Author's Note: Since Rose and the Master were trapped for three years in Pete's World for this 'verse, I'm not going to do the holidays in order but as they come to me. Also, this version of the Master doesn't have the sound of the drums in his head so although he won't exhibit the wild insanity that the last Master had, the craftiness will remain.

Valentine's Day

Rose watches on in wistful silence as the last of the agents leave the office, each woman and even some of the men having stopped by her desk throughout the day, eager to share their plans of celebrating with the one that they love.

She doodles aimlessly on her scratch pad while wondering about the Master, where he is and what he is doing. She recalls their last conversation earlier in the day when she had asked if he wanted to do anything special in the evening.


"Why would we do anything special?" he questioned belligerently. "Please tell me that you haven't fallen into that capitalist trap for sentimental fools?"

He spun his chair back towards his terminal and resumed typing on his keyboard. "Today's not any different than any other day on the human calendar with the exception of its crass commercialism and blatant use of opportunity to sell off the chocolates and alcohol that the retailers couldn't rid themselves of on Christmas and New Year's Eve."

Without warning, the Master promptly pushed away from his desk with a groan of frustration. "This archaic technology is completely useless to me!" He rubs the back of his neck while glaring at the screen before coming to a decision. "There's something I need to go investigate if you want this mess cleared up!"

Rose automatically began to rise from her chair to join him when he halted her as he added, "On my own."


After that jarring and somewhat hurtful announcement, he had left the building and she had yet to see or hear from him since. Now, she was left sitting at her desk to remember all of the times that the Doctor had left her behind without a second glance and how that was something that she had never had to worry about with the Master, at least until today.

She's brought out of her musings when she hears a few soft thumps from various items landing in front of her. Rose's gaze travels across her desk to discover a variety of boxes of her favorite candy that appear to be the type of sweets that you would buy in the movie theater.

Her eyes dart upwards to the Master and she watches in fascination as he reaches into his inner bigger on the inside pockets of his suit jacket to withdraw three more objects in rapid succession and drop those on her desk as well.

"What's this then?" she inquires curiously.

"These are your gifts," he proclaims as he reaches once more inside his jacket and tosses her a red envelope before dropping into his desk chair. "Happy Valentine's Day, Rose."

She takes in his posture and tone, both exuding extreme boredom, and flashes her trademark grin when she views her presents and can instantly see why his manner is the way it is, instead of the expectant hopefulness of the average bloke.

She slides the card out of the envelope and finds Secret Squirrel staring back at her with a pair of rattling googly eyes while under a banner of tiny magnifying glasses melded together to state, 'Happy Valentines Day!' The inside of the card delivers a heartfelt avowal of 'I'm nuts about you' on one side and the Master's elegant scrawl decorates the other.

Dear Rose,

I regret my transgression of momentary lapse in memory. I should have remembered that these petty human traditions are in accordance with our courtship and from this moment forth, I vow to tolerate them to the best of my ability on your behalf.

Yours truly,

The Master

She lays the card on her desk with a slight smirk. "It's a very interesting card, love, thank you."

He smiles grandly while he pats his chest and replies, "It's from the hearts." Moments later, his expression returns to one of tediousness and he waves his hand dismissively towards her desk. "It was also all that they had left, much like everything you see here."

She offers him a sympathetic look which swiftly morphs to one of confusion when she picks up a child's lip gloss. "I couldn't find any decent perfume left anywhere so I thought I'd try this," he explains with a weary sigh. When her countenance remains one of bewilderment, he adds in an arrogant tone as though it should be obvious, "It's pear scented!"

Not to be deterred, Rose moves onto the rest of her gifts. She grins at the potted cactus, even when it pricks her finger as she moves it into a place of honor on her desk, right alongside the photo of her family. And she arches an eyebrow at him when she opens the pair of fuzzy handcuffs, apparently the one typical Valentine's Day item that was overflowing in abundance.

He leers salaciously at her as he shares; "Now we both have a set. And they're in pink," he points out excitedly, "I thought that you'd like that!"

"You're very considerate," she deadpans as she reaches for the next small item. To his annoyance, she releases a soft giggle when she opens the box. "Why on Earth did you buy this?" she asks laughingly.

