Sorry, I'm a slow writter

Dexter looked about, pointing things out to Luke. The houses, the food place (which Luke thought was weird, how do they eat?), and many other things that were not too interesting. Then, the two stopped at an eerie stone house. It felt cold, and Luke was surprised. It felt cold, and he could feel it. He had not paid much attention before, but he realized he could feel.

"This," Dexter said, tapping Luke's shoulder to get his attention, "is the Home of Lost Souls. All the souls live here. Want to meet one?" Luke gulped. It looked so sad, like a grave house. He did not want to go in, but he said, "Sure." Dexter smiled and said, "Now, remember that souls are dead people who ether have no memory of who they are or forgot everything but their name. The other way is if a spirit can't get over how they died." Luke shuddered. The dark hallway was creepy enough, with gohst spiders with glowing webs, and the silence.

Soon, a large stone door came into view. Dexter opened the door, and Luke could not belive what he was seeing.

Colorful orbs of light, like a small fire ball, were flying around the room. They were speaking, too.