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Chapter 10:

The air was filled with rocketing spells, sparks, fire, and arrows with the danger having one target: Harry James Slytherin Potter.

Staring in fear, Daphne and Seamus stood tracking the progress of their lord's training. He stood still, waiting for the objects to impact; his tense eyes betraying his relaxed body. After only a second in the air between the launcher and the target, The arrows, flames, and spells hit Harry dead on, who went flying backward.

In the air, however, Lord Slytherin kept his body relaxed and let his body flip over so that he landed on his feet, a magical second skin shedding off of him and landing and the floor. The arrows previously lodged in it clattered to the ground after it dissolved into the air, joining the energy of the world once more.

Daphne rushed over to her future husband, checking him over.

"Why did you have to test your ancestors' spell in such a way?"

Harry smiled. "My dear, you know that I needed to ensure the fact that the spell could withstand a decent amount of damage. You know better than most that if the occasion arises where any of our lives have an attempt made on them out of nowhere that we need an adequate defense stabilized already."

"I understand that, but why did you have to test it so severely after only testing it minimally?"

"If I didn't know any better, milady, I'd say you were worried about me." Harry grinned cockily, teasing her. Seamus meanwhile to snicker quietly to himself.

"Would you prefer me not to worry about you?" Daphne quirked an eyebrow, teasing back, "Because that can be arranged."

"You know I wouldn't want it any other way, love. It warms my heart when you get concerned over my safety." Harry pulled her into his arms before whispering into her, "I had to test it so that you don't get so worried and to protect you as well."

"You going soft on me?" Daphne smiled, whispering back.

"I have a soft spot for you if that's what you mean."

"Would you like me to leave you two alone?" Seamus inquired, half serious, half joking.

Sharing a final look, Daphne and Harry let go of each other.

"That won't be necessary, Seamus." Harry smiled.

"Is anyone hungry?" The head elf inquired as he opened the door.

"Dinner would be great, Rhys." Daphne replied. "Shall we meet in the dining room in fifteen minutes?"

"Sounds wonderful. Until then." Harry planted a kiss upon his lady's hand before exiting the room with Rhys in tow.

"He seems happier than I've ever seen him." Seamus commented. Daphne looked over at him before he continued. "Actually… that's not quite right. He's been happy before, but now it's more than that… He's comfortable, relaxed. I've never seen him in such a way."

"It's like he finally came home." Daphne added.

"Exactly, but, on top of that, it's like he finally has a family. I guess I have you to thank for that since he is my best mate." Seamus paused. "Seriously… thank you."

Daphne blushed. "That is probably the most meaningful you have ever said without pulling some kind of joke, but you're missing one thing. He's like this now because of you too. You're right. You are his best friend."

"Thank you, Daphne." Seamus smiled. "I'll see you at dinner."

"Has the new table set been arranged in the dining hall, Rhys?" Harry asked as the two were making their way from the library.

"Yes, milord. It was changed out as soon as you informed us of your decision this morning." Rhys nodded his head.

"Good, Rhys. What did you think of my choice?" Harry tried to satisfy his curiosity.

"The choice of elm was quite interesting; it hasn't been used since this castle was first constructed. If you don't mind my asking, why did you choose that particular set?"

"It was actually easier than I had expected, Rhys." Lord Slytherin smiled. "Elm, you instructed me, is the wood of grounding and stability, correct?"

"You have that right, milord." Rhys bowed his head.

"The family was losing ground for many years before it finally disappeared for generations. I believe that with our reemergence, the family will need to ground its roots and create the stability to be set for hopefully a new height in the Slytherin line that will last for many more generations than its disappearance."

Rhys walked silently for a few moments, impressed with how well Harry had so far picked up his ancestry and resumed his ancestors' line.

"A very wise and clever choice then indeed, Lord Slytherin. After serving your family for hundreds of years, I must say that I look forward to your reign." Rhys stopped and bowed to his lord.

Harry returned the bow with one of his own. "It is a great honour for you to have such confidence in me. Thank you."

Rhys stood, stunned. "It is not proper etiquette-"

"Fuck etiquette in this case, Rhys. I may be the lord of the great line of Slytherin, but I show respect and gratitude where it is due as well as recognize those who help me. On top of that, you show remarkable knowledge and wisdom as an elf of your years, so you may be the head servant of this castle but you would be one of my most trusted advisors if you would like the position." Harry looked Rhys dead in the eyes. Despite his attainment of regality and lord demeanour, he refused to resemble the snobs he had detested.

