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Jack Frost knew from the top of head to the bottom of his toes, he was standing before a great presence. Someone who balanced out the great and powerful Seasons had to be a might being.

He was right.

Slowly the figure moved from the shadows, causing Jack to gulp in nervousness. A woman, a young and beautiful woman walking towards them with the grace of a Lady, but with the stance and aura of a proud soldier coming back from war. Her dark emerald dress with gold trimmings, contrasted greatly with her fair alabaster skin and her hair dark as the midnight hour. Her haunting beauty was like an enriching garden; blood red lips of a seductress and bright golden eyes hidden with a secret sadness. Such a complex creature.

The young boy had to wonder what she had to be so sad about?

The Winter Queen gave a small bow to their stranger visitor. "Welcome Balancer to my Kingdom. It is an honor to have you during this joyous occasion."

"Joyous occasion indeed." The woman said, a kind smile gracing on her pretty face. Jack began to relax a bit and returned the smile with one of his own.

The Fall King nudged his nephew towards her. "Jack Frost, meet our Balancer. The Ruler of all Nature spirits-"

"Except for us." The Lord of Summer hastily added.

The Bitter Season glared at his younger brother for interrupting him. "As I was saying before…she is the Ruler of the Nature spirits and Controller of all the Elements known to this realm."

"Hello," Jack stuttered bowing at her just like his mother did, "It is nice to meet you."

The Balancer gave him another smile and bowed before him. "Welcome to your new home Winter Prince. My name is Mother Nature."

The snow child tilted his head slightly to the side. "You're way to pretty and young to be a mother. If you're a parent to everyone do I have to call you Grandmother Nature? Because that would be really weird to call you that, because you're not granny old looking at all."

"Jack Frost!"

Summer was laughing so hard while Spring tried to hold back her giggling, as Jack received a scolding from both his mother and uncle. It ended abruptly when Mother Nature began giggling. Once she got a hold of herself, she spoke once more with amusement in her voice.

"No, not at all my dear Jack. Mother Nature is just a title I earned many eons ago; it's what many spirits call me. It's not my true name at all." She giggled again. "Goodness, I have not laughed like that in a long time."

"I'm really sorry. Can I call you Miss Nature?"

"That is 'May I' Jack." The Winter Queen stated. He would have some manners and she was very pleased he was apologizing to their Balancer on his own without being asked too.

She smiled at him. "I would like that very much. Oh! That reminds me: I have a present to give you."

"Really?! A present for me?! Thanks!"

The Heat being snorted while the Bitter Season looked sternly at their nephew. "I do not know if you should have one after that little outburst of yours."

"Your right Brother Fall. Well deserve payback if you ask me." The Lord of Summer grinned, still remembering what the little Winter Prince did to him earlier. Payback indeed.

"Foolish Brothers of mine! That's not your decision to make. It's Sister Winter's choice." Spring huffed at them.

Jack turned to his view his mother, a calculating look on his face. He went over to her, his eyes pleading into her dark orbs. "Please Mom? May Miss Nature please give me the present?"

All the elder spirits watched Mother and Son for the longest time, as the Winter Queen neither moved nor spoke. She softly exhaled, giving her child a gentle smile. "You may my son."

"Yay! Thanks Mom!" Jack gleefully exclaimed and hugged his mother, who gave a short laugh, with a bright smile on her face. Mother Nature smiled as well, raising her hands in the air.

"Very well then. This will only take a moment."

Hands raised, fingers twirling in slow circular motions, as dark clouds began to form between her hands. Jack could only watch in awe, as bolts of lightning appeared and wind speeds increased. Soon a bright glow was forming, the luminosity nearly blinding. Suddenly Mother Nature quickly clasped the light in her hands, everything stopping at once. The Nature being then opened them up to slowly reveal…

"A baby fox!" Jack cooed at the little fox kit before him. The fluffy creature was small, white fur all poofy looking making the tiny thing more adorable than he really was. The baby yawned, sneezed, and opened up its bright blue eyes. The fox yipped and wagged its tail at its new owner.

"It's so cute!" Spring squealed, clapping her hands giddily. Summer rolled his eyes and groaned.

"Great another pipsqueak to deal with."

