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Henry was quite pleased with himself as he walked back home. He had managed to interview every candidate without any of them catching on to what he was really doing. Now he just had to review the files and figure out which one of them was his mom's true love. He knew it might take awhile, this was an important decision, but he was sure he could pull it off.

A brief honk of a car horn startled him out of his thoughts. Turning slightly, he watched as Emma drove up to him and pulled over onto the side of the street. "Hey kid. Hop in," she with a smile and a jerk of her head after rolling down the passenger side window. Henry smiled in return before opening the door and piling inside. Getting a ride with his mom would be a lot quicker than walking.

"So how did your day go," Emma asked, briefly glancing at him as she drove away in the direction of the loft.

"It went good," Henry stated with a nod. The less Emma knew about his day the better. He didn't want to say something only to say something else later and end up giving the whole thing away.

"Just good? Nothing else you want to add to that," Emma pressed with a wry grin. Usually when she asked that question she got a full day's report. Not that she minded. It was nice knowing what Henry got up to while she was at work.

"Nope. What about you," Henry asked brightly in order to draw attention away from himself.

"You know, it's funny you should ask because I spent all day hearing about you," Emma said with the distinct tone of someone who knew that they knew something they weren't supposed to know.

"W-What do you mean," Henry replied while trying his best not to look nervous. There was no way she could know what he'd been doing. Could she?

"Well when I got to the sheriff station this morning Graham mentioned that you'd asked him some questions for a project and had just left. When I was doing my rounds I stopped to talk to Geppetto who mentioned that you were in his shop talking to August. I was getting off my lunch break when Jefferson called and told me you'd walked to his house by yourself, asked him some questions, and then had him drop you off back at home. So I called up your dad and he said you'd asked him questions for a school project too. And just now I caught you walking back home from the docks. So spill. What are you up to," Emma asked with a look that clearly said that the jig was up. Henry had no reason to go and visit all those people, especially in secret. And he was definitely trying to keep this a secret from her. But he should know by now that she always found out sooner or later.

"I'm just working on a school project. Like everyone said," Henry answered eagerly. Maybe a bit too eagerly. Oh man, he was in trouble.

"I see. So you wouldn't mind if I talked to Mary Margaret about this school project," Emma said, placing special emphasis on the last two words to let him know that she wasn't buying it for a second. Henry was definitely up to something and she was going to find out what that was.

Henry wracked his brain trying to think of a way out of this. But no matter how hard he tried he couldn't come up with anything. There was just no way to explain why he'd visited all of them without giving everything away. "Okay," he admitted reluctantly with a sigh, "I was working on my latest mission."

"And what mission is that? Operation Tarantula," Emma joked with a grin.

"No, Operation Matchmaker," Henry replied.

"What," Emma stated with obvious confusion.

"Well you've just seemed so sad lately and I thought that if I helped you find your true love it'd make you happy again. So I put together some files on all the guys I thought you could get together with," Henry explained, suddenly feeling very stupid.

"Oh Henry," Emma breathed out as her face fell. It was true she hadn't been feeling her best lately, a lot had happened after all, but she had no idea that it was effecting him. If she'd known that she would have...done something. She didn't know exactly what but all the stuff that was going on was her problem, not his. And she'd been teasing him about it too! Man did she feel like a crappy parent.

Henry shuffled his feet, suddenly very interested in the floor of his mom's car. What had he been thinking? That he could just choose someone for his mom to date and everything would be fine? What a dumb idea. But he found himself looking up at his mom when she removed one of her hands from the steering wheel and placed it on his own.

"Look, I appreciate you trying to help me out but I'm not looking for true love. Right now my main concern is looking after you. You're the guy in my life and you make me happy," Emma said with a soft smile. She wanted to be sure that Henry knew just how much he meant to her. When she felt like it was her against a world ruled by Regina Henry had been the one to give her hope. Henry was the one who inspired her to keep on fighting. Honestly now that she had Henry she didn't know what she'd do without him.

"Really," Henry asked with a small, hopeful smile.

"Really. So if you ever get worried about me all you got to do is come and talk to me. No more interviewing every guy in Storybrooke," Emma joked with a grin. Though she had to admit she did admire his dedication. He'd traveled around the entire town and she'd gotten lost enough times to know for a fact that Storybrooke was bigger than it looked.

"Not every guy. Just the ones you have chemistry with," Henry corrected, his smile now a full on grin. His mom always did know how to cheer him up when he was feeling bad. Maybe it was a second superpower or something.

"Henry," Emma warned though it was obvious that she was just joking.

"Alright, alright, no more interviews," Henry conceded with a laugh.

"Thank you. Now how about you and I go get some ice cream at Granny's and you can show me those files you made," Emma offered, giving Henry's hand one last pat before returning her own to the wheel. Ice cream made everything better, right? She sure could go for some.

"I thought you said you weren't interested in finding your true love," Henry questioned with a little bit of a smirk.

"I'm not. But that doesn't mean I don't want to know what everyone said," Emma replied, a look on her face that some might call downright deviant. After all, Henry didn't just get his mischievous streak from his dad.

"Then Granny's it is," Henry beamed with a nod.

Maybe Operation Matchmaker wasn't such a bust after all.