"I would be honoured, milord." Rhys bowed deeper than he had yet for his newest lord just outside the doors to the dining hall.

"Very good." Lord Slytherin opened the doors to the hall before walking over to the head of the stained elm table that occupied the center of the room.

Sitting at his seat, Harry ran a hand over the dark wood just to ensure its existence. Doing so, he felt a strong and powerful force settle over him, not suffocating but empowering. The wooden throne he sat on gave Harry a feeling of strength and unity; in not even his greatest throne, Lord Slytherin felt resilient against all who might oppose him, his family, or his followers.

"Harry." Seamus nodded as he entered the room before taking a second to examine the table himself, having a sense of the same feeling his lord did. "Nice table. Feels… right."

The lord chuckled. "I would say so as well."

"Say what?" Daphne asked as she entered the room, stunning her future husband. A short, sleeveless emerald dress brought Lord Slytherin to speechlessness. "A very impressive choice of a table set, Harry." She smirked.

"That is not the only impressive choice made recently, Daphne. You truly look dazzling. That dress looks amazing on you."

"I do feel sorry for who comes against us." Seamus thought with a grin. "The two of them are overflowing with power."

The next morning, members of the Order of Phoenix positioned and hid themselves throughout Diagon Alley to either monitor all exits and entrances and/or the front of Gringotts an hour before the meeting was to take place. Their positioning was ordered by Dumbledore without Sirius's knowledge, or so they thought. Believing Remus to have stronger loyalties with the casue, they informed him, who informed Sirius in secret.

"I pray this doesn't fuck up our plans." Sirius whispered to himself as he arrived right on time.

As time slipped by slowly, everyone grew more and more anxious. Sirius looked around quickly, trying not to be frantic, desperately hoping to find his godson.

Suddenly, a figure appeared right beside Sirius for an instant just to grab the man and disappear again.

The members of the Order of the Phoenix dispersed with their subterfuge and rushed around, trying to get to the last known location of Sirius.

"Where'd he go?" Kingsley muttered.

Remus stared up at the sky and whispered, "Good luck, Padfoot. Keep him safe."

The fugitive meanwhile was trapped in a chair by magical bonds, blindfolded so he may not see any clues to his location.

"Harry? Is that you? Listen, you don't have to worry about me. I couldn't put it in the letter because of the others, but I am with you no matter what. You're my godson, Harry. I swore to James and Lily that I'd protect you as best as I could no matter what, and that is exactly what I am going to do. Just please, tell me what's going on! When I saw the papers, I got so worried."

"Sirius." The male's voice drifted through the air like a ghost.

"Harry?" The man frantically turned his head, attempting to identify where his godson was despite the blindfold. Suddenly, though, he froze, tensing up as he felt two hands on his head start to remove his blindfold.

Opening his eyes into a dungeon, Sirius saw Harry standing right in front of him wearing his robes of choice nowadays.

"Harry! What's going on?"

Lord Slytherin smiled. "You really want to know? The truth might shock you."

"I don't care. It won't change who you are to me, my godson!"

Again, the lord smiled, bowing his head slightly this time. "Very well.

"At the beginning of this year, I became isolated. Nobody was at my side as far as I could tell. The Order of the Phoenix was supposed to be battling the very man I had fought several times and who wished to kill me. I am Voldemort's number one target, yet the Order chose to keep me in the dark. The public took my 'claim' of the dark lord's return as a poor attempt to gain further press and publicity. Like the year before, the student body was shunning me with even Ronald and Hermione not understanding how I felt, further pushing me into isolation. To put a cherry on top, the one man I thought of as a grandfather and a mentor, Dumbledore, avoided me as if I was the reaper coming to bring his death."

"Harry… I'm sorry." Sirius looked down in shame at another one of his failures as Harry's caretaker.

"Honestly, out of everyone, you, Sirius, I blame least. I do understand that as a fugitive you had to proceed with caution although it did admittedly fucking hurt and make me feel even more alone.

"Before this year, I was very stubborn. Clever, yes, but very ignorant and blind, uncooperative with other points of view. With my newfound disenchantment, though, I discovered something else: openness to new ideas and truths."

