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When the Man in the Moon came into power he brought forth Spirits and Guardians to help him in his quest to protect the children of the world from evil and darkness. Fighting for the greater good and to keep the balance of the earth in order; to bring hope and wonder to the land and to protect the dreams and memories of the children. Belief is what makes the guardians strong and it is the land that keeps the Spirits from disappearing.

Yet there our four beings…beings that are older than the Man in the Moon, more powerful than the Spirits, and greater than the Guardians combined. Four creatures that had been there since the Earth had been formed by the higher Gods, granting them their powers and free reign of the lands to their hearts content. Beings who are highly respected and greatly feared by all who look upon them.

The Four Seasons.

The Lady of Spring was a carefree woman, dancing and prancing around in the fields, with flowers growing underneath her feet with each step she took. She made the trees grow, sprouting new leaves and making the fruits ripe with pure perfection. As the youngest of her siblings she was considered an airhead, her thoughts always in the clouds as she spread new life and the spring rains to the world. Her appearance was that of different shades of green and pink; her hair long, loose, and wavy with flowers blooming in certain sections of her locks.

The Lord of Summer was a bit loose just like his younger sister, but had a fiery temper when angered or trifled with. He scorched the lands with his heat, drying up the plants and evaporating the waters as he spread the heat with a smirk on his face and a seething glint in his eyes. He was arrogant and haughty with his ways, more so than the rest of his seasonal family. He was a raging flame, just burning and earning to never be extinguished by the others. His coloring was that of yellows and browns giving him a dry appearance, his hair short, spiky, and needle like.

The Fall King was the exact opposites of his younger siblings; standing tall and proud with no emotion on his face as he wandered the lands bringing change to them. His bitterness brought ending of the new life, but not of death. No never that. He made the plants wither and changed the coloring of the leaves from green to that of oranges and reds, making them crinkle and become almost like ash. The beginnings of the cold and sullenness followed him like a plague, bringing sickness to everything and everyone. His attire was of reds and orange colors; dark and shades blended together; his hair pulled into a pony tail and his piercing eyes that looked beyond you.

The Winter Queen was by the far the oldest of her siblings and the most feared by the rest of the world. She was a being of silence, never uttering a word until she had something important to say. There were many ways to describe her, her attitude could be gentle like a breeze, bringing in soft snowflakes to all; or that of a raging storm, bringing in the bitter cold with snow blizzards raging upon the lands soaking the darkness, trapping all that dare enter. She is the ending to all endings, but was capable of the rebirth of new beginnings as well. She is the eternal sleep, a part of death but a part of life as well. She walks the earth leaving behind a trail of ice and frost with every movement, traveling with the wind to bring winter to wherever she would go bringing the coldness with her. She adorned the colors of blues and whites, frosted on her entire body; her long hair was tied into several braids and a layer of frost layed on her head like an elven crown.

They were greatest of all the spirits and guardians combined, doing their duty for so long and never gaining anything in return for their actions.

Yet the Winter Queen wanted more.

She was not a selfish creature, only living a simple life with one calling: bring the snow to the world, to the spread the deep sleep. Though she desired what all women want, a gift so precious and so pure that only the foolish would take it for granted if given to them.

The Season of Winter wanted a child.

"Dear Sister, a child is such a big responsibility. Why you can't have fun! You will always have to take care of them" Summer explained making small fires around his hands.

"Why not just make one? A servant that will help you spread winter. We all have servants. Why even Mother Nature has creatures to help her out, along with the others that roam these lands." Fall stated crossing his arms, a serious expression appeared on his face.

She glared at them both, not liking their answers at all. "I do not desire a helper to spread the frost. I want a child to call my own, to raise with love and nurture. It will be a gift not a burden my dear Brothers."

"That is such a pure wish my Sister…" Spring said placing a hand on her sister's shoulder, "A wish that we ourselves cannot grant…but someone else can though."

The Winter Queen looked at the youngest sibling, her eyes going wide in realization of whom she spoke of.

"Ask the Man in the Moon for he blesses the world with wishes."

A snort was heard from the Season's Summer mouth as he scoffed, "He will do no such thing for you Winter. He is not one of us."

"Tis true, he comes from a different land…where royalty and loyalty are divided."

Spring was outraged by her brothers' comments. "Foolish brothers of mine! You speak of such lies! MiM is a good man. How dare you spread untruths of him when you do not even know him at all?"

"You are nothing but an airhead, Sister! Use your head for once instead of it floating in the clouds-"

"Silence all of you!" barked Winter, her icy blue eyes glaring deeply at her kin. "Our Sister Spring is right on both accounts. I shall seek out the Lunar Prince and ask for him to grant me a child of my very own."

Those were the final words that ended all discussion. The siblings knew that whatever a Season wanted, they would surely have. No matter what anyone could say or do to change their minds.

That very night in her snow palace at the farthest edge of the world, the Winter Queen bowed before the Moon and prayed; prayed to the Lunar Prince for a child for her to take care of and call her own. Her prayers and wish floated to the sky into a light to fill the brightness of the stars. The stars were wishes from the children of Earth, asking for the simplest of things to the greatest of wishes that a child could ask. She waited for her wish to come true.

The Man in the Moon had indeed answered her calling.

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