Oh, I'm still here, and I still have exams so here is another short but sweet shame of Legolas

Legolas' secret shame no.4#

* * *


Aragorn's fork stopped on its way to his mouth and he stared wide-eyed into the distance in front of him. There was silence at the table; the other diners also wore stunned expressions on their faces. The site of a wet elf, naked save for a towel around his waist, running past screaming while you we're eating could stop even the most fascinating dinner conversation.

Aragorn recovered before the rest of the party and put down his fork to turn and peer after the fleeing elf who could be seen still running in the distance along the various balconies of Rivendell.

Conversation resumed at the table, currently centred on a certain blond haired prince.

".aaaaarrrrrrrrr.." Floated on the wind as the elf ran along the balcony adjacent to the diners.

Aragorn heaved a vast sigh and excused himself from the table. He found the elf some time later cowering in the branches of a tree. After the Ranger had coached him down he inquired after the reason the prince was running around the halls half naked.

Legolas blushed and pulled up the towel which was slipping down his waist.

He muttered something into his chest

"What?" inquired the Ranger

"I was having a shower"

"And." Aragorn prompted

Legolas simply muttered into his chest again.

"Legolas!" the man cried impatiently

"There was a spider"

"And.." Aragorn was beginning to get impatient

"And there was a spider!" said the elf indignantly

The heir to the throne of Gondor smacked his hand on his forehead strode off in the direction of the dining hall.

"Uh, Aragorn?" Legolas called after him. "There's still a spider in shower"

The Ranger was, apparently, out of ear shot.

Legolas pulled up the towel which was once again slipping down his waist

"Aragorn? Can I have some clothes" the elf asked in a small voice