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Chapter Nineteen

(Earlier the day before-Kat's POV)

AN: TO AVOID CONFUSION: This chapter starts from where Kat left off last chapter, which when she left for the hospital. This chapter is leading up to Kat realizing what Johnson has done

I was still slightly out of it when the cab dropped me back off at home. Dr. Asher hadn't been on call at the hospital so I saw the other doctor who I was sure shot me up with a little too much pain meds. I stumbled into the house and could hear laughter coming from the living room. I was surprised to find Loomis and Emmy on the couch, watching TV.

"Hi mommy!" Emmy laughed when she realized I was in the doorway. Loomis looked over with a small grin on his face that was a rare expression to see on him.

"How was the hospital?" he asked.

"The cut looked worse than it actually was, I should have the stitches out by next week," I explained, "What are you both doing here? Emmy walks to Laurie's house after school,"

"Well both you and Laurie seemed to have forgotten Emmy had a half-day of school. I went to check on Laurie and she said she had a dentist appointment to get to so I volunteered to watch over Emmy,"

"I'm glad because I would have been bored in that dentist's office," Emmy muttered before letting out a squealing laugh at the television. It was then I realized it was a home video of both Michael and I when we were little.

"Emmy had a large box in her closet and insisted we watch some," I could tell from his sudden change in expression and voice that he was just as suspicious as to how they got into her closet. I shrugged before looking at Emmy for an explanation.

"I found them in the attic a few days ago but the box was too heavy for me to carry so I asked Michael to bring it down for me. I kept it in my closet where you couldn't find them," Loomis and I shared a look but I only shrugged like Emmy had earlier. That hadn't surprised me at all. What did surprise me was that Loomis hadn't gone on a manhunt around the house for our resident serial killer, but I deduced that it was probably because Emmy was there.

On the TV, the six year old me squealed as a nine year old Michael turned the hose he was holding to soak me. I remembered that day; it was one of the hottest summers Haddonfield had ever seen and the Myers' air conditioning had broken the week before. Deborah had decided it would be a fun idea to set up a kiddie pool for Boo and give a bored Michael and I the task of washing the car. Why she entrusted a hose with a hair trigger to her disturbed nine year old son, I would never know, but the moment she saw the chaos brewing, she got the video camera.

"If you had shown me this video just before I met Michael for the first time, I wouldn't have believed it was the same child," I hadn't realized Loomis had gotten up and was standing beside me. I gave a rueful smile.

"He was more a trickster back then," I said softly. We stood in silence for a few minutes, watching the rest of the video up to the end when Michael slipped on the wet grass and landed in the pool beside Boo who began to shriek happily and splash him. The image cut out as Deborah when to help him and soon the screen was black.

"Emmy, did you do your homework?" I asked. She hesitated a moment before letting out a loud huff and walked up to her room, grabbing her backpack along the way. I chuckled and turned back to Loomis who was putting his jacket on.

"Well, I must take my leave," he announced, "I need to go to the Sherriff's office to look more into the recent murders," I nodded and walked him to the door.

"Kat," he turned to me just before opening the front door, "I must warn you, this town has been trying to be rid of Michael for almost eight years now. They have shot, stabbed, blown up, drowned, basically done everything to him but nothing has worked,"

"What's your point?" I asked.

"They aren't going to wait until next year to get him on Halloween. They will go after him the first chance they get and I don't want you or Emmy caught in the crossfire. Especially seeing how attached Emmy is to Michael-,"

"Loomis," I cut him off and took a deep breath, "Thank you for the warning but in all honesty, I've been mentally preparing myself for when they catch him,"

Loomis looked stunned, "You have?"

My next breath was shaky, "When Michael gets angry, he gets reckless and messy; always been that way since he was a kid. He gets too focused on being five steps ahead of everyone else that he gets ahead of himself in the process. Ultimately, that is always his downfall,"

Loomis seemed to process my words for a few moments before looking me in the eyes, his expression beyond serious,

"And how is that mental preparation going, Katarzyna?" he asked.

"I can be the rock for both Emelyn and myself," I said softly. He nodded but I could tell he wasn't believing my words. He said his goodbyes and left, leaving me to my thoughts.

I hadn't realized it until the words had actually left my mouth that it was all a lie. I never prepared myself for the day they found Michael and took matters into their own hands. It never crossed my mind, it never did; Michael always got himself out of his problems. Ironically, as a kid, he could talk his way out of any situation. Now as an adult, he seemed to be inhumanly invincible.

"Even Hell won't accept that boy," my aunt once told me. Seeing the wounds for myself made me wonder if, for once, she was right.

