Don called his team together in a conference room. His entire team was there including Charlie. Don was standing in front of a white board that was filled with 15 pictures of young men ranging in age from 17-32.

Don began, "Listen team we have been brought into this case by the LAPD. They have been dealing with a serial rapist that targets young adult men. Up to this point he has not killed anyone he has rapped but with each kidnapping and rape the LAPD find the victim in worse and worse shape and they are concerned that he may escalate to murder here soon.

Charlie, I need you to work on an analysis of his victims, where they were found etc. And try and tell me if there are any discernable patterns in his behavior and if we are lucky your algorithm thingies just might give us a hint to where he is going to strike next."

Charlie got up and gathered the information he needed to work on and headed back to CalSci with a wave to his big brother. Don briefed the rest of his team on their part of the search. He made it clear that this guy needs to be stopped yesterday and we need to not leave any rock unturned looking for him.

Don and his team set out to canvas LA and find this sicko before he destroys the life of any other young man.

First day of searching brought no new information to anyone.

Don was at his desk after a long day of what he calls good old fashioned police work. Canvasing the streets looking for anyone who may know anything about the rapes. None of his regular sources had any information for him.

Don was just finishing up some last minute paper work when his phone rang.

Don: Eppes

Charlie: Hey Bro looks like I may have some leads for you.

Don: Thank goodness Chuck because we are coming up with nothing so far.

Charlie: Dude, don't call me Chuck or I will give my information to the LAPD.

Don laughing: Okay easy there bro. I am sorry CHARLES. I will be by CalSci in about an hour. Is that okay?

Charlie: Yeah that should give me enough time to finalize things for you. I think I may be able to predict where he will strike next within a certain percentage of certainty.

Don: That's great buddy see you in a few.

Charlie hung up the phone and got back to work. He was busily tap tap tapping on his chalkboard trying to figure out where the rapist would strike next. He almost had it finished. He didn't hear his office door open and shut again. He didn't hear the masked man quietly turn the lock shut on the office door. He didn't hear anything and then suddenly he felt something hitting the back of his head and everything went dark.

Charlie was only out for a few minutes but when he woke from his darkness he was handcuffed, blindfolded and bent over his desk and there was a man doing things to Charlie that took a few minutes to process.

When the masked man realized Charlie was awake he said, "Dr. Eppes, you are awake now. You have been working all day to try and find me, well guess what you have found me. Oh and guess who my next victim is. He is a little older than I general like but he is a distinguished professor that will be a wonderful addition to my collection of victims. Oh and (leaning over his back whispering in his ear) you brother was right to worry about whether I am going to kill my next victim. But he will soon find he was right soon enough. Now my dear, yummy Charlie you need to go back to sleep so I can finish."

The rapist smacked Charlie on the forehead with the gun and he was out cold. He was bleeding pretty heavily onto his desk but that didn't stop the rapist from finishing what he wanted to do to Charlie.

An hour later Don showed up at Charlie's office door. The familiar clicking of chalk hitting chalkboards was not there and that made Don worry right away. He knocked on his door and when he did the door creaked open. Don drew his gun and entered into Charlie's office.

Charlie wasn't there. He went over to his big wooden desk and it looked like Charlie had laid on his desk and there was a large puddle of blood on the far side of the desk, he turned to look at the map that Charlie was working on to tell him where the rapist was going to hit next and what he saw about made him loose his lunch. There was a bloody handprint over Calsci on the map.

Don stood there and looked between the map and the blood on Charlie's desk and all he could do is mutter, "Oh God no, not Charlie, oh God." After a few long moments his sadness and fear turned to rage.

Don flipped out his phone and when David answered on the other side Don said, "David, get the team and the lab boys down to Charlie's office NOW. That son of a bitch took my brother and we need to find him now."

David was in shock and couldn't speak for a moment then Don yelled into his phone, "Sinclair, are you there? Listen I need you and the team here NOW! If Charlie is still alive we have to find him asap. Hurry."

Don sat on the chair by the door as far away from the crime scene as he could get. He sat in the chair rubbing his face with his hands trying to make his brain stop panicking and start thinking like an FBI agent not a big brother.

David and the team were at CalSci within 30 minutes. The lab set forth processing the scene and David pulled a chair in front of Don and asked him exactly what happened. Don told him everything that he did once he came in to the room.

David hesitantly asked, "Do you think that he was, you know?"

Don, biting his lip to keep from crying just shrugged his shoulders at David.

Right then Judy from the lab team came up to Don and David and said, "Unfortunately, I can answer that question for you, we found semen on the desk and floor and the blood on the desk was a match for Dr. Eppes' type. I am so sorry."

Don sat back into the chair with his hands over his face in disbelief.

Colby came up and stood next to David, "Listen Boss Charlie is all of our little brother. We are going to get him alive and when we do we will make sure the bastad that did this will have his breathing card revoked."