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Chapter 1-The Change.

It's been over a year since Spyro and Cynder have defeated the Dark Master and saved the realms and Cynder confessed her love for Spyro but he told her he loved somone else and when she asked who he loved Spyro just said "I fear he won't love me the way I love him." Cynder then realized Spyro was gay and simply said "Go tell him how you feel and i'm sure he'll love you back."

In the city of Warfang in a small house lived Spyro and his foster brother and best buddy Sparx and Spyro had a dark secret beacuse the one loved was his buddy Sparx and the purple hero always feared if he confessed his love for the dragonfly Sparx would hate him so Spyro kept his love a secret but it was getting harder for him to control his feelings.

Today the two heroes are going to hangout.

"Man Spyro I can't wait finally we can have some bro time. Sparx said.

Spyro chuckled and replied. "Yeah buddy I can't wait."

Sparx then said "Spyro are you okay bro you've been acting strange lately?"

Spyro looked at his dragonfly friend and replied "I'm fine Sparx really."

The dragonfly looked at his friend with worry and finally replied. "Okay Spyro but you know you can tell me anything your my buddy."

Spyro smiled and gently nuzzled Sparx saying "Thanks Sparx" and the duo walkout of their house.

As the duo make their way through the city they bump into Cynder and Spyro says "Hey Cynder how ya been?" Cynder smiles and replies "Ugh Sparx can me and Spyro have a minute."

"Sure Cynder." Sparx replied and flew off.

Cynder turned to look at Spyro and softly said. "So Spyro have you told this special someone yet?"

Spyro felt tears well up in his eyes and softly replied. "I can't tell him because i'm afraid he'll hate me."

"Oh Spyro you'll have to confess soon because if you don't it will haunt you for the rest of your life and when you tell this person how you feel, I'm sure he'll love you back." Cynder softly replies.

Spyro smiles and says. "Thanks Cynder."

Cynder giggles and replies. "No problem and flies off.

Spyro then walks back to Sparx and says. "You ready?"

"Always." Sparx replied and the duo headed off towards the swamp and Spyro is still wondering if he should confess his feelings for the little draonfly and began to think.

Spyro he's a dragonfly your a dragon it would never work out and the only way you could have him is if he was a dragon.

Soon an idea popped into the purple dragons head if Sparx was a dragon and felt the same way they could have a long and happy future together but another thought popped into his head saying no one would accept it and Cynder would be in total shock. But soon he decide he didn't care what others thought as long as he and Sparx were happy. The thought made the purple hero smile.

Soon the duo arrived at their secret playground where they devloped their unbreakable bond.

"Man I love this old place." Sparx called out.

Spyro chuckled and softly replied. "Me too buddy.

Sparx soon notices the small pond he and Spyro used to play in when they were kids. "Hey Spyro look it's our old pond where we used to play all the time."

Spyro smiles and replies. "Yeah I love this place it's where we spent most of our time together."

Sparx smiles and hugs his dragon brother tightly. "I love hanging out with you."

Spyro nuzzles the young dragonfly and replies. "Me too."

The two brothers continued to talk for hours looking back at their childhood and time together and soon it was night time so the duo decided to eat a little food and gaze up at the stars.

After they ate both went to old tree and laid down,Sparx crawled under Spyro's wing.

Spyro smiled at his brother and they both looked up at the stary night sky and soon they see a shooting star.

"Hey a shooting star let's make a wish." Spyro said.

"Okay buddy." Sparx replied and made his wish. "I wish I could be with Spyro forever."

Spyro soon made his wish. "I wish Sparx was a dragon and my mate"

After they made their wishes Sparx said. "So Spyro what did you wish for?"

Spyro chuckled and replied. "If I tell you it won't come true."

Sparx smiled and said. "I love you Spyro."

Hearing his dragonfly brother say brought tears to the purple hero's eyes and he softly replies. "I love you too Sparx always and forever."

Sparx smiled and fell asleep under Spyro's wing snoring softly.

Spyro looked up at the sky one last time and soon went into a peaceful sleep.

But little do the two boys realize their wishes are going to come true.

The next morning Sparx wakes up first and soon realizes he feels strange and looks at his hands and sees they are now paws filled with panic he let's out a loud scream. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Spyro shot up and saw a yellow dragon sitting right beside him and the weird part was the dragon sounded like Sparx and has had his beautiful blue eyes too.

Finally the purple hero speaks up. "Sparx is that you?"

The yellow dragon looks up at Spyro and says. "Spyro, buddy it's me Sparx."

Spyro smiles glad his brother is okay and says."Sparx how are you a dragon?"

"I don't know, I woke up today and saw I was dragon."

Spyro looks at Sparx and sees he is very good looking for a dragon and thinks it's time to tell Sparx how he feels and he pulls Sparx into a hug.

Sparx looks at Spyro surprised and says. "What are you doing buddy?"

"Sparx there is something I need to tell you and promise me you won't freak out." Spyro replied.

Sparx looks into his brother's purple eyes and softly says. "I promise Spyro."

Spyro smiled a bit and softly anwsered. Sparx I have a confession to make eversince we met you've been there for me no matter what. Your my brother and best friend."

Sparx replies. "Whats your secret buddy?"

"Sparx, I want us to become something more." Spyro said.

Sparx's eyes widen upon hearing it he feels surprised and happy inside.

"Sparx I... I love you." Spyro replied as his voice was breaking.

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