~Love Me Again~

You arrive at the building earlier than expected, spotting over fifty girls standing eagerly in line to get into the hottest club in L.A. From the short dresses barely covering their thighs to the low-cut cleavage in front, each was a tell-tale sign of desperation. Their fake, white smiles flash the bodyguards in front of the door, only turning into frowns from the realization that will never be allowed in no matter how hard they try.

The continuous clicking of your black stilettos against the concrete sidewalk signals the girls to snap their heads and stare. Some watch with open jaws as you pass by, while others stab you with the daggers in their eyes. You brush your long, curled hair away from your face in the blowing wind and look down, rummaging through your small clutch purse to find your club entrance pass. The skin-tight red dress you decided to wear begins to ride up your legs, forcing you to yank it down slightly and adjust the thin shoulder straps. A group of males in front of the entrance notice your actions and gaze over your body, noticing every inch of the red fabric clinging to your skin. Some whistles travel to your ears, reminding you of the restless boys. An irritated huff comes from your mouth, followed by an annoyed eye roll. These guys are only interested in one thing as this time, and you did not come here for that from them.

The bodyguard at the front entrance spots you walking forward and nods his head, pushing a group of barely legal teenagers out of the way. "Hey (y/n), nice to see you here again" he greets, reaching for the door handle. The sound of the blaring music seeps through the crack, sending the vibrations up your spine.

"Thanks Dave" you respond, giving a friendly smile as you step closer to the door. "Gotta get back in the club mood sometime" you laugh, throwing your hands up to air pump then. Dave chuckles and shakes his head, shutting the door behind you once you finally get in. You slip the pass back in your purse and smooth out the front of your dress, fluffing your hair for some last minute volume.

The ceiling lights flicker around the dark club, illuminating the faces of the many happy, drunk dancers on the dance floor. Your eyes scan the floor and booths for your best friend, eventually spotting her on a bar stool flirting with the bartender. You let out a small chuckle watching her twirl her blonde hair around her finger and play with the ends. She was probably already on her third drink, even though you decided to show up ten minutes early just in case she got a little too drunk.

Licking your lips, you fight your way through the crowd of people, avoiding any bodies coated with sticky sweat. After a minute of squeezing through the empty paths, you join your friend on the neighboring stool and order a strawberry martini. The bartender gives you a light wink and leaves you two ladies to gossip and catch up on the minutes you missed.

"Ok, I've found about five guys so far I already want to take home and fuck" she admits, leaning back in her stool and taking a long sip of tequila. Her eyes move to the bartender's back, her teeth biting on her bottom lip as she stares at his ass. "And that includes the bartender."

The man behind the counter slides your drink next to your purse, taking the dollar bills you laid out in front and tucking them in his side pocket. He lets his eyes linger over the two of you before returning to an impatient customer. You carefully pick up your delicious beverage and sip slowly, tasting the sweet sugar surrounding the rim. "Why do you always look for a guy here?" you question, licking you lips again to rid of any excess sugar.

Your best friend raises her shoulders and answers with an open "Why not? They're hot, they're trashed, and they won't remember a thing. It's just a good way to get hot sex, that's all. Come on (y/n), don't tell me you haven't wanted to go home with any of these guys."

You spin around in your stool and lean against the counter edge, pausing for another drink of the refreshing martini as your eyes dart around the club. You can't lie. You know exactly what she's talking about. Exactly one month ago, at this very club, you met a tall, attractive man on the dance floor with short brown locks of hair swooped in the front. The angularity of his features drew you in, wanting to feel the soft skin of his cheeks and kiss down his sharp jaw-line. His striking hazel eyes caught your own, sending sparks of sexual tension through the air. You remember the feeling of his hands tracing your hips when he finally asked you to dance, pulling you closer with every beat of the music. His hot breath always against the back of your ear, whispering endless sensual compliments for the rest of the night. The club seemed to disappear, leaving you two in your own world with each second that ticked away. Your hand looping around the back of his neck, only igniting the friction between you two even more. There were a few instances that drove you crazy, like his fingers dangerously dipping to the hem of your dress and brushing against your thigh, or the way his hips seemed to press harder against your backside as the smell of your perfume drifted into the air. Just as you were about to give in to a night of desire with him, he was forced to head home early because of his drunken friends causing chaos inside the club. You stood there and watched the handsome man exit through the doors, silently cursing yourself for not even getting his name. But most of all, you remember the soiled pair of panties you were forced to throw out at the end of the night because of the height of your arousal. Never had a guy made you so heated before. You were less than pleased that night to say the least.