"What truths?" Sirius asked in confusion.

"Those of his true ancestry." Daphne stepped out of the shadows.

"What do you mean?" Sirius stared at her.

Daphne looked at Harry. "May I?" The man tilted his head and gave a nod.

"Obviously you have heard about my family, the Greengrasses, Mr. Black. We have always been presumed dark and evil, due to our heavy presence in Slytherin house, but that is not why we were initially perceived this way. We were the Slytherin family's closest ally, even after its line's disappearance. This loyalty even spread to watch over Salazar's secret heir through the generations after he had been abducted by Godric Gryffindor after the two's famous battle. Odric, though, didn't hide the boy in his own line but in his own closest ally's, the Potters."

Sirius's mouth gaped open in realization.

"May I present Harry James Slytherin Potter, the Lord of the ancient line of Slytherin." Daphne bowed.

"That's what caused all of this?" Sirius gasped in wonder.

"Basically. You know better than anyone how people belonging to a family seen as dark are presumed dark as well. My identity was kept secret to ensure my safety, but I could not hide forever. I am proud of my heritage and want the name of Slytherin hold respect once more. I knew that once my identity was revealed, though, that there would be many who would target me, so I built my own order, the Order of Slytherin. I enlisted people I thought I could trust and who I knew would prove invaluable. Despite what the reports say, I didn't use mind control. Right now, Hogwarts is filled with my followers, who are awaiting my orders. They will fight and die for me, as I would them. We aren't weak and caught up in politics like Dumbledore's order; we are brutal and tough. We will do what we need to do to survive, to win. That's why I didn't notify you or anyone else. We aren't caught up in our procedures. We exterminated the centaur village as well as the acromantulas in the Dark Forest. The centaurs had started to discover one of the entrances to the Chamber of Secrets and were already acting hostile while the acromantulas have already tried devouring anyone or anything that ventures through the forest. Some unlucky student could have died. We gave the creatures a chance that they wasted."

"You destroyed both completely?" Sirius gasped.

"Not exactly as moral as Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix, but it had to be done. Does everything make sense now?"

"... Yes… it does."

"Do you still wish to stand beside us? It isn't exactly what you are used to." Harry asked, breaking the bonds and holding his hand out to Sirius. "We are trying to make the world a better place, though."

Sirius grabbed his godson's hand, gaining his help to get out of the chair before putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I already told you, I'm with you no matter what. Honestly, I never thought that this what the true story is, but I am just glad that you are still you and still good, just like I knew you'd be." Sirius smiled and gave the man a hug.

Hugging him back, Harry smiled, and even after they broke their hug, he kept smiling before putting an arm around Daphne.

"Since that's the case, may I present Daphne Greengrass, the eventual Lady of Slytherin?"

"You're engaged?" Sirius's eyes reminded the couple much like saucers.

"Technically." Daphne answered. "In exchange for my family's loyalty, the eldest unmarried daughter of my family upon the revealing of the true heir of Slytherin would be entered into a betrothal contract with the heir."

"And you don't mind?" Sirius asked in disbelief. "I have rarely heard of betrothal contracts ending well for the participants."

"At first I was quite hesitant." Daphne admitted.

"We both were." Harry added.

"In the end, though, I am very thankful that it was Harry. He is an amazing blend of his heritage and how he was raised, and I love him." Daphne stared at her betrothed as she said the last words.

"Well, I'm happy for the both of you." Sirius smiled, seeing the mutual feelings between the two. "I can't wait to get to know you better, Daphne."

"Me neither, Mr. Black. Harry has told me much about you."

"Now, that won't do. No calling me Mr. Black. Sirius will do fine." Sirius chuckled.

"Okay, Sirius." Daphne smiled.

"Now, Sirius. We know your position, but what about the Order of the Phoenix?" Harry asked, getting to business.

"Well, Remus is on your side just like I am. We discussed it before I left, and we agreed that no matter what we will protect our best friends' son with our lives. The others, though, are quite mixed in opinion. Molly obviously bears a grudge against you as well as Snape, but Dumbledore was cautious. He seems more interested in finding out the truth than anything. If he sides with you, then the others should fall in line."

