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Harry immediately knew that he was being followed as he left the Great Hall and made his way towards the library. He quickly decided that he didn't feel up for trying to lose his shadow and so he just continued to make his way to the library without slowing down or stopping in a shadow to surprise his stalker. When he got to the third floor he bypassed the library and headed into the men's bathroom.

Harry walked up to the sinks and splashed cold water on his face letting the emotions that he had hidden during the circus dinner was show finally show on his face. He finally raised his head and looked at his reflection in the mirror, noticing how pale he had become. He waited until the door swung open as his stalker entered the room before grounding out between his teeth, "I don't want to talk. Please leave me alone right now. We can talk later tonight."

"Harry…" Draco managed to get out before Harry had him pinned against the bathroom wall with his wand against Draco's throat and the other around the collar of his shirt.

"I said I don't want any company, Malfoy. What does it take to get that through your head?" Harry asked angrily.

"Harry…"Draco tried to start again but Harry didn't give him a chance to say anything else as Harry's mouth descended onto his in a vicious kiss.

He trapped Draco's hands above his head with a simple binding spell that ensured that Draco's hands couldn't move away from the wall. His mouth demanded that Draco let his tongue in and Draco acquiesced immediately. Draco was passive as Harry pulled his shirt out of his pants, roughly undid the buttons and raked his hands all over Draco's upper body. Harry palmed Draco's cock and stroked it with quick hard jerks.

Draco didn't fight Harry's kiss and hands, letting easy moans fall from his mouth unlike normal when Harry had to work for every sound of pleasure out of Draco's mouth. Instead of being pleased with Draco's submission Harry seemed to get even angrier at the passivity that he encountered. Harry shook Draco harshly after releasing him from the kiss. He didn't lower his wand or release him from his grip as he took measure of the situation.

"Is this what you want before you leave, Malfoy? Maybe some fucking before the day comes that you leave me as well? If that is your game I don't want any part of it. We can fuck later but right now I want to be alone as I always am in the end." Harry sneeringly spat into Draco's face even as his eyes roved over Draco's exposed chest.

Draco stiffened and narrowed his eyes at Harry before leaning back into the restraints looking completely relaxed at the position that he was in.

"Obviously, Potter, I'm not in a position to leave at the moment and might I remind you that you are the one who threw me against the wall and kissed me," Draco said, "I didn't offer to fuck you."

Harry jerked back at Draco's cool words before waving his wand to undo the binding spell on Draco's hands.

"There your hands are free. Now leave," Harry said while turning back towards the sinks, dismissing Draco completely.

"No, I don't think I am going anywhere. At least, that is, until you pull your head out of your arse," Draco replied in a frozen voice, moving so he was right behind Harry in the opening toward where the stalls were.

Harry didn't respond to Draco's words, just closed his eyes in an obvious effort to get some control over his emotions.

Seeing that Harry was not going to respond, Draco continued, "I would say 'I told you so' about Dumbledore but I think you already knew that he wasn't to be trusted."

Harry stiffened but didn't turn around as Draco continued, "You had to have lost some faith in him considering you agreed to protect me and didn't even tell him about our situation. I am sure if you truly believed in him you could have found some way to pawn the protecting of me off to him somehow."

Draco paused as he noticed that Harry had tremors running up and down his body but then after a minute continued, wary of Harry's reaction, "Now, you understand why Slytherins have no respect for the famous Headmaster Dumbledore. He just abandons everyone when things go to shite instead of taking control. He will be lauded for his abandonment of Hogwarts tonight if the Light wins the war for some shite reason. Seems unfair doesn't it, considering you will bear the burden of being hated by the public and yet you will also be the only one taking action against the corruption."

Draco tensed as Harry whirled around, wand blazing and started to shout spells at him. He was amazed a moment later as the entire bathroom was destroyed and yet not one spell or piece of debris had come close to hitting him.

"You definitely need to work on your anger management skills," Draco glibly said with a raised eyebrow at the mess Harry had made still marvelling at the power and control Harry had even as he was in a rage.

Harry, breathing heavily from exertion, croaked out, "Dumbledore fucking abandons me, just like everyone else in my life, and you have the gall to tell me I knew it was coming."

"Ooh, now you are going to have a pity party about how bad your life is? Sign me up for how fun that sounds, or you know, don't," Draco mockingly replied.

Draco watched without mercy for a few minutes as Harry started to pace angrily around the rubble that was once a bathroom before quietly adding, "Not everyone abandons you. I am not going anywhere. Hermione hasn't gone anywhere and I am sure she will never leave you. The only reason she isn't here now is because I told her I would take care of you."

Harry finally stopped pacing, looked at Draco with tired eyes and said, "The school is now completely vulnerable to attacks from both the corrupted Ministry of Magic and Voldemort. Do you know how much harder it is going to be to protect anyone without Dumbledore's presence? How many more I am now responsible for?"

