall opposite and thought about the bonds of people related but not knowing each other. That was a puzzle no one could ever give a definite answer to. Not on all levels at any rate.

Now there was the added complication of whatever is floating around Sherlock and Lex's systems effecting two young lives, through the genes.

Yet...why were Addison and Nicholas not effected?

Suddenly Molly's eyes went wide.

"JOHN! " She called out, knowing he'd be close by.