When Narcissa Malfoy couldn't take the crying and screams, and Bellatrix's shrill laughter, she slipped upstairs to the second floor of the muggles' house. When she was alone, she allowed herself to breath. She shouldn't be here, she should be at home with Draco. He was only seven months old. But, the Dark Lord had insisted that this was to be a night of celebration.

Tonight Lord Voldemort was going to vanquish the Potters and their own newborn son, who was supposedly the only person alive who would be able to destroy him. Though he insisted he go deal with the Potters alone, he suggested all of his Death Eaters go out and celebrate as well.

This was not the glamorous life that she had envisioned for herself. When Abraxas Malfoy had come to Cygnus Black for a marriage contract, Narcissa was sure that Lucius would choose Bellatrix. Andromeda had been shunned from the family for marrying a muggle, and therefore wasn't an option. Bellatrix was beautiful and had a fiery passion about her that she thought the Malfoy heir would choose as preferable to her cold, quiet beauty and intelligence. Plus, they were closer in age. Instead, Lucius had told his father that Narcissa, the youngest, was so beautiful that he would accept no other. He was a few years older than her, established and promised a certain level of luxury she had quickly become accustomed too.

She remembered the first time that Lucius had brought her to meet the Dark Lord. She was filled with pride that Lucius thought her worthy enough as his wife to meet someone so important. The Dark Lord was a handsome man, although there was something unnatural about him. He promised her that her life would continue as normal and that purebloods such as herself would ascend to their rightful place in society and that the mudbloods would be put in their place. At the time, she had some reservations because of Andromeda's husband, but agreed eventually, knowing that it was important to her husband.

She had been aghast when she learned that tonight she was expected to participate in the torture and murder of muggles. Although Narcissa was known to be quick with a curse, it was disgusting to do this to them, when they had no way of defending themselves. She tried to stand by Lucius's side, looking on stoically as he did, but she just couldn't stomach the delight that Bellatrix took in killing.

She heard a little coo from the next room over and drew her wand. She pushed into a bright yellow room and saw a very small baby lying in the crib. Narcissa lowered her wand. She looked in the white bed. The baby must not have been older than two or three months. She felt a new wave of sadness wash over her seeing the little girl, with brown hair on her head. Sadness for the two young parents downstairs...sorry for herself.

Her pregnancy with Draco had been difficult. Narcissa and Lucius had been trying to conceive since they married each other when Narcissa was eighteen. Only now at age twenty-three was she able to give birth to Draco and the Healer told her she wouldn't be able to have any other children. How she had longed for a daughter...

She looked at the wall. A little framed picture had two tiny pink footprints and hand prints with the name Hermione in the middle along with a height and weight measurement and a birthday. September 1st. She would be in Draco's year at Hogwarts. The baby - Hermione - was beginning to get fussy. It couldn't hurt to pick the child up.

When she brought the little girl into her arms, the baby settled right away, laying her tiny head against Narcissa's shoulder. Downstairs, she heard Bellatrix finally cast the Killing Curse on one of the two muggles. She couldn't imagine what her deranged sister would do to the child. Looking around, she made her decision. Using a number of useful redecorating spells that she knew, the baby's room was now a guest room, and Narcissa had apparated back to Malfoy Manor.

It was less than an hour later when Lucius came home to find her sitting in Draco's nursery with the baby in her arms. "Narcissa, what have you done?" He asked her, although she was sure he'd figure it out.

"I couldn't let Bellatrix hurt her."

"And just how were you planning on explaining another baby?"

"We didn't tell anyone that I was pregnant because the Healer told us we'd miscarriage." Lucius felt some of his frustration leave his body. He was sad that Narcissa would never have a daughter of her own. "She was born premature and we're told she wouldn't survive infancy. But she was such a strong baby, my Hermione."

"And when she grows up as a squib?"

"Oh no, Lucius. Hermione is a very powerful witch. I could feel it as soon as I entered her room. Or else, I wouldn't have taken her."

"A mudblood?"