"You don't have to be responsible for anything but protecting Hermione and me, Potter. You can just say 'fuck it' and we can run away to a safer location. It would take some planning to get the whole pack out of the country but the three of us could probably get out relatively easy," Draco said with sincerity, "I mean Hermione might be angry at missing out on her O.W.L.S. but I am sure she will forgive you sometime in this lifetime but you wouldn't have the stress of protecting anyone besides us.

At Harry's drawn eyebrows and questioning look Draco continued, "Ok, ok I can tell that you don't really want to leave and deal with all that drama, especially with Hermione and her wrath of missing her tests on account of you. You could also avoid all the responsibility by just keeping your mouth shut and head down until the Ministry gets taken over by Voldemort. That way, the Ministry would leave you alone and the rest of the school year could go on without any incident."

"The only problem with that plan is that it leaves a lot of innocent people completely unprepared for the war that is looming ahead," Harry said with a frown marring his face.

Draco elegantly shrugged as he replied, "Not your problem."

Harry's frown grew deeper as he looked at the ground as he contemplated Draco's words. Then he looked up with a new resolve glowing in his eyes, "No. I will not run and I will not just keep my head down and pretend that Voldemort isn't back. If I can save or even just convince one person to prepare for this war, then it is worth fighting the Ministry and Tom."

Draco smiled a real smile at last before saying, "And this reaction from you is the reason that I came to you for protection. You have the hero streak in you down to your bones and you don't take the easy way out. If you were in Dumbledore's position tonight, you would have fought them tooth and nail for the protection of the people under you."

Harry's mouth twitched upwards for a minute as he ran his hands through his hair before saying ruefully, "Yeah, I would have fought to keep everyone safe from our enemies, no matter what."

"Are we done with the pity party now?" Draco asked with just a hint of his normal superior attitude.

Harry rolled his eyes before sighing out, "Yeah, I think I will be ok now."

"Good. Now let's go to the library and prepare for the coup that you are staging." Draco said while heading toward the door.

"I think I should thank you before we go," Harry replied not moving from his spot.

Draco paused before he reached the doorway, his brows knitting in confusion at Harry's tone before continuing towards the exit. He threw out over his shoulder, "You don't have to thank me, Harry. I like to think that it is my job to keep your head from hiding in your arse for too long."

Draco reached for the handle of the bathroom door but as he did magic rippled across the surface of it. Draco narrowed his eyes at the door before turning around to face Harry with his one eyebrow raised in annoyed question.

He was shocked to see that in the middle of the destroyed bathroom there was a bearskin rug that looked soft and comfortable. Harry was watching him with a look of earnest adoration in his eyes.

"Please, Draco, let me thank you," Harry said in an echoing whisper that sent shivers down Draco's body.

"Should I conjure some candles?" Draco asked in a hoarse whisper, moving quickly to the bearskin.

Harry shook his head in the negative, waving his wand to both turn off the lights and create balls of softer light that highlighted and hid the destruction that surrounded them.

Harry met Draco in the middle of the bearskin rug and slowly tilted his head to capture Draco's lips in a kiss that was soft and full of love, pretty much the exact opposite of the kiss earlier. He continued to softly kiss Draco's mouth until the latter relaxed completely.

Harry then slowly roamed his hands down Draco's chest. He made sure that his hands hit the sensitive spots that he knew made Draco go crazy, but he caressed them instead of their usual ferocious groping.

Harry and Draco tended to be rough in their lovemaking as they semi-competed with each other during the act. This time however, Harry made sure that he didn't rise to the bait and kept his hands, mouth, body, softly loving Draco. He removed Draco's robe, shirt, pants, shoes and socks while kissing and caressing all of Draco's exposed skin. He circled around Draco, ghosting his hands over the areas that he kissed, licked, nipped and sucked. He slowly slid down Draco's body, making sure to keep the pace slow in order to make sure that Draco physically understood his appreciation.

After Harry had kissed Draco's crown to Draco's toes, missing nothing in between, he paused on his knees before Draco's penis which was obviously aroused.

Harry debated on whether or not to torture Draco a little bit when he was in front of Draco's hard cock but one whispered plea of "Harry" that came out of Draco's well kissed mouth convinced him to keep to his original plan of showing Draco how much he loved and appreciated him.

Harry firmly grabbed Draco's cock before he licked the full underside of it, enjoying how it jumped from the stimulation. Harry then shaped his mouth around the head of Draco's cock. He alternated between sucking and licking the mushroom head never letting his mouth drift further than halfway down Draco's shaft. Harry's one hand still held Draco's shaft while the other hand played with Draco's balls and caressed his legs, his ass, and his crack.