Sitting there on the stool, you realize how quickly your panties are beginning to dampen just at the thought of the mystery man. You cross your legs and squeeze between your thighs, hoping the feeling will die down. Your fingers grip around the glass holding your drink as you bite your lip, trying to force a smile to your friend. She looks up from her alcohol and stares at you, noticing your actions. "Are you thinking about him?" she bluntly asks, cocking an eyebrow in amusement.

You shift uncomfortably and gulp your martini, staring at the design at the bottom. "Maybe" you murmur through the sides of the glass, darting your eyes to hers for a brief moment. A small snicker comes from your friend, followed by a slightly annoyed sigh.

"Why didn't you try to at least get his name?" she questions, placing her now empty glass behind her on the counter. "I mean if he got you as wet as you said he did, why not go for it?"

Your friend's voice gets louder with every word, making you turn in your seat and look around for any eavesdroppers. But everyone seems to be focused on their partner on the dance floor or the number of drinks in their hands. You put down your half gone martini and rub your lips together, tasting the remaining sugar and strawberry before answering. "He had to leave, remember?" you remind your friend, shaking your head. "And I'd rather forget it. Chances are I won't see him again."

"You never know…" your best friend hints, raising her eyebrows for emphasis. "He might come back to look for you." She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder and half smirks at your puzzled face.

"Why would he do that? I'm probably just another girl he wanted to take home for one night but didn't get the chance" you tell her, loosening the grip on your legs slightly. "Nothing special about me." Your best friend snickers once more and rolls her eyes, turning her body away from yours slightly. "What?"

"Clearly you didn't see each other on the floor that night then" she remarks, leaning forward to talk to you. "If I didn't know better, I would have thought he was fucking you right then and there."

"I wish" you sigh, holding onto the edge with your hands. You could picture his large hand sneaking its way underneath your dress, his fingers sliding up and down the middle of your wet panties before slipping them aside. His thumb circling over your clit, flicking it ever so slightly to hear your soft moan. Plunging a single digit into your core, directly hitting your sweet spot and sending pleasure throughout your entire body. The more you think about it, the wetter your panties get. Your womanly scent starts to seep through the material, causing you to slide off the stool and yank your dress down. "I'll be back" you let your friend know with shaky breaths. "Bathroom break."

As quickly as you can, you step around others in the club until you find the woman's bathroom door. Racing through the door, you stop by the mirror and use a cool paper towel to pat around your neck. Your skin is almost on fire just by the fantasies of your dancer, begging for a man's touch right now. You're so desperate you would please yourself in a bathroom stall without any afterthoughts. After a few long breaths and a needed swipe across your forehead to calm your hormones, you finally fix your hair and make-up to look presentable again before stepping out of the bathroom.

Your eyes find your best friend right away, watching her order yet another drink from the bartender. Just as you are about to step around the dance floor, a pair of arms wraps around your waist from behind and pulls you closer to their body. Instantly your body tenses, ready to spin around and slap the daring person with your purse. You can feel the person lean into your hair, putting its lips right next to ear to whisper "You always look good in red" in a low voice. The smell of cologne breathes in through your nostrils, circling the air you're standing.

