First off, I'd like to thank all of you who reviewed my first smut posted on here. I took all your comments and suggestions into consideration while typing part 2, which I had some crazy urge to write last week. As far as using (y/n), I did that because Love Me Again was posted on my tumblr as well. I know some stories on there include that as extra, but I've decided not to include it in my smuts anymore. I agree with you all about how it loses the flow of reading and people read (y/n) quite literally. Therefore, (y/n) has gone *POOF* and vanished.

I'd especially like to give a shout out to grayhap's review for making me consider writing another part to this story. There is some plot in here because it is a part 2, but I may just keep adding chapters to this because I get urges to write. The beginning few pages is plot (at least on my document it is), but it creates a good build up to the smut itself. I was up last night until 2:00 A.M. typing this so I could e-mail it to a friend, and they told me they could "feel the sexual tension in the air." And that makes me very happy since I sent her only up until the very beginning of the smut. Then she proceeded to yell at me with all caps saying "DAMN YOU I'M ALL EXCITED, THEN THE PAGE IS BLANK. WHY YOU. GOD ACK." She'll probably be reading this, and you know who you are ;) You know the special treat I put in here for you too

Okay, that's enough talking for now. I bet half of you skip over this just for the smut. Without further ado, here is part 2 for Love Me Again. Enjoy my loves.

~Love Me Again Part 2~

You wake up the next day in the comfort of your own bed, your attire from last night still clinging to your body. Sitting up, you try to tame your messy hair and smooth out the tangled curls. Letting your eyes drift to the nightstand next to your bed, they stop and lock on the crinkled piece of paper lying right next to your phone. A smirk creeps up on your lips, last night still vivid and clear in your mind. You can still smell James' cologne on your dress, causing you to run your hands down the sides of your body and moan softly. Just remembering his hands and lips roaming your body while he thrusted repeatedly into you creates a heat between your thighs, reminding you that you're lacking a pair of panties underneath. James decided to keep it for himself until "next time", which you're secretly hoping is soon. Very soon.

Picking up your phone and James' number, you bite your lip and think of a clever way to begin the conversation. A humorous thought comes into your mind, your thumbs flying as you start typing. "So all in all, the men's bathroom is pretty nice I must say"

Not even a minute later your phone sounds, signaling a reply from James. "Mmm, back already? Didn't get enough last night?"

You roll your eyes and type back a reply. "Just wanted to know what you're doing with those panties of mine"

"You know you missed me. That's why you texted first thing this morning" The subtle cockiness in his text makes you smirk. He's good, but there's nothing like a good challenge in the morning.

"I missed my panties…" A small giggle comes from your mouth as you see that the message sent.

Another vibration of your phone informs you of his immediate response. "So that's all you could think about, huh? Your pair of panties that was soaked anyway?"

"Those were one of my favorite pairs"

"Feel special I didn't rip the damn thing off of you" Just that text sends a wave of heat down between your thighs again. More images cloud your mind, envisioning James forcing you to the ground and disregarding every ounce of your clothing without any care how they come off. Fabric ripping, clothes being dropped to the floor, the rougher side definitely is an open possibility for you now.

With every text that's sent or received, you smile just a bit bigger and giggle just a bit louder. "It's fine, I have other ones I can wear. Sexier ones"

James' response comes back just as fast as the others, clearly showing that he's enjoying going back and forth as well. "Why don't you just call me, beautiful? I want to hear your voice, not just text messages that tease the shit out of me"

Instantly you hit the dial button on your phone, crossing your ankles on the bed and leaning back on your open hand. The ringing echoes in the phone, causing to chew your lip apprehensively. Once the ringing disappears, you know that he picked up.

Instead of a simple hello, you hear James ask "So, what are you wearing…" in a low, husky voice. His lips sound like they are right against the speaker, sending a chill down your spine.

"My dress…" you tell him, curling the corners of your lips up while glancing down at the apparel that's barely covering your legs anymore.

"Going commando, I like it." A chuckle comes to you from the other line, expressing his approval. "So you really miss those panties of yours, huh?"

