I'm sure that by now every Oncer has figured out that you could put Emma in a room with a rock and she'd have chemistry with it. Which is why it's no surprise that she's the subject of so many ships. That's why I decided to make this. To pay tribute to the many couplings of Emma Swan. Now I'll start off with the more popular ones but if you have any that you want to be included just send them to me and I'll see if I can work them in. Let's get started.

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Henry looked over the papers in his hands one last time as he mentally ran through his plan. Emma had been feeling down lately so he'd decided to help her find her true love so that she could be happy again. He'd come up with a list of people to interview and had made information sheets for every single one of them. The hard part would be making sure his mom didn't find out what he was doing. There was no way she'd agree to this. That was why he'd decided to get an early start and had run off right after breakfast. He had a lot of people to see and he had to get the first visit out of the way fast if he didn't want to run into Emma.

Once he was satisfied with what he saw he put all but one of the pieces of paper back into the backpack slung over his shoulder. It was time to start Operation Matchmaker. Squaring his shoulders, he took a deep breath and headed into the sheriff's station.

Candidate Name: Graham Humbert/The Huntsman

Occupation: Sheriff

How they know Emma: Arrested her, made her his deputy, and got his memories back by kissing her

Relationship Codename: Gremma

"So this is for a school project," Graham asked as he and Henry settled in at his desk. He was supposed to be filling out paperwork but he figured it could wait a few minutes.

"Mhm. We're supposed to interview people who work with our parents and that's you," Henry stated as he got out his pen, careful to make sure that Graham couldn't see the top of the paper. He figured it was for the best if his interviewees didn't know what was going on. He wanted honest answers without Emma finding out and this was the best way to get that.

"Alright. What is it you're supposed to ask," the sheriff said with a grin.

"Well first we're supposed to ask some basic questions about whoever we're interviewing. So I need to know your favorite color, favorite animal, and favorite food or drink," he listed off as he poised his pen to start writing. He didn't want to dive in to quickly and it was good to build up a background.

"My favorite color is green, my favorite animal is a wolf, and my favorite food or drink would have to be pixie sticks," Graham answered after a moments' thought.

"A wolf and pixie sticks," Henry repeated with clear amusement. The wolf thing was pretty obvious since he was the Huntsman but weren't pixie sticks supposed to be for kids?

"What? I like them," Graham protested meekly as his grin turned into a sheepish smile.

"Nevermind, let's keep going. What do you think of my mom," he asked as he filled in Graham's answers to the previous questions on his sheet.

"I think Emma's incredible. She's brave and smart and if it wasn't for her I'd never have gotten my heart back from Regina," the sheriff proclaimed, placing his hand over the organ in question. When they'd finally found where his other mom hid all her things Emma had immediately brought Graham down there so they could look for his heart. It had taken them awhile but they'd managed to find it and the sheriff had never been happier. Literally.

"And what do you two do together now that the curse is broken," Henry continued.

"Well we work together, obviously. We answer calls and go out on patrol with your grandfather. We've hung out at Granny's as well. I figure I owe her a couple free meals," Graham replied with a chuckle. He owed her more than a couple really. She'd saved the entire town after all.

"Last question. What's one thing you regret saying or doing to my mom," he said, looking up expectantly. He'd never heard of Graham doing anything that upset Emma besides arresting her those few times but he had to have done something he wished he could take back.

"That's a strange question for a school report," the sheriff stated, clearly a bit suspicious.

"I think it has something to do with how well you work with each other," Henry lied. If Graham figured out he wasn't being honest then he'd tell Emma and the entire operation would be ruined.

"Alright well in hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea to throw a dart at her head," Graham confessed with clear embarrassment.

"You did what?!"

"I know, I shouldn't have done it but I wasn't exactly myself at the time. And I didn't hit her or anything," the sheriff quickly explained. He did a lot of things that night he wouldn't have done if he was himself. Though not all of them were necessarily bad. He didn't regret kissing Emma at all. That was what let him get his memories back and help her. True their relationship ship hadn't gotten any further but they'd both agreed that with all that was going on it was for the best. Back then it had been an angry Regina and now it was a magical town full of confused people and an angry Regina.

"And was this before or after you kissed her?"


Henry quickly added that to his sheet before giving it a quick once over. That was it, he'd filled in all the blanks. And while some of the answers hadn't been what he was expecting it was still good progress.

"That's all I needed. Thanks for the help Graham," he chirped as he gathered up his backpack and put the paper inside.

"No problem. You know your mother should be here soon, you can stick around and talk to her if you want. I think she's bringing doughnuts," Graham offered as he started to stand.

"No thanks, I'm gonna get going. See you later," he said before getting up and hurrying outside and down the street.

Next stop, Gepetto's repair store.