Chapter 1-Beginnings

Danny, Tucker and Sam sat next to Paulina and Dash with their faces in their hands. Why? Because Jack and Jeremy were showing their two enimies their baby photos. See? Even heroes have to be embarrased, especially when you are team phantom and after saving the world, everybody knows. The adorable pictures started from when they had first met. The very beginning of their friendship, eight days old. It showed a baby boy and a baby girl, one dressed in blue, one in purple. They both had matching teddies and matching next picture was when they were both two years old and at the playground. Standing with them was a small, dark skinned boy with glasses and a pretend phone. The three were all wearing party hats and the little boy, who was called Tucker, had a huge "IM TWO!" badge on his yellow t shirt. There were plenty more photos, but each one told the same story. Meeting is just the beginning.