"Mhm," you murmur, trying to sound as innocent as possible. "Like I said, they're one of my favorite pairs…"

"I'll give them back to you, after I take you out for dinner tonight."

You pull away from the phone, slightly surprised from his forwardness. "Oh really?" you tease, biting down on your lip. "We're going out to dinner?"

"Yes we are," he confirms in a clear tone. "So be ready by six, and wear something nice. I'll pick you up."

"And how do you expect to do that if you don't know where I live?" you question, kinking an eyebrow while adjusting the grip on your phone.

James clears his throat, speaking up to say "You didn't let me finish, gorgeous. I was just going to ask. I need to let the driver know."

"Driver?" you repeat, your eyes widening. "I hope you're not going all out for me or anything."

"You deserve only the best," James answers in a sweet tone, something new to your ears. "Now why don't you give me your address so I can arrange everything."

You smile and give your address, making a mental note to save his number in your phone for future references. The two of you stay on the line briefly, James having to go to tend to some "business" as he so calls it for later. After saying goodbye to one another, you jump into your activities of the day to prepare for your evening with out with James later.

Soon enough, the grandfather clock in your hallway rings six times, making you look in the mirror on the wall at your outfit of choice. You decided to go with the classic black dress with a sweetheart line and two straps descending into the back. A pair of black pumps are on your feet, accenting your tan and toned legs. Your long hair is swooped in a sexy side bun, framing your face beautifully. A simple smoky eye and deep red lip stick complete your look, making you ready for the night.

Not even a minute later there's a knock on your door, the butterflies in your stomach acting up again. You'd be lying if you said you weren't nervous. You would be for any date. But knowing who's behind the door also sends a heat wave over your body, preparing you for what you are going to see.

And it does not disappoint you. Opening the door, you see James standing on your steps in a dark grey button up shirt and black pants, a red tie hanging around his neck. The hair on his head is perfectly styled, the swoop in the front for the sexy edge. He smiles at you and lifts his hand up, presenting you a single red rose. You gasp and reach for it, bringing it to your nose to smell the enchanting scent. "Thank you," you whisper, admiring the beauty of the flower in your hands.

James' smile grows as he speaks to you, looking directly at your big, bold eyes. "Like I said, you look good with red," he comments, skimming over your curvy body with his eyes. "But I'd say black comes in close second too. You look stunning."

You can't hide the blush that creeps up on your face, tilting your head down to hide your slight shyness. Stepping to the side, you gesture inside your house with your free hand. "Please, come in."

James takes a step up into your front hallway, looking around and following you as you bring the rose into the kitchen. Heading for the cabinet, you open it and grab the thin clear vase near the edge, hearing your date pulling a chair out at your island and taking a seat.

"I think we're doing this backwards," James chuckles, folding his hands and leaning them on the counter. "I fucked you first, and now I'm taking you to dinner."

You laugh and run the water for the sink, filling the vase up and placing the rose inside. "Well, I don't think anyone does the traditional way anymore," you reply, turning around to arrange the vase in the middle of the counter. "I'm not the type to complain about something like that."

The two of you exchange a quick laugh with each other, James sitting up from the chair and pushing it back. "Well, the reservation is at 6:30 so we should probably be leaving. You have everything?"

"Yup. I'm ready to go." You sneak from around the counter next to James, his hand resting on the small of your back as he guides you to the limousine that's parked right out in front of your house. "Oh my god!" you gasp, freezing in the middle of your walkway. "You rented a limo?"

"Why? You think it's too much?" James jokes, walking ahead of you to open your side door.

You shake your head and slowly close your mouth again, stuttering out "I-I guess not…" as you slide into the seat.

James comes in after you and shuts the door, saying something to the driver before moving next to you. His eyes fall down to the exposed part of your legs not covered by the dress, his teeth resting on his bottom lip. "You know you look good right now," he informs you, his voice sounding just a bit lower.