The Winter Queen glared at their brother while the Fall King was smirking at the Heat Season. The two additions to the family were going to be very interesting in the near future. As long as they caused trouble for the Lord of Summer while Fall would gladly watched and enjoy the show.

"His name is Neve." Mother Nature stated, putting the playful cub in Jacks arms. Jack smiled so radiantly and giggled when Neve began licking his face.

"Hey that tickles!"

The Lady of Spring squealed again, "That is even more cute!"

"We get it airhead, now stop saying it."

"Fall! Winter! Summer is calling me names again!"

Inwardly groaning, The Fall King wondered again if he could get away with killing his younger siblings, even in the presence of the Balancer.

"Dear siblings we have company so mind your manners." The Winter Queen reprimanded her younger Seasonal Siblings of their childish rudeness. She went to her giggling son, who was nuzzling his new pet while the kit kept giving him 'kisses'. The sight before her made her heart swoon in delight. Thrifting her fingers through her son's snowy locks, she asked, "Now what do you say to Mother Nature for the lovely gift she has given you?"

"Thank you!" Jack smiled and Neve yipped. "I love him, he's so playful!"

"I am very pleased you like him. He will age slowly for he is now an immortal. A child just like you. Forevermore. Treat him well Winter Prince."

"I will, I will!"

The older spirits all chuckled around him at his childlike exuberance. Soon Jack's energy was deteriorating, his eyes becoming droopy, stance sluggish, and obviously the boy was trying to hide his yawns from everybody. Such a typical child. Even Neve was yawning, curling his body into Jack's chest and arms.

The Winter Queen pulled her son into her arms. "I believe its past somebody's bedtime."

"I'm not tired." He grumbled, nuzzling into his mother's chest. "Not sleepy."

Mother Nature smiled at the scene before her, though sadness could be perceived in her smile, but mostly in her eyes; the brightness of gold dimming away to a dullness color. "I shall take my leave then. It was an honor to meet you, my Prince. I hope that you are happy in your new home. We will certainly be seeing each other in the near future."

The tired young boy could only mutter in his sleep/awake state: "Nice meeting you too Miss Nature. Thank you again for Neve."

Mother Nature nodded, "You are most welcome Jack." She turned to the Seasons. "I shall take my leave now. I wish all of you a goodnight." With those parting words, she silently walked away; back into the shadows almost as becoming one with the dark.

Jack could swear he saw a golden butterfly fluttering right behind her.

"She seems nice." Jack mumbled, his mind nearly drifting off into slumber. The Winter Queen lifted her son and his new pet into her arms, carefully cradling the both of them. Her siblings watched them in amusement.

"I'm so glad you like her!" The Lady of Spring squealed. "She is such a charming Lady. We always have such fun when it comes to making plants grow."

"The Balancer is a very important figure in this realm. She is ruler and Judge to all the spirits." Fall explained, crossing his arms over his chest, moving closer to his snow kin. Summer scoffed.

"She doesn't have any control over us."

"You have continual said that several times tonight while she was present. We understand so please stop repeating yourself Brother."

"Such hard words Brother Fall. I hope they didn't break your teeth."

Winter and Spring hushed both bickering males, indicating to the almost sleepy child in the Queen's arms They immediately halted their fighting…until they were far away from the Winter Palace and would started it up again where they left off.

Jack nuzzled into his mother's neck. "Miss Nature seems kind of sad though."

The Four Season's stiffened from those innocent words. The awkward silence only grew more as each of the younger brethren looked at one another trying to figure out how to answer their little Prince.

Thankfully the Winter Queen spoke, sparing the three siblings from explaining.

"Mother Nature has suffered many hardship and great tragedy in her early life my son. She is slowly moving on from them. But that is old history and we shall speak of it at another time. When you are at least a few centuries older. Now it is time for bed. Say goodnight to your aunt and uncles before they depart back to their homes."

Jack childishly whined, an obvious sign he needed sleep. "But I don't want to say goodbye, I don't want them to leave." He pouted. "And I'm not sleepy yet. Want to spend time with all of you. Don't leave me."

If anyone had the ability to look inside a person they would have been able to see the souls and hearts of each Season growing bigger and brighter with warmth and love then any of them had ever imagined. And all because of one very special boy.