"Hmmm. Good. Makes things easier. We'll wait a couple hours here before we confront them back at their headquarters." Harry devised his plan quickly. "This time, though, they won't have time to be clever."

"You knew they were waiting?"

"Oh, of course. We were there, monitoring the Alley an hour before anyone else got there. That's why I grabbed you as I did." Harry grinned mischievously.

"Everyone is on high alert though for the three of you. How were you not spotted?"

"That would be thanks to me, sir." Rhys replied, coming forward after waiting patiently beside the door.

"And you are…?" Sirius trailed off.

"Rhys. He is the head servant here at Slytherin castle. He has a proficiency at stealth when he wants to."

"Wait, we are in Slytherin castle? The long lost castle people have been hunting for for hundreds of years?" Sirius shook his head. "Just when I didn't think I could take any more surprises."

"Something I have discovered about Harry, Sirius, is that he is full of surprises, even when you don't think he has anymore left." Daphne laughed.

Hours later, after touring the castle, Sirius left Slytherin castle and returned to Grimmauld Place, calling everyone from the Order for a meeting.

"How did everything go?" Remus whispered to Sirius, stopping him before he entered the dining room.

Sirius grinned. "Better than expected." He then entered the room and sat down in his usual seat with Remus following soon after.

"We are all here now, Sirius. Now, would you please tell us what happened?" Dumbledore inquired. As soon as the man had returned, he had tried questioning him but was told that questions would only be answered with everyone present.

"Harry was obviously the one who grabbed me. He took me to a castle he has claimed for himself, where he explained what has been going on. He saw us trying to monitor me and him. He had an agent already in the Alley before we even got there." Sirius began.

"Listen, Black, I understand you are enjoying your time in the limelight, but could you get to what Potter told you?" Snape rolled his eyes.

Rolling his eyes right back, Sirius continued. "Well, he isn't putting up with any shit. He feels scorned by everyone: the public, his fellow students, us. Nobody has tried including him but has tried pushing him out. He wasn't even included in this order when the Dark Lord views him as his biggest threat. Due to all of this, he created his own side and recruited his own followers to support him. Essentially, though, he didn't just create an order, he created a family. Each of them are willing to fight and die for each other. The devotion is remarkable. They use this devotion to each other to accomplish any task they set their minds to. They eliminated the centaurs and acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest as each posed a threat to them. They know their style isn't the most ethical to many, but they don't care because they are trying to accomplish good things and won't let politics get in the way. They are open to creating an alliance with the Order of the Phoenix, but, before a decision is made, they wish to inform all of you one last thing."

"Well, what are you waiting for? Tell us." Molly insisted.

"I'm not the one to tell all of you." Sirius commented.

"I am."

Everyone looked to the source of the voice and saw HArry emerge from the shadows like a ghost. Immediately, most of the Order was put on alert and reached for their wands but was stopped by Remus and Sirius standing in front of Harry as well as Dumbledore's words.


Everyone turned to look at the old man.

"If he wished to harm us, Harry here wouldn't have announced himself and just would have performed an ambush."

Everyone excluding Harry sat down and waited for Harry to speak.

"Thank you, professor." Harry nodded towards his old headmaster.

"Now, I have come to reveal the truth behind an accusation against me." The Lord of Slytherin paused. "It is true. I am the heir of Slytherin. Before Salazar went insane and had his battle with Godric which ended his life, he had a son. This son was abducted by Godric Gryffindor and given to the Potter family so that they boy could grow without his true family's influence as it was a preferable method compared to slaughtering the child. Knowing his opponents, Salazar had tasked the family most loyal to the Slytherin with the safety of his line. With this task in mind, the Greengrasses discovered the heir's whereabouts, but, for his safety, they left him with the Potters, watching the line's progression through the family through the years, waiting for the most opportune moment to reveal to an heir his heritage. Throughout the years, though, the heir to the Slytherin lordship and the the Potter lordship became the same. That is how I am Lord Slytherin as well as Lord Potter soon."

The entire room fell silent.

"What about Voldemort's claim to the title?" Dumbledore asked pensively.

Harry turned to the old headmaster and tilted his head before replying, "Tom Riddle is a delusional orphan who became too obsessed with the first family he knew: the Slytherin house. He has grown so delusional that he even has fallen into believing his own lies."

Harry paused once more, looking around the room at everyone's faces.