"So do you," you giggle, holding his tie to flip it playfully. His hand catches yours and slides it down, skimming past his chest, around his belt and along his thigh before lifting it off. You're about to frown when his fingers intertwine with yours, squeezing gently as you ride to dinner.

After spending nearly two hours at the Italian restaurant, you can agree that you're feeling good right now. Not drunk, but good. Two glasses of wine and a sip of James' mixed drink loosened you up just enough, making the night full of laughter and intellectual conversation. You two learned a lot about each other, including the tiny detail of being kinky and submissive in bed that you let slip out. The only response from James was a tiny smirk while sipping his glass, something flashing in his eyes for a second before disappearing.

Now, in the limousine on the way back to James' place for some dessert, you can't stop staring at James. You never noticed until now how his button up clings to his chest, outlining the muscles in his arms. His tie is begging to be yanked, hanging loosely as he sits and leans forward. The black pants are hiding your prized treasure, a barely visible lump showing in the front. Your eyes dart up to his, your tongue swiping over your lips as you see they are getting darker by the second.

Even watching him, James doesn't turn to look at you. But he's still teasing. His body is facing perfectly straight, except for his hand that just so happens to be resting on your knee. The warmth is making your body crave for more, the heat radiating from your core increasing as well. His feather like fingertips dance their way up your leg, caressing the soft skin underneath. Your teeth sink deeper in your bottom lip as they skim across, reaching the hem of your dress in a matter of seconds. He casually slips them underneath, rubbing his thumb on your inner thigh without even flinching. A damp spot begins to grow on your panties, knowing that it won't be long before he'll be able to pick up on your scent like he did at the club.

Just as you feel a drop coming from your core, the limousine slows down as it approaches the front of James' house. You watch as James lifts his hand off of your thigh, a small whimper coming from your lips from the loss. He opens the door and holds his hand out for you, yours resting over his as you stare at him with wide eyes. James smirks and helps you out of the limo, your heels clicking on the dark, paved road. He releases his grip from your hand, only to place his house keys there instead for you. "Go ahead and open it up," he tells you, shutting the limousine door. "I'll be there soon."

You nod your head and step onto his grass, moving slowly as to not sink in the slightly damp front yard. Stepping onto his walkway, you head straight for the door and turn the key. The door swings open with a single push, revealing the beautifully done house James lives in. Taking a step onto the hardwood, you look around and gasp once again. "Wow…" you say to yourself, amazed by the décor of the house.

Too caught up in the daze, you don't hear James approach you from behind until a piece of fabric is draped over your eyes. You open your mouth to speak when James' hot breath comes in contact with your ear, causing you to freeze every little action. "Take the dress off," he whispers, his lips pressing lightly against the shell of your ear."Right here." The sound of the door closing and locking breaks you of your frozen stance.

A jolt of sexual excitement shoots all the way down between your legs, your clit beginning to throb just by his words. Without making a sound, you slip the dress straps over your shoulders, pulling it down to pool at your ankles and stepping out of it.

James growls in approval at the undergarments underneath, seeing you standing in front of him wearing nothing but your lacey black bra and thong set. Taking your hand, James begins you guide you through his house, the sound of your heels going quickly muffled when you step onto a softer surface. Just as your foot starts to slide out of your black heel, you hear James' voice loud and clear behind you. "Did I say to take your shoes off as well?" he asks, the deeper, more dominant tone starting to come out.

You shake your head and put your foot back in your shoe, your teeth playing with the corner of your bottom lip. You can feel James beginning to circle around your body, the sound of his shoes scuffing against what most likely is a carpet covering the silent room.

"I don't hear an answer," he remarks, sounding slightly impatient.

"No sir," you quietly whisper, swallowing and closing your eyes behind the dark material.

He stops in front of you and places a finger under your chin, tilting your face up to his. Even though you can't see him, you know he's practicing peeling your undergarments off with his eyes. "Good girl," he praises, running the back of his hand over the side of your face. Bringing his hands to your shoulders, James spins you around until you're facing in other direction. He forces your back down, causing you to bend over with your ass up in the air. Your arms remain straight, your hands stopping when they hit another soft surface. Gliding your flexed hands over the area, you eventually realize that you are leaning on James' stairs in his house.