The Immortals felt truly blessed to have him.

"No worries my little nephew." Spring giggled, kissing Jack's cheek and making him blush. "We are not going to leave you. We're family."

Summer nodded in agreement with his flighty sister. "You're stuck with us kid for all eternity. You can't get rid of us just as we can't get rid of you."

"You will see us bright and early tomorrow morning. We have so many things to teach you and show you. Things that are beyond the immortal imagination." The Bitter Season whispered. Jack looked into his eyes, filled with hope.


A twitch of a smile shown on his face, his dark eyes filled with emotion as the Fall King responded, "Upon my honor."

Jack smiled sleepily, blue orbs closing. "Okay."

Summer smirked, ruffling the sleeping boy's hair making him disgruntle. "Goodnight kiddo. I'm still going to get back at you for that little prank of yours."

"Goodnight Uncle Summer. I like to see you try."

Winter and Fall shook their heads in amusement at the two's antics. The Lady of Spring gave her nephew another kiss on his cheek. "Pleasant dreams my little snowflower. We are going to have a so much fun tomorrow."

Jack sleepily smiled, "Goodnight Auntie Spring. I can't wait."

Spring was giggling and squealing once more; happiness elating her heart and spirit. She would always be jumping up and down every time the boy called her 'Auntie'.

The Lord rolled his eyes as he walked with his little sister into the frozen hallway. "Are you always going to be yipping and yapping like a howling monkey when the brat says 'Auntie'? It's infuriating me and to others my dear airhead sister."

"Brother! Stop picking on me!"

"Well stop acting so immature!"

"I am mature!"

"No you're not!"

"Yes infinity!"

"No you're not double infinity!"

"Ha! Who's the immature one now?"

Their bickering echoed throughout the halls and soon silence fell upon the castle, signaling their departure to the others. Fall sighed wearily, rubbing his forehead in frustration. Again his thoughts going back-

"Don't you even think about it."

The Ash creator raised an eyebrow at her in question.

"You cannot fool me. I always know what your thoughts are every time our younger siblings act so ridiculously. They are my thoughts as well; I just don't act on them."

The Fall King chuckled, his fingers moving a lock of her braided hair away from her face. "You know me so well Winter."

"That I do." The Winter Queen whispered, her dark eyes staring into his so deeply and he into hers. As if they were gazing into each other's souls or watching old memories of long ago unravel. Seconds felt like hours to them.

Jack grunted, trying to get himself and Neve in a better sleeping position in his mother's arms. The spell broke between the two elder Seasons, and soon their dark eyes were laid upon the slumbering snow child. Fall smoothed the boy's hair down, away from his sleeping eyes. "Goodnight my mischievous frost child."

"Goodnight Uncle Fall." Jack murmured, slumber soon hitting him, waiting for dreamful sleep to come.

Small smiles graced the Season's faces at the peaceful child. The King looked up to his elder sibling, memorized at the love reflecting in her dark eyes for her son. His thoughts wandering back to Spring's words earlier before the arrival of their Winter kin.

A second chance indeed.

"Things are going to be different around here with this boy's presence." He whispered, "A remarkable child he is."

"A precious gift, greater than all the treasures of gold and silver." The Winter Queen stared into her Seasonal kin's eyes. "And he is all ours. No one else's."

"He truly is. He belongs to you now. To us. Forever." The Bitter Season took one of her hands, bringing it to his lips, and kissing them softly. "I must depart back to my Kingdom, my Queen."

"Safe passage from my Winter Domain, my King."

They looked deeply into one another's eyes, time slowing down by the second once more, until the presence of the Fall King was gone and the Winter being stood alone in the room with her sleeping child and new pet.

It was time to put her son to bed.

Walking down her corridors, cradling her son, she wished she had prepared a room for Jack to sleep in. She pictured his room filled with toys, books, and random objects that her snow child might keep around in there. She saw clothes scattered on the floor and bed, surely a messy room for a young adventurous boy like Jack. Clothes! New Clothes! Jack would need proper clothes to wear; after all he is a Prince of Winter!

The Snow Season chuckled. There would be plenty of time tomorrow to get all the necessary means for Jack. She knew her siblings would be helping out immensely or border line over doing everything. She was looking forward to it.