"Now, our Orders have a common goal in improving this nation. We both don't want Voldemort to triumph, and I believe everyone here can agree that the Ministry requires some changes. With that said, I have a proposition for the Order of the Phoenix coming from the Order of Slytherin."

Once more, Harry scanned the room and was pleased to see everyone giving him their full attention and respect, even if they were inclined to dislike him.

"We lend each other support and work together to get the country through this difficult time. We pool all of our resources and information. Plan together to strike at Voldemort, including strengthening our current Ministry, replacing officials as needed. Fudge is not up to the task of going to war. We will need a new Minister of Magic." Harry chuckled. "Nevermind that for now, though. I am getting ahead of myself. In exchange for the Order of Slytherin's and my help, we have a couple requests. For one, you will help support our acceptance into society. Slytherin will no longer be muttered as a curse. On top of that, though, we want everyone here to keep in mind that the Order of Slytherin will operate its own way."

Everyone sat back in shock, excluding Dumbledore who did so pensively.

"How long do we have to decide?" He spoke.

"I will give all of you an hour to discuss this amongst yourselves, but let me add one thing… Originally, the Order of Slytherin planned to tackle Voldemort on its own, and, that being so, we are already quite prepared for war."

Lord Slytherin bowed before dissolving into the shadows.

"Are we sure that that was Harry?" Molly asked.

"No, he's not." Remus replied. "He's Lord Slytherin Potter."

An hour later, the man returned with Daphne and Seamus beside him.

"What is the Order's decision?" He got straight to the point.

Dumbledore stood up and walked over to his old student. Stopping in front of him, the trio grew tense but refused to let it show. Lord Slytherin stood strong with his betrothed and best friend. After a waiting a moment, Dumbledore finally acted.

Presenting his right hand, Dumbledore replied, "The Order of the Phoenix will be happy to work with the Order of Slytherin in our country's time of trouble. We agree to your proposition in full."

The Lord smiled and grabbed Dumbledore's hand and shook it. "I'm pleased to hear of your decision." He paused a moment to turn towards his new allies. "Starting tonight, we decide not to remain passive! Tonight we decide to stand against this evil! Tonight we decide to go to war!" Harry raised a fist in the air and was soon accompanied by the rest of the people in the room as well as a cheer.

As everyone began to cheer. The leaders of the two orders turned towards each other.

"What is it, my boy?" Dumbledore asked, identifying Harry's face readying for a question.

"I would like your help in revealing the presence of our alliance to the rest of the world. I think I have the perfect way to do that and take care of another bird with the same stone."

"Hmmm." Dumbledore smiled, curious. "How may we be of service?"

"Infiltrator, are you ready?" Harry spoke into a small puddle of water.

"Copy that, milord. Everything's ready."

"Good. Get ready to follow through with the plan." Harry replied before breaking the smooth surface of water and turning to the small group behind him. "Let's go."

The group of people quickly followed a trio of people into one of the pipes leading into the Chamber of Secrets from the Dark Forest.

"Open for your lord!" Harry commanded the piece of stone that parted to allow the group into the basilisk's den, which they used to get onto the top floor of the Chamber of Secrets.

As the mouth of Salazar closed behind the group, the group panned out to secure the exposed parts of the Chamber.

"Everyone get ready to go up the stairs!" Harry ordered before turning around so he faced the statue.

"Your lord has returned." Just as the waters started to empty, Harry started to lead his team out of the Chamber.

Meanwhile, a group consisting of just members of the Order of the Phoenix led by Dumbledore had just passed through the entrance courtyard and walked into the entrance hall.

"You are no longer allowed here, sir." An auror spoke.

"Too bad." Snape spoke from behind the auror as he stunned him.

Suddenly, the rest of the Order present stunned the other aurors.

"Thank you, Severus. Now, everyone make sure the rest of the castle is secure. Hagrid has helped secure the perimeter with the help of Lord Slytherin's basilisk, so we have only a short time."

A door opening flooded light into a dungeon cell, where Astoria Greengrass was chained against the wall. Her clothes were torn and dirty with an air of weariness and defeat hanging around her.

"I won't… tell you anything." She spoke through her exhaustion.

"You don't have to. I'm here to rescue you." The spy smiled as the person unlocked the cuffs with a flick of the wand. "Now, let's get you ready."

