Two weeks after the funeral Amita sat in Charlie's office going through all of his files and finishing up all that end of life business that can be so overwhelming to a family.

Amita sat at Charlie's large oak desk and happened across the letters that she found in the wall safe from all the other people that once held the office. She found Charlie's hand written letter and decided that she should include another letter telling future occupants more about the man that was Dr. Charles Eppes.

To the future resident of this office,

My name is Dr. Amita Romanajan I was Dr. Eppes's fiancé. I wanted to write you a letter to let you know a little about the man that once held your office. Charlie died three weeks ago at the age of 33. He died at the hand of kidnappers. He survived three days of gruesome torture and another attempt on his life while in the hospital. Eventually his body couldn't handle the stress of his injuries anymore and he died with his brother by his side.

In his letter that he wrote to you, he asked if his work or he touched your life?

Charlie was declared a genius at the age of 3 and published his first paper in a math journal at the age of 14. He graduated high school at 13, Princeton at 16 and from 16-21 he managed to acquire 3 Doctorate degrees. He became a tenured professor at CalSci at the age of 22.

You would think with the academic pedigree he had he would be content to stay in the ivory tower of academia but he didn't. He consulted with many different government organizations but his favorite place to consult was with the FBI. That was because he got to work with his older brother who was a lead agent at the LA office of the FBI.

Charlie would work for days on end to help bring kidnapped victims home or capture escaped fugitives. He thrived on the idea that he could use the math that he loved to help save peoples lives.

There was once an purposeful release of two Pandemic flu viruses and he didn't just help the CDC find the person that released the virus but he helped to develop a simplified way of analyzing RNA sequences that helped uncover a cure for the pandemic flu saving thousands of lives.

Charlie touched more lives in his short 33 years than most do in an entire lifetime. Not because of the size of his brain but the size of his heart. I want for you the person that takes over this space to remember that your intellect is a gift. It is not meant to be lorded over people or just acquire accolades for yourself but it is a gift that needs to be used to change the world around you.

One of Charlie's favorite quotes is;

"Make the most of yourself because that all there is of you "

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As you sit behind this desk and begin to chart your future and how you want to leave your mark on society think back to a brilliant young man that was taken from us much, much too soon and remember the lessons that his life taught us all.

Wishing you a lifetime of wonderful memories and may you leave the impact on peoples lives and hearts that your predecessor left. Oh and don't ignore those Thesis advising students that you have because you just may fall head over heels in love with one of them like Dr. Eppes did. He was my Thesis advisor and I not only got my Phd from the time but a love that will forever change me.