Goosebumps cover your arms from his deep voice. You know that voice. You know that smell, toxic to your aroused body at this time. The feeling of his arms isn't foreign to you. You recognize it all oh too well. The pair of arms spins you around, allowing you to see the face of the man that has been on your mind non-stop tonight. His hazel eyes are familiar to you, grazing over your blazing body before locking with your own. He smirks at you, a sexual fire glistening in his eyes. You stand motionless, unable to respond with the fact that your mystery man has returned.

He tightens his grip around your waist and looks down at your face, tilting his head to observe you. The feeling between your thighs is returning, stronger than ever. And you can't do anything to stop it. One look from his piercing eyes and you're paralyzed. You try to cross your feet over one another, but your body has other plans. It stays put, forcing you to feel every drip come from your core. Your musky scent stars to taint the air, causing the man to taste the air. "I see you missed me" he taunts, his lips inching closer to your own.

All you can do is nod to his observation, biting your lip hard enough to draw blood. Your cheeks flush, conscious to the fact that he knows. He licks his lips at the sight of your own and smiles, showing those perfect white teeth that should be biting at your begging skin, leaving his marks on you like you were only his. "I didn't seem to catch your name before" he blows into your ear, making your entire body tingle. "I'm James."

"(Y/N)" you choke out, your voice sounding higher pitched than usual. A deep chuckle bellows from within his chest, acknowledging that he does know what's he's doing to you. You swallow the words caught in your throat, breathing in thick air around you. If he can scent you, then most people can. You glance around and notice a few people here and there talking, while most are on the dance floor.

You know it's time to start dancing before you give in to his touch completely. Just one more word from his mouth could send you pouncing on him. You start to take a shaky step towards the floor, but James squeezes your waist and pulls you back. "Let's skip the dancing tonight" he growls, biting slightly on your ear lobe. The heat between your thighs increases by the minute, your clit throbbing by his words. He releases you from his hold and firmly grasps your hand, racing through the crowd of people towards the men's bathroom.

"Wha-where are we going?" you manage to stutter out, frantically looking around the club for your friend or anyone who's watching this. James just shoves your question off and kicks open the bathroom door, pulling you inside with him. Your back slams against the cold metal, the click of the lock following right after. James hungrily attacks your lips, his hands going on either side of your head. You forcefully kiss back, lifting your hands around his neck to yank him closer. His teeth bite down on your bottom lip, his tongue swiping right over to ease the tingling pain. You part your lips and allow his tongue to enter your mouth, both battling for dominance over one another. The taste of alcohol consumes your taste buds, only igniting your hormones even more.

James wastes no time slipping his hands down the door to the bottom of your dress, sneaking one of his hands under the material while cupping your ass. His fingers graze over your panties, pausing at the wet spot in the center. One digit skims over the middle, causing your hips to buck forward in reaction. "I'm not leaving this time" he snarls huskily, his thumb lightly brushing the tip of your clit through the silky material. His fingers hook around your panties, pulling them down in one swift motion and letting them pool at your feet.

Your womanly scent escapes into the air, winding its way up to James' face. He pulls away from the kiss and stares at you, his eyes coated with a layer of lust. The hazel irises are now almost a dark brown, clearly indicating how much he wants you. You take a moment to catch your breath, but it slips away once James' fingers torturously slide over your slick folds. The heat from his hand makes you wetter by the second, almost teasing you body from its lack of contact. He continues to tease you, allowing his fingers to graze over your sensitive area for just a second. You squirm under his touch, practically begging him to feel your heat. "James" you plead, the need growing with every breath. He takes his two fingers and spreads your lower lips, his pointer finger circling at your entrance. An animalistic like sound comes from your throat, letting James know how impatient you're getting.