Narcissa bit her lip. "I know some blood magic that would make her a Malfoy by blood. I researched it when Andromeda married that muggle." She could see Lucius resolve crumbling. "Please Lucius."

The wizard couldn't say no to his pretty young wife. If Hermione was his wife's only chance of having a baby, he would oblige. And it was true, the child was already a powerful witch. "Alright."

The weeks after Halloween, Lucius became more comfortable with Hermione. Voldemort had been killed at the Potters, which was a blow to his cause, but made things much easier with Hermione. He didn't have to explain a brand new child to his Lord. Bellatrix and her husband had also been taken to Azkaban, which made things infinitely easier. They wouldn't be around to ask about the infant either.

Hermione was a sweet child, her and Draco getting along well as children. They created a good sibling rivalry in their studies, both trying to impress their tutors more. However, there was also a softness to young Hermione. Lucius often caught her being nice to the house elves, talking to them and complementing them, helping them. He once found her trying to free one, but after her punishment, she didn't try it again.

By the time Hermione and Draco were eleven and about to head off to their first year of Hogwarts, they didn't look much alike, but they still had some similarities. Hermione was just as pale as Draco, but had kind, expressive brown eyes and light brown hair. Draco had become more interested in "boy activities" and spent less and less time with his sister, spending time with Theo Nott and Blaise Zabini instead. Narcissa encourage Hermione to befriend other pure blooded girls, but things never really clicked. She did become fairly close to Daphne Greengrass though. No one ever questioned their harebrained explanations of her birth and that was the only reason he was willing to part with his sweet girl and send her to Hogwarts.

"Hermione, that's Harry Potter. Come talk to me with him. Father asked me to make friends." Draco pointed out the messy black haired boy to her. They were waiting in line to enter the Great Hall to be sorted. Father had specifically sat them down and described the ceremony to them, stressing how now Malfoy had ever been anything but a Slytherin. They were surrounded by the children of their parents friends, Crabbe and Goyle crowding around her brother and Pansy giving her a disdainful stare. She hadn't seen Daphne yet.

She moved with her brother as he went to introduce himself to Harry Potter. "I'm Draco Malfoy and this is my sister Hermione."

Hermione looked at the boy who seemed so plain and unremarkable, she couldn't understand why her father would even want Draco to befriend him. He couldn't even fix his own glasses! "I can fix your glasses for you if you like." Hermione pulled out her wand and had it pointed between Harry's eyes before he could even react. "Occulus reparo." She watched calmly as the spell executed itself, pleased with her handiwork.

She heard a snort of derision coming from the boy standing with Harry. "What a bloody show off." Hermione's shoulders slumped. She had been so excited to show everyone the spells that she had learned. She heard Draco defending her to the red haired boy, Ron Weasley - blood traitors, she knew - but the damage was already done. The Malfoys slinked back in line when it began moving into the Great Hall.

Potter and Weasley were sorted into Gryffindor. The hat barely sat atop Draco's head before it shouted Slytherin. Then it was her turn. The hat seemed to take a long time with her, considering Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw was where the hat really wanted her to be, but she just kept chanting "Slytherin, Slytherin, Slytherin" until it relented and placed her in the house of her was happy to see most of her friends in Slytherin, too.

At first, she didn't let it bother her that Potter and Weasley thought she was a show off. Weasley constantly made fun of her in classes, just because she was the first to master spells and quick with an answer to the Professors answers. But the constant teasing quickly wore down on her. And her own housemates were cruel as well. "Can you believe that bushy hair she has? And such an atrocious brown color." She heard Pansy saying to Tracey Davis in the common room one afternoon. "I bet she isn't even really a Malfoy. All Malfoy's have blond hair - even Mrs. Malfoy!"

That winter break, Hermione had sobbed to her mother, telling her everything. Narcissa was very sweet and soothing to her daughter. "Well, Pansy doesn't know anything. Surely, you have seen the portrait of my sisters and I? I may have blonde hair, but Bellatrix has hair as dark as midnight. You have the exact same shade of beautiful brown hair that my sister Andromeda has. Come to think of it, that's where you get your curl from as well. You just have a little bit more of the Black family in you than Draco does."