Soon Mother, Son, and kit came close to magnificent ice sculpted doors. They slowly opened for them, revealing the chambers of the Winter Queen. Heading straight to her bed, she pulled back her snow blanket, and gently placed her son on the snowy mattress. She covered him and Neve who was curled under his new friend's chin only for them to snuggle closer together in the comfort of the cold. The Queen smiled, kissing her son's forehead and caressing his cheek. "Goodnight my Jack and have pleasant dreams my snowflake."

"Night night Momma." Jack sleepily grinned and soon his breath even out, his chest slowly rising up and down constantly.

The Winter Queen's heart grew even more.

So distracted by the sight of her sleeping child, she did not notice the golden sands drifting from outside her balcony into her bedroom. The sand wavered, twirling, and maneuvering into different directions; searching for their target.

The eldest Season finally saw the floating sand, as it began to swirl around Jack's head; Creating a dream with his family and Neve playing with him.

His mother smiled at the loving scene he was dreaming of. She turned her head back to the balcony, giving a small grateful wave to the dream sands maker.

"Thank you."

The small man smiled and waved back at her, leaving the Winter Palace be so that the occupants would enjoy their sleep. He had more dreams to spread, until he saw the Northern Lights.

The Moon's glow brightened.


"Oi! What's the big deal calling us here to this frozen tundra you call home?"

"Incisors at Bangkok, canine in London…"

"I'm freezing my tail here mate! So what's going on? I have things to do!"

"Be patient my hoppity friend. Manny will tell us in good time. You are not the only one who is busy. Toys need to be made! Christmas is soon!"

"Stuff your Christmas! Easter is the better holiday. I have eggs to paint, chocolate to cook, and routes to be tested!"

"Front tooth northwest of New Delia..."


"Christmas is better!"


"Nah mate, Easter is!"

"Wisdom teeth south of Jamestown!"





"Left canine in Moscow…Oh! Look! The Man in the Moon is here!"

"Ah Manny! Good to see you! Sandy, why didn't you say something?"


"So what's this about Moon Man? I've got seeds to plant."

"Yah, toys to make as well."

"I have a busy schedule too, with all the teeth to collect from the children every night."


"So why gather us all here, mate?"

"Oh! He's showing us something!"


"It's the birth of a new spirit!"

"What?! He's dragged us from our busy work to tell us about some new whippersnapper that's shown up?! A waste of time, that's what it is!"

"Shush Bunny! Manny is showing us his more!"

"Tooth is right! Name of new spirit! His name is…Jack Frost?"

"Oh Blimey! Another winter spirit? We already got enough of those terrors running around, causing blizzards and ice storms. Why couldn't it have been a spring spirit instead? I've can handle those Nature creatures better."

"There is more…"

"What are you talking about North?"

"New winter sprite…Jack Frost is…the Winter Prince!"

"Son of the Winter Queen?! Oh wow she's a mother now…"

"Wait, wait, wait! Your telling me that cold hearted winter witch was given a child? That's absurd!"


"Bunny old friend, watch what you say. You're speaking about royal seasonal blood here."

"None of those seasonal heathens have any blood or hearts for that matter. They are nothing but soulless entities that try to ruin my Easter Egg Hunts!"

"They are nature spirits, they have control of the weather, since it is so power and unpredictable. Mother Nature, she is…"

"Ah stew it Sheila. I'm heading out of here. Away from this icebox and new winter brats. All I gotta say is that boy is going to be nothing, but trouble. Mark my words!"

"Bah! Temper always gets the best of him. But he makes point about leaving. There are new toys to be made after and so little time to finish them all!"

"And teeth to collect! Thank you for the telling us about the new spirit Manny, thought I don't know why it concerns us. Goodbye North! Goodbye Sandy! Right canine in Warsaw…"




Mother Nature loved flowers. The prettier the plants, the more butterflies would show up to fly upon their beautiful and colorful petals. How they landed so daintily on the soft parts of the flowers. It was why she always came here to her secret spot, away from the prying eyes of the world. Hidden away from all the problems that the earth and other spirits caused for her every single day.

