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The True Heir of Slytherin:

Chapter 1

Harry Potter had had enough. His whole life it was do this shit and deal with that shit. Every year of his life at Hogwarts, he had faced Voldemort in some form or way, and almost nobody helped him. Sure, Hermione was there to help him get to Quirrel in first year, but she wasn't actually with him. Dumbledore, the greatest wizard in the world, had never helped him once. Even in third year, no one was there to help him face off the dementors. He had saved his past self and Sirius at the same time. Did Hermione even believe he could do it? Fuck, no!

Now, Umbitch was here and making his life hell, Dumbledore was avoiding him as if he was death itself, and the entire wizarding world thought he was an attention seeking fraud. A year ago, no one could stop pestering him with their fan mail, and now people only sent him hate mail. Yet, he had faced Voldemort and barely escaped with his life.

During the tournament, Ron had thought he had put his name in the cup to do what people were accusing him of then and now: seeking attention, and he had shunned him. Because of Ron, Hermione had evaded him too. His only friends were Neville, Seamus, and Dean. Even then, Seamus needed some convincing last year.

"I guess they are my only true friends. If I hung out with them more, I guess that they'd seem better." Harry thought out loud.

"Shh!" Madam Pince hissed.

"Fuck off." Harry whispered so quietly that the librarian couldn't hear. "Sorry." Harry then said loud enough for her to.

Harry right now was in the library. It was Saturday night, and Harry didn't have detention with Umbridge. Normally, this would seem odd, but Harry wasn't acting normally. After his detention the night before, Harry had alienated Ron and Hermione. Hermione had still been trying to persuade him to go to Dumbledore, but she didn't understand. Dumbledore would never even let him into his office; he was shunning him like many others had before him, like many others were doing now. Ron, on the other hand, might understand, but if he did, he understood too well. He just discarded everything he said and complained about his experiences… like usual.

Now, Harry was in the library, researching spells. He had been browsing section by section all day, occupying his time. While looking over one section, he had found an interesting book about some very interesting spells.

The book was titled: Extraordinarily Powerful Spells and How to Cast Them and was written by none other than Salazar Slytherin. After seeing the author's name, Harry understood that the book was in parseltongue and that that was why it was in the miscellaneous section, not the restricted one. Harry had guessed Madam Pince didn't know of the risk of keeping the book open to everyone.

After reading a few pages, Harry had realized there was great danger in the wrong person learning these spells. That is when Harry had realized how Voldemort was so strong.

Harry had read that every spell in the book could be cast silently thanks to a note in the preface of the novel. All he had to do was think the words.

Harry had been reading the book almost all day and had skipped lunch to keep looking at the incantations. Many of the incantations in the book were rituals and wards as well as spells.

Shortly after finishing the book, Harry had exited the castle to practice them. He had walked all the way around the lake to end up at the other side of the huge expanse of water to achieve some privacy.

First, he performed the wards on himself to boost his protection. Then he performed each of the easy rituals.

During one of these, the one that unlocks a person's true potential, Harry had felt as if he were being torn in two, but afterwards he was so much better. He didn't even need his glasses. Instead of throwing them away though, he decided to knock out the lenses and replace them with regular pieces of glass that he summoned.

Before practicing the spells, however, Harry was stopped by a girl in his year.

"What do you want, Greengrass?" Harry asked snidely as he sensed her presence by the trees.

"I was… observing." Daphne replied mysteriously.

"And what would you happen to be observing?" Harry asked.

"The Gryffindor Golden Boy realizing just who is… the true heir of Slytherin." Daphne responded coolly.

Harry quirked an eyebrow at her.

"Oh come off it! Is it so hard to believe? You are much stronger than any of your peers and are able to read that book. Plus, I know you better than you." Daphne said the last sentence mischievously.

"How?" Harry asked curiously.

"My family was entrusted with all of Salazar's secrets before Godric killed him. The thing is, Salazar had a son. He was adopted by one of Godric's close friends. Their family name was Potter. My ancestors tracked the boy and his descendants to ensure that we could always tell who was Salazar's heir." Daphne explained.

"What about Voldemort?" Harry asked.

"During Riddle's years at Hogwarts, he became obsessed with his house's founder due to his lack of a family. Eventually, he became so obsessed that he became delusional. His chief delusion was that he was the heir of Slytherin. It is true that he can speak parseltongue, but his family never descended from Slytherin in any regard." Daphne replied.

"So why are you telling all this now? Why not in first or second year?" Harry asked.

"In first year, you were very adamant to be put into Gryffindor if I had to guess. I think that is because of what Weasly told you. As for second year, you came very close to believing it, but I could tell that you never crossed the line into true belief. I am now telling you all this because I saw that you were ignoring your friends and were more hostile towards everyone even if they couldn't tell. When I saw you in the library, I decided to take a chance and plant that book you found. When I saw that you could understand the book and that you were reading intently, I knew that you had finally crossed over from the light. I know the spells that are in that book; I've used them on idiotic suitors enough." Daphne saw Harry's mouth beginning to open. "And before you ask the obvious, yes. I am a parseltongue. Salazar granted all of my family this gift in return for us keeping his secrets and watching his descendants."

"Why did they accept only an ability for responsibility?" Harry asked. "Why didn't they ask for something else as well?"

"Salazar and my family were very good friends at that time. They knew that to keep their greatest friend alive that they would have to sacrifice some things, but they were willing to accept." Daphne answered.

"So what now?" Harry asked. For some reason, he believed everything she said. It was like his blood and magic knew the truth.

"For now, we keep this a secret from everyone. Meanwhile, I will help you practice and perfect each of your craft." Daphne replied.

"What do you mean, each of my craft?" Harry asked.

"As Salazar's last descendant, it should be fairly obvious that you have more than the ability to speak Parseltongue. You have the ability to do so much more than that fucking fake heir and Dumbledore can even imagine. We will unveil each of these abilities in time. For now, though, keep training, keep learning, and when the time comes, you will lead an army that will change all of the wizarding world forever." Daphne responded.

Harry nodded. "I will comply."

"As much as you must appear normal, never comply again without some difficulty unless that is what you truly believe. You are my leader. I am just your teacher… for now." Daphne said the first sentence almost angrily.

"What do you mean by that?" Harry asked curiously at her last statement.

Daphne walked up to Harry and hissed quietly and seductively in his ear in parseltongue, "Let's just say you have unlocked an ancient contract between our families that doesn't just cover me helping you."

Harry swallowed hard and nodded.

Daphne backed away and said, "Five minutes after I leave, go up into the Great Hall. It's almost dinner time."

Harry nodded and asked, "I will see you tomorrow then? Same time and place?"

Daphne grinned and said, "I will see you then, milord." She then quickly turned away and shot away in a shadow of black.

Harry waited the allotted time and then ran quickly toward the castle and a new future.

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