The sound of James' voice floods your ears shortly after, only rising your temperature even more. "So, you thought it was fun to tease me earlier today…" The smooth skin of his hand slides over the exposed part of your cheek, slithering to the fabric covering your wet folds. He barely rubs the area before moving his hand away, but it's enough to create a visible wet spot on your panties. "I guess I'm going to have to punish you."

You remain still as the weight of his hand disappears, jumping when it comes in contact with your cheek again, hard, painful and pleasurable. The slight stinging of your right ass cheek has you breathing in through your teeth, fighting back a noise in your throat.

Another harsh slap to your other cheek makes you clamp down on your bottom lip, nearly drawing blood.

"I don't hear you counting," James snarls from deep in his throat, grazing over the sensitive area he struck.

"I-I'm sorry sir," you apologize, struggling with your words. Your tongue sweeps over your lips, tasting the salty droplet of blood your teeth drew. "That was two."

He murmurs in agreement, faintly drifting his thumb over your almost burning skin. Just when you relax and gain your breath back, James delivers another blow that leaves teeth impressions in your tongue. "Three…"

Without any time to prepare yourself again, your ass receives another brutal spanking. You flinch at the momentary pain, never feeling so sexually driven in your life. "Four…" you hiss, sucking in more air through your teeth. At this rate, you'll be cumming in your own panties before he actually gets inside of you.

One more hit right in between your cheeks over your folds has your legs buckling in, shaking from the orgasm that's been building up. The mixture of your reddening skin and James' treatment of you sends vibrations all the way down to your feet, wobbling on your heels. Just as you hear James take in a breath to say something, you quickly sputter "Five…" to please him.

He withdraws his hand once again from your tingling skin, your body tensing and bracing yourself for another smack. However, instead of a sharp spank, his hands explore the curves of your body, going up to your bra strap to flick it against you. Your back arches from the surprise, slowly returning to its original position. A single digit finds its way under the band of your panties, raising them just enough so James can wrap his fingers around the sides.

That's when you hear a sudden rip, your eyes widening and mouth falling open afterward when it clicks in your head. James chuckles, ordering you to "Close that mouth of yours or else I'm putting this inside."

Instantly you shut your mouth, your chest now heaving back and forth from the fire ignited within you. Being complete vulnerable and forced to obey another releases a person inside of you that you never knew about. The one that deeply enjoys being the submissive person you are. The one that begs for it. The one that never wants it to end.

Waiting for James' next move, you squeeze your fingers in the carpet on the steps and play with the fibers standing up. James gropes your now completely bare ass with his large, skillful hands, pinching it hard enough to elicit a moan from you. "Oh, so someone enjoys this?" he taunts, inching closer to your soaked and dripping core.

Just when you're about to answer, your ears pick up on a rustling sound coming from the side. Not even a second later comes the sound of a door opening, a foreign voice echoing in James' open house. "James, you home? I've got the car keys to drop off to you."

Instead of moving and hiding somewhere like your brain is screaming, you lock up bent over on the steps. James steps away from your body, commanding "Don't you move" before walking away. Muffled voices travel to your ears, your breathing lowering to hear the other guest.

It feels like forever hunched over on the stairs until you hear the sound of approaching footsteps. Straightening yourself out, James comes up next to you and tangles his fingers in your hair, jerking your head back titled towards him. "This is the beauty right here," he smirks, bringing the same tender stroke to your cheek as the beginning.

"Hm…" you hear the other voice say, clearly a male's. "Isn't she stunning…" By the tone of his voice, you can probably guess this guy's raking in every inch of your exposed flesh to him. You feel embarrassed, humiliated, vulnerable and turned on beyond belief. Having another man eyeing you greedily tightens the coil in your womb, teetering you on the edge of your orgasm without having any contact right now.

" So Logan… You'd like to help me with punishing her?" he questions, pressing your lips together. "Fucking tease had me hard since this morning."