"Ready for what?" Astoria mumbled.

"You really think I chose now to rescue you randomly?"

"Harry, the castle is secure. McGonagall is carrying out a speech in the Great Hall while Umbridge is in her office. All the students are centered in the Great Hall."

"Good, Remus. Round everyone up and meet me in the Great Hall. Tell Dumbledore to proceed with the next phase." Harry quickly melded into the shadows soon after giving his instructions.

"That is why we must, as a school, stay united and try to help each other grow and learn." McGonagall started to finish up her speech when the doors to the Great Hall flew open with Dumbledore leading the Order of the Phoenix inside.

"Albus?" The old woman spoke in disbelief. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here, Minerva, to ensure that this institution stands on what it was built upon. I never should have allowed myself to be kicked out." Dumbledore then turned to his old students. "I am here to resume my duties as your headmaster!"

As cheers erupted from the Great Hall, Umbitch remained clueless, sipping on her tea and looking over some reports from the Ministry.

"Never has a more disappointing excuse for a human being sat where you are now."

Spitting out her tea, Delores turned around, readying her wand but only found empty air instead of Harry Slytherin.

"Where are you, you brat?" She spat venom much like she had her tea.

"Standing outside the stairs to your office. Luckily enough, the gargoyle who guards it realizes how much of a debauchery it is having you in that office as well so he kindly relayed the message." Harry pat the head of the gargoyle who smiled at him.

Seeing how poorly things were going for Umbridge in the Great Hall, Filch tried sneaking out of the hall to warn the woman but was stopped by a man with long, scraggly black hair and beard.

"This is for all the times you took advantage of the students." Sirius Black sent the man flying backward with a powerful pushing spell at point blank range, leaving a bruise on Filch's cheek as well as a black eye.

Umbridge rushed down the stone steps to face Harry. "What are you doing here, you good for nothing child?"

"Taking back control."

Without another word between the two, they began dueling, Harry toying with the High Inquisitor. No spell she sent, he wasn't able to dodge, and quite easily, he managed to switch their positions so that as he pushed on the offensive, he was guiding her towards the Grand Staircase.

"You are an arrogant little shit!" Umbridge screamed, falling into a frenzy.

Quickly dodging from side to side, Harry advanced on Umbridge with inhuman speed due to partly shadow travelling. Finally, he stunned her right as he got up to her, catching her just to whisper in her ear a few words right before sending her flying over the railing with another spell.

"Remember, Umbridge: 'I will respect my superiors."

Hogwarts threw in its opinion by purposefully catching the foul woman with the last steps it could before killing her to maximize the pain. Still, however, she went rolling down the last sets in a tumbled heap before finally setting on the ground floor.

It only took a second for Lord Slytherin to shadow travel down the flights of stairs and stand above the pink toad and unstun her.

She got up slowly but as fast as she could, standing to take him on once more.

"Probably the most impressive thing you have ever done." The lord commented before sending a magical snake forward to push her through the halls and into into the Great Hall.

All of the students gasped in shock at this latest turn of events.

"I found the snivelling toad!" Harry exclaimed as if he had just won a prize before turning to the students. "My friends, you may step forward once more."

Every member of the Order of Slytherin excluding Hannah and Neville stood up and changed into their robes of choice, joining their leader and their new allies.

"This… This isn't over." Umbridge growled, raising her wand at Harry before freezing, seeing it broken.

"How fitting." Harry chuckled before looking at Neville and Hannah in turn as if to say they were next.

"I still have an advantage over you, you can't defeat! I have Daphne's sister!" Umbridge smiled victoriously.

"You mean this sister?" Susan yelled out, leading her in. Hannah, Neville, and Umbridge stared at her in surprise. "What? Have you never heard of a triple agent?"

"This school is and shall remain free as long as the Orders of the Phoenix," its members raised their wands, "and Slytherin are around!" The Lord and his followers raised both of their wands as well.

"Let all who stand for oppression know that today two groups decided to join together and stand against them! As long as there is a breath left in our bodies we will fight oppression, we will fight the dark, and we will keep the people safe!"

"It's good to have you back, Lord Slytherin." Draco bowed, followed by the rest of Harry's followers.

"Let all recognize the basilisk!" Harry cast the image of his family's symbol into the air.

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