Draco was finally making the noises that Harry coveted. The litany of sighs, gasps and "oh, baby" that fell from Draco's lips were all the encouragement that Harry needed.

Finally Harry started to work Draco's cock fully. He allowed Draco to thrust forward filling his whole mouth and slam down his throat. They soon developed a rhythm that suited them both.

Harry always enjoyed how Draco lost his cool control when he gave the other boy a blow job and this time was no different. Draco soon came with a gasping pant that vibrated all the way through him and Harry. Harry made sure to swallow every drop of Draco's come and continued to pump and lick Draco's cock until it was completely clean.

Draco sighed in content and slid slowly to the floor next to Harry thinking that they were done as they normally were after a great blow job. Harry, however, had different plans. As soon as Draco was fully beside him, he dropped his mouth back to Draco's now flaccid cock. Licking, sucking and swirling it back to life. Continuing with his oral stimulation until Draco's cock was hard again.

Harry slowly rotated his sated mate so that Draco was on his stomach with his ass towards Harry. He rubbed Draco's shoulders giving his mate a small massage before biting down softly down on Draco's ass. When he heard the gasp Draco couldn't conceal that the soft bite caused, he bit down more firmly down on the Draco's other cheek. He grasped Draco's hips and brought Draco to his knees with his ass up towards Harry's face. Harry licked Draco's asshole with wide thick strokes of his tongue and continued to probe the rosy pink bud of Draco's with his tongue as he used his hands to take his clothing off. As soon as Harry got his clothes off he reached over to grab his wand to prep himself with a lubrication charm.

When Harry was sufficiently prepared he pushed two fingers that were covered with lubrication into Draco, scissoring them to prime Draco. Draco made incoherent sounds of pleasure and it convinced Harry to remove his fingers and line his cock up with Draco's opening.

Harry thrust slowly into Draco's tight hole, letting himself enjoy every inch of warmth that his cock was sliding into. All too soon he was fully seated within Draco. Twin sighs of pleasure could be heard reverberating around the destroyed bathroom.

Harry slowly pulled back, till only the tip of his cock was still within Draco, before with the same deliberate slowness, thrust forward. Harry managed to do this four times before Draco started to demand more by wiggling suggestively underneath him, trying to get Harry to lose control. Harry complied with Draco's silent bidding's, grasped Draco's hips harder and let himself start thrusting with abandon. When Harry found a good rhythm, he wrapped his arms around Draco and grabbed Draco's cock, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Merlin, Draco, you feel so good. Do you know how good you feel? You are so warm and tight," Harry moaned. He couldn't help the words and sounds that fell out of his mouth as he continued.

Draco didn't respond to any of Harry's questions or statements as the only words that he could form were, "harder, faster and oh Harry." Harry quickly pumped Draco to a second orgasm.

Harry tried to hold off his orgasm but with Draco's responses to his ministrations, it made it impossible. All too soon, he lost his rhythm and shot his load deep within Draco. He reluctantly pulled out and laid down next to where Draco had already collapsed.

"If that is how you want to thank me from now on, you wouldn't hear me complain," Draco said after they had both caught their breath.

Harry laughed at the completely open, happy expression on Draco's face before saying with a wry smile, "I will keep that in mind for the future."

They cuddled close together for a moment enjoying the afterglow, feeling like they were on top of the world. Draco stretched out and started to look for his clothing, signalling that they should get cleaned up and head to the library.

They dressed in silence, but gave each other coy looks which kept the feeling light.

"What should we do about the bathroom?" Draco asked after Harry undid the charms on the lighting, transfigured the bearskin rug back to its original form and they could see the full extent of destruction that Harry had wrought to the site.

Harry took a long look around the bathroom before chuckling softly and responded, "I don't think we should do anything, someone else can clean it up. Let everyone come to their own conclusions of what happened in this room. I bet we will hear stories that will be ten times worse then the truth. They will probably think that we almost killed each other here, instead of having a conversation before great sex."

"I can just imagine the rumours now. The sometimes great Harry Potter has attacked the Slytherin Prince Draco Malfoy in the men's bathroom and both have come out unscathed," Draco said with a smirk at the idiocy of the general Wizard population before asking, "Should we carve battle wounds on each other just to help the rumours along?"

"No, the only battle wounds I want to see marring your beautiful skin are the hickeys that Hermione and I give you," Harry said with adoration as he very obviously checked Draco out.

Draco blushed under Harry's scrutiny before recovering and adding with a flirty smile, "I don't have one of those right now. Do you want to give me one before we leave?"

Harry smiled back, before surprising Draco by yanking him over and biting with loving force on Draco's neck.

"Does that answer your question?" Harry said after he let go.

"Yes, that does answer my question sufficiently," Draco responded primly.

They smiled huge, conspiring smiles at each other as they left the bathroom and headed toward the library.

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