I never thought that he could be taken down. But the harsh reality hit me full on. They would catch him and they would try to kill him again. I flashbacked to the night that I saw him unzipper the top half of his mechanic suit, all the scars I had seen just on the fraction of skin revealed. Some looked like stabs and others like gunshots. It gave me morbid comfort to know he could endure that kind of injury and keep going. But at the same time, one of those injuries could be fatal one day.

I let out a frustrated shriek which I muffled with my hands and pushed myself away from the door. I needed a distraction, anything to make me forget about Michael.


(Later that night)

My attempts to forget Michael only did the complete opposite throughout the day. I helped Emmy finish her schoolwork, but everytime she got frustrated, she immediately turned into a mini version of her father. Afterwards, we spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning the house, which proved to be a good distraction until we were finished; then I was back to square one. Even Emmy's sugar rush after dinner didn't preoccupy me as much as it should have. It was well past midnight before I finally get the hyper little girl to bed.

I curled up on the couch and stared blankly at the TV, the box of videos sitting in front of it, taunting me.

"No," I scolded mentally, "You are trying not to think about him," But I continued to stare at the box until I gave in and began to rifle through the tapes. Some were of Michael when he was little, long before we met. Others were of Laurie yet I couldn't find any of Judith. Something told me that maybe Michael had destroyed those too.

I was still sorting through videos when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a large shape appear in the doorway. I could feel his eyes on my back as I kept pulling out tapes, reading the labels and putting them back in their place.

"I was actually surprised when Emmy told me you brought down a box of videos," I said absently, "Getting a little soft?"

I was waiting for a reaction, a change in the atmosphere, or a sudden movement that was meant to be a warning. But nothing happened. I stopped what I was doing, my hands resting inside the box and tried again.

"You know Haddonfield will stop fearing you if they realize you actually have a heart," My face fell in confusion, "I mean, you couldn't even kill me if you tried, and you have tried,"

Still nothing.

My heart rate started to speed up at the thought that perhaps this wasn't Michael behind me. Maybe it was another person who looked taller in the shadows. I was almost certain I had locked the doors, but now I couldn't be so sure. I felt stupid that I once again left my dagger in my bedroom. My breathing was heavier as I slowly spun around to the shape.

I let out a sigh of relief when it in fact was Michael in the doorway. A feeling I'm sure no one else would get if they encountered him. But, then again, I seemed to be a special exception to a lot of things. I continued to stare at him with wide eyes, waiting for him to make some kind of move to indicate he was alive. Hell, I couldn't even see his chest moving as he breathed!

"Hey," I began softly but the rest of the words fell on my lips when I took in his appearance. He was once again covered in blood, his knife stained red; not a hint of silver showing through. I noticed his breathing was heavy, yet unless someone was looking as close as I was, it still looked like he had yet to take a breath. I couldn't see his eyes, but by the way they were burning into me, it was safe to assume they weren't blue.

"What's going on?" I asked, my heart had jumped into my throat as I carefully stood, for the first time unable to predict Michael's next move. He was still for a few moments longer before slowly turning and disappearing around the corner. I quickly followed and found him climbing the stairs, his footsteps completely silent. I kept my distance as I began to ascend the stairs, staring at his back with confused, narrowed eyes.

When he got to the top and made a sharp turn to the right, my body began to feel cold as I realized he was headed towards Emmy's room. I sped up my steps and caught up to him.

"Michael!" I said as loud as I could without waking up Emmy. But he ignored me. I crossed my arms over my chest and followed him to the room, stopping at the doorway to observe him. He stood over Emmy for a moment before taking his non-bloodied hand and running it over her shortened hair. A move that was completely and utterly NOT Michael Myers; even if it was towards Emelyn.

"What is with you tonight?" I asked, impatient now. But instead, he turned and walked towards me, my back slamming against the doorframe as he shoved passed me. Now I was mad.

"Okay, enough!" I growled and ran after him, gripping the back of his mechanic's suit as he passed the middle room, an action I immediately regretted when I forgot his strength and found myself being pulled with him.

"No way!" I yanked once more and that seemed to get his attention as he stopped, "The last time you were in my room while you and your knife were covered in blood, some stained the floor,"

It was a stupid excuse, but it seemed to get through the man's thick skull as he made no other move except to turn and face me. I craned my neck to look up at him and briefly wondered if he had always been so tall or if I somehow shrunk.

"Now, we aren't going anywhere until you either find a way to tell me what's going on, or get the fresh blood off of you," I mentally winced at how much like a mother I sounded at that moment. Barely 26 and I was already beginning to sound like my aunt. Damn.

It was still between us for a few minutes when suddenly Michael did something even more uncharacteristic; calmly walking past me and disappearing into the bathroom, closing both doors before I heard water running. What the hell was wrong with him?!