"Getting restless, aren't we?" he snickers, raising an eyebrow and leaning down to kiss you. From the back of your ear to your collarbone, James nips at your exposed flesh. He bites down hard on your pulse point, causing a yelp to echo off the walls. His teeth grind over the area deepening in color, the stubble from his face scratching your burning skin. You can feel him sucking on your delicate spots, making you moan in pleasure. You body temperature rises by the minute, the urge to get out of your restricted clothes increasing. Your hands claw their way up to his tie, tugging his face closer to yours. You lips crash against his, your tongue diving between his parted lips to taste his addicting flavor. Just as your manicured hands slide down his broad, solid chest to unbutton his white club shirt, James plunges his fingers past your barriers deep in your core. An unexpected cry makes it way past your lips, making James smirk even more. Inch by inch, he presses his digits right against your sweet spot, causing your eyes to flutter back. Small moans continue to escape your lips, only to be silenced by James' lips against yours. He tugs on your bottom lip and mumbles "So wet for me" in approval.

You arch your back as his fingers repeatedly touch your spot, sending you closer to your edge. The coil in your womb tightens, signaling your first release is coming soon. James picks up the pace, his digits curling inside of you. Your mouth hangs open in a perfect O, the shaking of your legs indicating that your time is coming any minute. The clenching of your walls around his digits makes James pull away from your kiss, a small pout forming on your face. With one more push, the tip of James' fingers directly hit your sweet spot again, allowing you to experience your much needed release. Your body's natural juices flow around his fingers as your eyes roll back in your head in bliss. The stars explode over your eyelids, overwhelmed by the sensational orgasm you are experiencing. James removes his fingers and brings them up to his face, licking and sucking on every one to taste your sweet nectar. His eyes are directly glued to yours, his lips curling up at the pleasure of pleasing you. You watch as his fingers are cleaned of your natural juices, causing you to bite your lip again.

Thinking that it's your turn to help him, you hand snakes it way down to James' pants, undoing his belt quickly and letting it fall to the ground. James moves his wet fingers to your neck and draws a line down, intensely staring at your body shutter under the cool feeling. He travels down into the valley of your breasts, peeking his fingers underneath the fabric of your dress and drawing circles. You lean forward to nip at his own skin, biting at the tanned flesh as you begin to peel his shirt away from him. Each of your delicate nails brush over the middle of his chest with every button you undo, making James breathe in sharply. You push his shirt over his shoulder and roan his perfectly toned chest, sculpting every chiseled ab and feeling his hot skin. He pulls down the top of your dress and lets your breasts bounce free, your nipples hardening in the cool air. You brush your hands over his abs and maneuver down to his growing bulge, cupping it and kneading gently.

James grunts and bends down to suck on your nipples, circling your buds with his tongue. His hot breath sweeps over the sensitive area, his teeth clamping around one and sucking vigorously. You suck in a quick breath through your teeth, fighting the urge to loudly moan in delight. You slither your hand into his pants and under the waistband of his boxers to feel his manhood. You grasp it and begin to stroke it, feeling it harden beneath your touch. James hisses at your burning touch, twitching in your hand as his hands lift up the bottom of your dress completely over your stomach. He cups your breasts in his hands and fondles them, pinching the nipples between his fingers. You pick up the pace, pumping his throbbing cock harder as James moves onto the next breast.

You are about to kneel down to please James when his hands stop you, his head shaking slightly. "No time for that tonight babe" he informs you, that spark lighting in his eyes. Snatching your legs from under you, James walks over to the restroom counter and sits you down next to the sink. He pushes your dress to around your waist and drags your hips forward, allowing him perfect access to your entry. You place your palms behind your back and spread your knees apart, your body begging to feel him inside of you. James tugs his pants down in front of you, yanking his boxers with them. His manhood springs free from its restriction, making your mouth watering at his enormous sight.

In one swift motion, James thrusts into you, your walls clenching around his thick cock. You scream in pleasure as he rams into you, not taking any time to slow down. Your body forms a layer of slick sweat, causing you to slide on the slippery top. You wrap your legs around James' torso and grip onto the side of the sink next to you, moaning from the indescribable feeling. He holds your hips and adjusts the angle, hitting your sweet spot dead-on. The sounds of pure desire echo in unison, the noise of skin slapping skin bouncing off each wall. James then trails his tongue around your collarbone, dipping it in each crevice and shifting to the bottom of your neck. His cock drives deeper into you as you begin to nibble at his neck, sinking you teeth into his salty skin. James growls at your actions, twirling his tongue around your raised buds with every thrust. Your eyesight begins to blur as the feeling builds in your womb, the tingling traveling from your arms down.