"Damn, I'd do something about that," Logan comments, still sounding like he's standing to the side. "But you sure…"

"Hold on." James yanks at something on your body, bright light suddenly flooding your eyes. Blinking a few times to adjust to the brightness, you allow yourself to take in the setting in front of you. You, in fact, are leaning on James' carpeted cream steps, your torn panties tossed further up. James is kneeling next to you, turning your head to look him straight in the eyes. Even with his irises a lustful dark brown color, he still seems concerned. "I have my friend Logan here…" he begins, letting you crane your neck to glance at his friend.

Logan stands in the middle of the open area, wearing a black v-neck and dark jeans riding low on his hips. His short raven hair is swooped up in the front, rising tall and gelled perfectly. His brown eyes stare right at yours, one corner of his lips tugging up in a cute crooked smirk. You softly smile back, blushing when your stance comes back to you.

Returning your head back to James, you watch as he licks his dry lips and takes a deep breath. "I told Logan about our little club session, and he's… curious as to how you are like this."

You answer the question hidden in his words with a "Yes," not even thinking about the outcome or consequences of involving another person.

James pulls back, shocked at your answer. "Are you sure? You don't have to if you don't want to."

"I'm sure," you repeat with a firm tone, nodding your head at James to confirm that you indeed agree.

He kisses the top of your forehead, holding your face within his hands. "Let me know if you want us to stop. And I'll leave the blindfold off too."

You grin as he drops his tie with your wrecked panties, letting out a "Why thank you" with a wink in his direction.

James winks back, standing up and walking in back of you. Reaching out to take your hands, he stands you up straight, your back right against his chest. His hips grind into your backside, his hardened and concealed cock digging into your thigh. Moving his hands to your shoulders, James pushes you down until you're squatting on the floor with your heels still on.

"Hold it," he demands, nudging your legs apart with his shoes. James' hands move to his belt, quickly undoing it and holding it one hand. Taking your arms, he pins them behind you and secures them together with the belt. Then comes the wonderful sound of his zipper going down, your tongue licking your lips in anticipation.

You see James motioning Logan to follow him, watched the raven haired friend kneel in front of you to fully experience your completely exposed lower half. Skimming his teeth over his lip, he places a hand right on your stomach and lets it trail its way down to your core. Your lower lips are parted, Logan's eyes never leaving yours as he plunges two of his fingers deep inside you.

Your mouth opens to release the cry that's been bottled up inside of you, only to be silenced when James shoves his throbbing cock inside your mouth. You fight the feeling in the back of your throat, closing around him slightly before beginning to move your head back and forth. The grunts coming from the man hovering above you lets you know that you're doing your job just the way he likes it.

You begin to develop a rhythm around James' mouth, bobbing back and forth while dragging your tongue along his long shaft. That is until Logan decides to curl his fingers inside of you, brushing against your sweet spot. You lift off of James' cock just enough to moan, going right back to your work as Logan fingers you.

"Fuck…" James cusses, intertwining his fingers in your locks falling out of the bun. He starts to thrust in your mouth, controlling every head movement you make.

Logan continues to slide his digits in and out of you, changing the pace from agonizingly slow to quick and fast. The sounds coming from your mouth makes his own manhood twitch inside his jeans, the lump growing in front of your eyes.

It's not long until you feel your orgasm about to unwind, your walls clenching around Logan and calling for release. Logan looks up at James, asking him "Are you going to let her come?" with a mischievous look in his now blackened eyes.

"No," James replies, his head tilting back before his takes his dick out of your mouth. Logan then removes his fingers, bringing them to his mouth to taste you before taking his clothes off at a remarkable fast pace.

Next thing you know, James stands in front of you as naked as the day he was born, his erection a raging red and painful. He goes to the steps and sits down on them, pulling you back by the belt around your wrists until your legs are right in between his. His skin feels like it's on fire, only adding an extra layer of heat to your blazing skin. Spreading your legs, James lowers you down until your entrance rests at the tip of his cock, waiting until Logan steps forward with his cock standing on attention as well.