When they returned to school, Pansy received a howler like no one ever had from her mother, berating her for her stupidity of questioning the legitimacy of a Malfoy. Their chances of getting a marriage contract were now ruined.

After receiving the highest test scores in nearly a century at midterm, Hermione also stopped caring about what Ronald Weasley thought about her academic ability.

Hermione's second year was pretty uneventful, given the circumstances. There was a basilisk on the loose, which she naturally correctly identified, earning many points for Slytherin, awarded by Professor Snape.

She had also heard that Potter and Weasley thought Draco was the heir of Slytherin. She and Draco giggled about that, hearing about the two rash Gryffindors trying to break into their common room to find out their secrets.

Draco didn't have as much time for her after he had made the Quidditch team. Quidditch was never really her sport, but she loved watching her brother play. It always frustrated her when people would say that their father bought Draco's way on the team with brooms, when she knew that he had won on merit. He was a really great seeker.

Hermione had been especially surprised when it turned out that Ginny Weasley was the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets. She wished she could have seen it...so much history! She had been especially miffed when exams had been canceled. Weasleys mess up everything.

Third year things became a bit more serious. Sirius Black had somehow managed to escape Azkaban and her mother explicitly told her that she mustn't help him in anyway if he found her. Although he was family, he was of the bad sort of family, like her Great Uncle Alphard and Aunt Andromeda. She was afraid of him anyway, all the posters of his crazed face scared her. Draco would tease her about it mercilessly.

They had a new Defense professor again this year. Professor Remus Lupin. She did have somewhat of an infatuation with him...well as much of an infatuation as a thirteen year old girl could have. He knew so much material and never sneered at all of her questions, patiently answering each and every one. Plus she knew his secret.

It wasn't difficult for an observant girl like Hermione to recognize when someone was so obviously a werewolf. And why should he have to hide his condition if he took monthly Wolfsbane? He was just as human as she was, except for once a month. She wouldn't dare voice these opinions though. Father probably wouldn't like it.

At the end of the year, though, the governors had found out about a werewolf Professor, and Professor Lupin left shortly after.

Fourth year was when everything changed for Hermione. Not only was it the Tri-Wizards tournament, which meant other children from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, but Hermione also started to take interest in her brother's friends. Sure, she had talked about boys with Daphne and Tracey previously, but this was the first time she really started to notice how broad Theo Nott's shoulders were, or how Blaise Zabini's bright blue eyes lit up when he smiled. Not that she thought any of them had any similar thoughts about her. She was, after all, a know-it-all bookworm.

Viktor Krum was chosen as Durmstrang's champion, Fleur Delacour as Beauxbatons. All the boys had eyes for her, but Hermione knew it was just because of her Veela blood. Cedric Diggory, a seventh year Hufflepuff who Daphne had a crush on - honestly, a Hufflepuff! - was chosen as Hogwart's champion, but before Dumbledore could end the ceremony, Harry Potter's name was also spit out from the Goblet. He was so reckless, always putting himself in dangerous situations.

Hermione had noticed Viktor Krum in the library, but she never in a million years thought he was there for her. Soon, though, he asked her for a book recommendation for a potions essay and then before she knew it he was studying with her in the library regularly. Well, studying was a relative term, she supposed. She was the talk of the school when Viktor, the Bulgarian Beefcake, asked her to the Yule Ball. She was even more surprised when Adrian Pucey - a rather sweet sixth year Slytherin - asked her as well, but she had to decline, having already agreed to go with Viktor.

Draco had scrutinized his intentions, being that he was rather a bit older than her, and wrote their parents. Father was excessively pleased with her and Mother sent her a dress so beautiful and tailored to her body perfectly. Viktor and she danced the night away at the Yule Ball and it was the most fun Hermione had ever had in her life. She had had a kiss before, but this was her first French kiss and they had done some more together as well.

Hermione could scarcely imagine that her life could change much more.

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