by Melissa Treglia

Batt always enjoys her flings with Teer. It usually begins with shy hellos and curious questions, a prompting for ideas and a little bemusement and childlike glee. There's a long drawn-out playful toying with Teer's mind, fantasies and concepts sparking within Teer's brain.

Once they have their ideas, they stay locked up together in a room for a week or so, indulging in those very creative fantasies.

Batt loves it when Teer takes control, and she's up for just about anything. Batt loves how Teer's moods change like the winds. Sometimes there's kinky fun involving orgies and whippings, and sometimes there's room for more tender sentiments. There's usually no way of knowing what Teer's planning to do beforehand.

These flings don't happen nearly often enough for their liking, but the wait is always worth it.