Opening your mouth, you take Logan's entire dick in, just as James slams his hips right up, filling you up with his enormous cock. You scream out from around Logan's length, feeling James repeatedly thrust into you with no mercy at all. He leans back against the steps, holding tightly onto your hips as he lifts you off of him time after time, only to force you back down.

You have to admit, it's a struggle trying to hold onto your sanity with James pounding into you as you also try to pleasure Logan. Putting the pain away, you suck Logan with all your might, flicking your tongue against him with every bob you make. James still continues to fuck you, swearing up a storm and noting how "Fucking tight" you are.

Logan's got his own share of curse words, mumbling "Shit" and "You dirty little girl" with every breath he sucks in. And as for you, the only noises you can make are short cries that are able to crawl up your throat and escape. The restriction of your arms has your fingers roaming the only few inches of James' chest that are in reach.

In a matter of another minute, you're back on the edge of total bliss. James hits all the way to your cervix, bringing a level of pain that makes it so hurtful but yet so pleasing at the same time. But no matter how hard he rams inside you, you're determined to give Logan his own release. With a few more movements of your tongue and mouth, Logan's spilling everything he has inside of you, swears rolling endlessly off his tongue. You swallow his hot seed and remove your lips off of him, screaming out when James hits your sweet spot once again.

"I- I can't…" you barely pant, unable to finish your sentence from the lack of oxygen to your body.

James knows exactly what you're talking about, slowing down his thrust slightly to say "It's okay baby. Cum with me" before grunting himself and releasing into you.

You nod your head and allow euphoria to overwhelm your body, clenching around James desperately and squeezing out every bit of cum left inside him while your juices flow out. Your head falls back and eyes flutter as the bright white light covers your eyelids, a final high-pitched cry being the last noise you make before your breath is taken away. James moves his hips with yours, milking out your orgasms together before you comes down from your high. You slump back against James' chest, burying the side of your face in him as he pulls out and holds you up on his lap. He undoes his belt and tosses it up the stairs, massaging your wrists with his thumbs to help with any pain.

Bringing your hands up to James' head, you run your fingers through his sweat-soaked hair and smile. James lifts his head up and returns the gesture, leaning in to give you a sweet kiss on the lips before pressing his forehead goes against yours. "Holy shit…" he manages to speak, trying to catch his breath himself.

Logan sits in the open area next to the two of you, his hands resting on his knees. "Damn, if that's what you two are into you, I want to be a part more often."

James' head shoots up, staring at Logan as his grip tightens around you. "No, that was only a onetime thing. This girl is mine."

You giggle at James' action, playing with his strands of hair and wrapping an arm around his neck. "So I'm yours now..." you tease, circling a finger around his right peck.

"Yes," he confirms, his fingers lacing with yours over his chest. "You're mine from now on."

Logan stands up from the steps, picking up his boxers and jeans and pulling them back on. "Okay, that's my cue to leave," he notes, slipping his shirt on and fixing his shoes. "Nice to meet you by the way," Logan adds, winking lightly and chuckling before waving goodbye to James. "I'll see you later."

"You too," you say back to him, giving a wave before watching Logan disappear down the hallway and out the door.

The two of you sit there in silence for a few seconds, either trying to gain your breath back or process what the hell went on. You slowly get off of James' lap, reaching for your panties and dangling them in your fingers. "Of course you had to rip these," you laugh, running your fingers over the silky lace design.

James smirks and gets off the step, grabbing his boxers and stepping into them. "You needed punishment," he tells you, sounding casual. But you can see the flint glowing in his eyes knowing that he truly enjoyed everything he did to you. "But come on, we're going to sleep now. I think we need it after that.

"And what am I supposed to sleep in?" you challenge, pointing to your clothing all over the floor and steps. "My dress?"

All James does is curl his lips up, reaching into his black pants and pulling out the panties from your session in the club bathroom. "These," he answers, opening your hand and putting them inside. "I said they were for next time. And this is next time. The only difference is, I'm not letting you go again."