"What he demands haughtily, immediately attaining a rigid stance in what he perceives to be laughter aimed at him. "It's your stuffed animal, what's wrong with it?"

Rose barks out a laugh before informing him, "This is a cat toy, Master!" She gently squeezes it to emit a high-pitched squeak. "Hear that? It mimics a mouse's squeak so that cats will play with it!"

He plucks the toy mouse out of her fingers and gives it a few squeezes while studying it carefully, before looking back at her in frustration. "So, what am I expected to do now? Am I supposed to go out and buy you a cat?"

"No," she denies with a slight shake of her head, "that won't be necessary." Rolling her eyes, she opens the last present. Once open, she peers inside at the contents and then proceeds to prop up her head by dropping her chin onto her hand. "And how do you explain this gift?"

He arches an inquiring eyebrow at her while chuckling in amusement. "Does it really need saying? It's a book, Rose."

She throws him a quelling glare that of course has no effect. "Yes, I'm well aware of that, thank you. What I meant was, why did you choose this particular book?"

"How should I know?" he answers with a shrug. "I know how much you enjoy reading and everyone at the bookstore was eager to grab a copy so it must be a worthwhile read, at least to you humans. Not to mention that all of the customers in line were raving about it."

Rose merely nods in acknowledgment of his reasoning before opening her desk drawer and dropping her new copy of Fifty Shades of Grey into her purse. She gives him a penetrating glance and teases, "So, is that it or is there anything else that I need to prepare myself for?"

"No, that's all," he responds blithely with a grim smile. "I hope you enjoy your crap."

She breaks out into laughter and then into a run around her desk to drop herself into his lap, his arms instantly winding their way around her. "I will enjoy it, love, as well as all of the effort that you've put into it." She glances dismally at her gifts. "Especially given with what you had to work with."

"I am nothing if not creative," he pronounces smugly. He starts kissing the side of her neck as he promises, "I'll prove that to you later."

He draws himself away from her and leans back against his chair as he muses, "You know, normally if I wanted to impress you, I'd simply subjugate a society in your honor. I did that once, took over Atlantis for the King's wife so that she could take the reigns." Rose's eyebrows rise in surprise at this admission of a past love, but before she can begin to interrogate him, he continues, "I say for her but truthfully it was only for me and she was as much of a pawn as the others. However, the society thing, we've already went over that before, haven't we?" he asks her with a glint of interest shining in his eyes. "You don't want me to do that, right?"

"Right," agrees Rose readily. "You're definitely far too impressive enough as it is without having to resort to that," she punctuates with a stern and threatening look.

"Yeah, okay, fine, but you're really making me work out of my element here." With a sneer of derision at the wide assortment of bits and pieces scattered on her desk, he suggests, "We can throw everything away on the way out if you want."

"What?" she utters with a mock gasp. "Discard these precious treasures?" She laughs at his furious expression before relenting and nuzzling into his chest. "I wouldn't trade them for the world." He eyes her suspiciously, expecting a witty retort to follow until Rose sobers enough to soothe him. "I'm serious, Master. They're from you so they're perfect. Other women swoon at theater tickets," she strokes his jaw lovingly with her fingers, "I know what I prefer."

"Well then," he perks up right away, "then you are in luck! I also happen to have a pair of movie theater tickets right here!" he divulges with a manic grin as he uses two fingers to tap his breast pocket.

I guess that explains the candy, concludes Rose. "Okay, let me have it, what will be watching?" she queries with a hint of anxiety tingeing her voice as images of adult movie theaters flash through her mind.

"I have no idea but it doesn't matter," he replies as he tugs her tight against him.

"And why's that then?" she asks intriguingly.

He offers her the filthiest smirk that she's ever seen before he whispers into her ear, "Because we'll both be too busy to watch the movie."

Her grin is pure seductions as she presses kisses to his mouth between each word. "Then…I…hope…it's…a…double…feature."

His only reply is to use his foot to push off from the ground to spin the chair in circles, causing his Rose to burst into a delightful fit of laughter, one he was all too glad to share. When she finally catches her breath and gazes into her Time Lord's loving gaze before succumbing to his kiss, she knows that her Valentine's Day will be special after all.