"Be careful, you worm!"

The orders were coming from a beautiful, to the point of unnaturally captivating woman, with long black hair and purple skin, who was being attended to her wounds by a gaunt, misshapen male creature. The difference between the perfection that made the woman and the wretched man who knelt before her, carefully applying some strange ointments to the open flesh of the woman was somewhat unnerving. She was clearly in pain, and the sticky potion that he was dropping on her skin burned, until she snapped and threw an inhumane slap at his face, forcing him to the floor at her feet, and breathing heavily she screamed.

"What the hell are you using to treat these wounds?! That's impossible to stand!"

The creature grasped at the high heel boots of the woman to try to get up and looked at her and pleaded "Akasha, Queen of Pain, these ancient recipes that do work on demons and provide accelerated healing. It needs burn to seal away wound!"

Akasha watched from above at the doctor. Zharvakkowas a well know Witch Doctor, one of very few that had not been a sham, and he was terrifyingly effective at what he did. He was known to curse - Maledict, he used to said - entire armies, weakening them and making them relive the pain for days afterwards, completely turning battles around, but he was also a powerful healer, and had an endless supply of recipes for making basically anything that had a mind and moved forward keep at it until the battle was over. But he was also one of the most repulsive lieutenants of the Dire Legion, and his meek attitude was irritating, more so given the ridiculous power he commanded. In a moment of rage, she stomped on his left hand angrily, to which he responded opening his enormous right hand and grabbed her entire waist, pressing on the wound, which made her scream in pain as he whimpered.

Surprised, she teleported to one of the enormous windows of the room, and stood there, doubled in pain as the Witch Doctor grabbed his hand and dropped more ointment on his hand, marked with the sole and the heel of the succubus, as she could focus her rage on any part of her body, often could burn the skins of the people she touched. He seemed out of himself, and only then she noticed a tiny rivulet of blood coming out of his ears.

"I am sorry Queen of Pain, I am terribly sorry" he whispered again, several times.

"I told you to be careful, Zharvakko"

"I know, Queen of Pain, I am sorry" he asked again.

She jumped down, and she did noticed her wounds, still burning, were closing down. She didn't feel any regret, nor she felt any sympathy towards Zharvakko, but she pitied him. He was a strange creature, and he commanded a great power, but he was fanatically loyal to the Dire Legion, and knew no bounds to honor the chaotic legion, and was one of the few in the army that she had no supernatural control over: instead, he choose to serve her the same way he observed the rest of the lieutenants did: like a slave.

It was an enigmatic figure. She took his chin and made him look at her with his iris less eyes, a vacuous sight that gave away absolutely nothing. Still, it was a interesting slave, one that submit himself out volunteering. Some interesting ideas as well, were forming on her mind, but the door opened rather violently, revealing the enormous build of Nesajj, the Chaos Knight, and the de facto leader of the Dire Legion, who calmly interrupted the scene.

"I hope you realize you failed, Akasha"

As usual, simple words. Nesajj was a man of few. Akasha pushed the Witch Doctor away, and walked with pride towards the Chaos Knight and planted her finger on his gigantic chest as she said with an impertinent tone "I am not a scout, Nesajj, and I did not know the Ursine Warrior would be there, and the Morphling's allegiance was probably determined by your friend Kaeldr, who is the most aggressive ancient abomination i've ever met and did a lot more harm than good, so quit bugging me, this isn't my damn fault!"

It took only a nanosecond for Akasha to realize Nesajj had taken her hand and she could not escape his grasp. She rose her sight and could feel the pressure on her fist cracking slowly her bones, and Nesajj threw her body against a wall and closed in "Do not raise your tone against me, succubus. I am not one of your slaves. You know exactly what I want and why you want me on your side."

Though the pain was, for a part, difficult to endure, Akasha prided herself on enjoying such small pleasures. She smiled and said "Ezalor isn't going to come out and wait for you to destroy him. You also want me on your side".

Nesajj grew tired and closed his fist tighter, breaking the bones and causing the succubus to whimper, to which he replied covering her mouth with his mouth, and the permanent river of matter than flew upwards from below his helmet began to flow violently, something that always signaled he was losing his - admitedly really short - temper. "Don't play with me, Akasha."

Akasha felt the temperature drop, and she supposed it was because of the pain on her hand and she was fading away, to which she smiled, but she realized there was another person - or rather, being - on the room, as the frightening icy formation that was the Ancient Apparition floated into her view. "Do not pressume to know everything there is to know, Queen of Pain" its voice quaked the room "There is a lot more to the Chaos Knight and the Keeper of the Light and there is nothing to do until Io and Enigma meet again. And then, oblivion."

Nesajj let go of the succubus, who had to press against the wall to avoid falling down, as the Witch Doctor held her to help her sit down and began to carefully examine the broken hand, as Akasha could not stop watching deep into the eyes of the Ancient Apparition, terrified by the horrors that deep inside those eyes festered. Nesajj just sighed, and opened the door, as an average looking man with long blond hair and a pointed nose, wearing an elaborate red cape and hood entered, and greeted him respectfully, though Kaeldr and the man ignored each other.

"Fortunately, Harbringer, and Visage were more successful and we have an important ally, Akasha." The voice of the Chaos Knight brought her back into reality, and she turned to the man, who let his hood down, revealing a solidly built, handsome and surprisingly calm man on his early forties, with brilliant white eyes, who greeted her lowering his head slightly. "Akasha, I want you to meet the Invoker."