Her secret spot was a marvelous place to be in. A large weeping willow stood next to a clear crystal pond in a valley full of exotic plant life everywhere. The Moon's beams reflected off the pond surface while the wild Wind blew the willow's limbs.

Mother Nature smiled, her feet shuffling into the fertile soil underneath her, making it healthier to grow and reproduce more wildlife. Light and Darkness balanced out so well here.

Speaking of Darkness…

"You can come out now. I know you are there. Have been for a while." She didn't need to look behind her to know who her visitor was.

A dark chuckle echoed behind here.

"Observant and astute as ever, ay Mother Nature?" The shadow figure responded, revealing his tall form away from the Darkness so that she may see him properly.

Mother Nature's lips twitched into a smile. "Just like Light, Darkness is also an element; a part of Nature in its own way. I can always tell where you are, or when you are coming. There is a connection."

She sighed sadly.

"Always have been."

"The Light," He growled out as he walked closer to her, clearly not hearing her last words, "Is a fickle thing. It can be snuffed out in an instance, trembling in the Darkness. Light fears the Dark. That is why the shadows are so powerful. Stronger than the weak."

"Light and Dark are equal in Nature. One is not stronger or weaker than the other." She sighed with weariness, knowing this argument all too well. "It is such a beautiful night; I do not want to ruin it with such silly fighting that we can never agree on. Tell me what brings you here away from your duties, Nightmare King?"

He stood next to her, gazing at the majestic scene, glaring occasionally at the Moon with bitterness, but never towards her. He could never do that to her. It was a comfortable silence, until he finally answered. "The Wind has been yapping about the birth of a new spirit. A winter sprite I believe."

Her mouth twitched upward. "Not a winter sprite. THE Winter Prince, the Winter Queen's son. The true heir of Winter."

The man's head snapped so fast to look at her, Mother Nature feared he would get whiplash, or some painful ache in his neck from such jerky movement.

"The Winter Queen…was given a child?"

Nature nodded her head. "He is the child of all the Seasons."

The Nightmare King looked back at the pond, bewilderment written all over his face. "The world has gone mad. Immortal children being created now? It will be much harder to feast on his fears, though strong as they may be."

"Trying to make more enemies? For shame!"

He scoffed, "The Moon and his Guardians are my true nemeses. I do not want Ancient beings coming after me for harming the boy. Don't need them as enemies too." He peered over to look at Mother Nature. "Nor do I especially want to make you an enemy of mine."

"I'm glad to hear that. I don't want you as my enemy either." She whispered.

Silence was upon them once more as they continue to gaze at the wonderful view before them. It was a comfortable peace they shared, no problem arising before them. So in tune were they with one another, seeming to know how the other ticked and tocked.

The Nightmare King broke the stillness of the night.

"I must leave your company now. I can't let Sanderson have all the fun of the Night. Be such a waste of Nightmares and fear needs to be collected."

"Understood. I have my duties to intend to as well. They too cannot be ignored."

"Very well then."

Mother Nature gave him a small smile. "May the Shadows have a glorious feast tonight."

"May the Earthly Nature," He reached for her gentle pale hands, kissing it softly, "be eternally balance." The Nightmare King let go of her hand carefully, and walked back into the dark shades; slowly dissolving into the Darkness, his last words echoing towards her so she could hear them. "Goodbye Mother Nature."

"Goodbye Pitch Black."

She was alone again.

Once she could no longer feel his presence, the tears began to blur her vision as she brought out a golden locket, its chain still clinging to her neck as it hid under her dress. The locket opened in her hands.

A lone tear finally fell, as she stared at the old photograph it harbored.

"Oh Papa…"

Her gaze went back to the shadows.

"Will you ever remember me?"

If only the Earthly Goddess could see what the Dark being was doing. She would see a lonely man wandering his labyrinth of shadows. Where Nightmares bred and grew ferociously, feasting upon the fears of the residents of the living realm. The darkly creatures terrorizing everyone in sight, leading them into the darkest depths of oblivion. To the world of eternal madness where there was no escape. No hope, and no light to comfort them.

But what would break her heart, would be seeing that lonely man grasping at a golden locket, opened and staring at an old picture that he guarded from others. She would hear him in the Darkness calling out…





to remember…

just to remember…

of a life he once knew before the Darkness took over.

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