"James- I'm gonna cum" you pant, your voice rising as he pounds into you. He smirks against your heated skin and chuckles darkly, gripping your hips and locking them into place. Your legs wrap around him tighter as your orgasm prepares to unfold, your eyes fluttering and mouth opening with the feeling of James nailing your sweet spot. "Ah James I'm about to lose it!"

"Sh baby, just let it go" James tells you in a softer voice compared to his fast and hard thrusts. Right after he speaks those words your walls clench tightly around his cock, your orgasm hitting you hard. Your head falls back as the feeling of ecstasy consumes your body, your eyesight blurring from the intensity of your strongest orgasm.

You cry out one last time as you ride out your orgasm, James coming right behind you. With one final thrust, James spills his hot seed inside of you, a sexy grunt coming from his thrust. "Shit" he growls, his teeth closing together as he leans over to kiss you. The sound of your moans dies down as you both collapse against the counter, James still remaining inside of you.

You both enjoy the feeling of each other for a little longer, James finally pulling out of you to put on his pants. His picks them off the ground and secures them in place, putting the belt over it and getting his shirt. You slide off the sink counter and pull up the front of your dress, smoothing out the bottom to cover over your thighs. James takes your panties in his two fingers and dangles them in front of you, slipping them into his pocket with a smug smile.

"I need those" you remind him, crossing your arms and raising your eyebrow. James gives you a look of satisfaction and shakes his head.

"Guess you'll have to get them from me next time" he smoothly replies back, his dominant tone clearly evident over you. You stare back at him and roll your eyes, understanding his little game. James takes a step closer to you and breaths on your still blazing skin. "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it" he mumbles against your ear, licking the outer shell before pulling away.

Your legs still feel shaky after your club bathroom session, so you just fix your rustled hair and unlock the door. James waits behind you, watching you as you exit the restroom. The moment you walk out the door, you bump into the one of the people still at the club. The person turns around, your body relaxing when you realize it was your best friend.

"There you are!" she exclaims in a relieved tone, holding onto her stomach. "Where the hell did you go? I tried looking for you in the women's restroom but you weren't in there…"

"I'm good" you reply, not giving her a straight answer. You bring your hand up to your face to fan yourself, trying to cool down your body temperature and hide any bruises or hickeys before they appear. Your best friend watches your actions with a puzzled look, looking behind you to see the men's door.

She brushes the thought off and shakes her head. "Come on. Let's go" she tells you, holding up your purse with your stuff in it. "I have your stuff." She turns around and begins to walk to the door.

Just are you are about to take a step to leave, James exits the restroom and purposely bumps into your backside, causing you hips to buck against his. A small moan escapes your lips, reminding you of the pleasurable act earlier.

James hears your response to him and chuckles, leaning down one last time to whisper "Don't you worry. I'ma make you love me again" before slipping something down your dress and walking away.

Your hand reaches around your dress, pulling out a slip of paper that reads James' phone number. You laugh to yourself at how smooth he is, the paper tucked between your fingers as you walk out of the club. You see your best friend turn around just as James passes you, her shooting you a look before you finally step out of the building.

She notices the look on your face and smiles, seeing the piece of paper in your hand. "Was that the guy you were talking about?" she asks, her eyes widening as you nod your head. "Damn girl, nice choice."

"Thanks" you smile, grinning at your night experience that she has no clue about. The two of you walk down the sidewalk towards the intersection, your best friend stopping as the sign changes to Don't Walk.

"So what were you and James doing?" she curiously questions, trying to poke and prod information out of you.

You give a sneaky smile, the memories replaying in your head. That was the best night you've had in a while, and you don't want to ruin it by everyone finding out. Sometimes it's better to keep things quiet. "Oh we were just chatting in front of the bathroom…"