"Is it a freaking full moon?" I whispered and walked into the middle bedroom and glancing out the window. Nope, a perfectly crescent moon was looking back at me. Now, I was feeling scared.

I walked into my room and sat on my bed before grabbing my dagger from the nightstand and running my fingers gently over the blade. It was a welcoming feeling when my hand wrapped around the handle after not using the weapon as much as I used to. Placing the dagger in my lap, I ran a hand over my shoulder; I was not looking forward to seeing the scar it would leave behind after not being taken care of like it should've. I let out a heavy sigh and flopped backwards on my bed, moving the dagger to rest on top of my stomach.

I must have dozed off within that short about of time because I started at the sound of my door closing. I immediately sat up; gripping my dagger tightly when I realized it was Michael. My grip on the handle loosened as I placed it on the nightstand.

"Okay, talk," I said, only to be met with silence. Realizing my words, I let out a noise that was a mix between and growl and frustrated shriek before going over to my abandoned schoolbag and yanking out a notebook and pen.

"Hope you still remember how to write," I said, pushing the materials into his hands. He stared at them a moment, before slowly opened to a page and wrote something. My mouth fell open at the fact he was actually listening to me. Handing me the notebook, I looked at the short phrase in his familiar scrawl,


My mouth snapped shut as confusion once again washed over me. That was not the response I was expecting, especially from Michael.

"What are you sorry about?" I asked slowly, handing the notebook back. I wasn't sure how to respond with how "vocal" he was being so suddenly, but this was as good a time as any to get answers.


"Johnson?" I whispered my eyebrows knitting together before figuring it out, "Officer Johnson?" I asked. Michael gave a barely noticeable nod.

"What about Johnson?" I breathed, fear wrenching my stomach.


"You killed him?" I asked and he nodded in response, "Why would that be a bad thing?" I waited for Michael to finish writing.


I stared at the answer for a few minutes, my heart rate beginning to speed up, "He knew about Emmy?" I breathed, feeling like I was on the verge of hyperventilating. Another nod confirmed my fears.

"But you killed him," I said quickly, "So he didn't get the chance to say anything," This time, I got no response from him.

"Michael, tell me you got to him in time," I could hear my voice was shaking as my vision grew blurry from fear. Still no response, "Please tell me,"

Michael remained still and I felt my legs give out. I landed on the bed and crossed my arms as I tried to think about the situation rationally. But I soon found that to be impossible.

If Johnson found out about Emmy and I and told someone before Michael killed him, that meant all of Haddonfield would know by morning. That included Laurie; I didn't even want to think about what would go through her mind when she realized that this whole time she had been babysitting her homicidal brother's daughter, or the fact that I knew the whole time and never said anything.

"I need to call Loomis," I said suddenly and made to stand. But, a large hand wrapped around my bicep and pushed my back down. I looked up at Michael's eyes and knew that the last thing he needed was Loomis in the same house.

"Loomis knows and he may be able to help me," I gritted through my teeth and tried to stand again only to be pushed back down.

"This is not a good time to get on my bad side, Myers," I growled and finally fought myself into a standing position, only to have my face slam into his chest from the close proximity. I growled into the fabric of the mechanic suit and tried to push him away.

"Out of my way," I said, "I need to get to a phone," I was halfway to the door when Michael grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"Michael, I am not in the mood!" I finally yelled, "I need to get ahold of Loomis and figure out what to do. I can't go back to California, but chances are I won't be able to stay here any longer,"

I guess the fact I basically told Michael that Emmy and I were going to leave Haddonfield didn't sit well with him as he shoved me into the nearby wall and I found myself in a familiar position back from the last time Michael was in my room. But this time, a kiss was the last thing on my mind.

"Let me go Michael," my voice had lowered dangerously, "This is something you can't fix," just like last time, he slammed me into the wall angrily.

"Well you can't!" I yelled, "This town is already closing in on you and you're no good dead for however long!" I felt him tense at my words.

"Yeah, I know about the murder attempts done on you; Loomis and Laurie filled me in. I'm not going to watch you get killed then they come after Emmy, and you know they will," his grip tightened over my arm, but I continued, "You know in this town they will see her as the "Devil's Spawn" and come after her too,"

It was silent between us as we only stared at each other.

"We can't stay here Michael," I whispered, "I have to keep my daughter safe. This isn't some twisted fairytale where the town sees she's different and accepts her and everyone lives happily ever after," I felt his hand loosen his grip only to tighten again. I looked off to the side, at the floor.

"It was a bad idea to come here and assume everything would be okay," I said more to myself, "I should have left the moment they put my father in the ground,"

I looked back at him when I got no reaction and saw him glaring at me. I involuntarily shivered when I saw the raw anger in his eyes; anger towards me.

Uh oh.

I barely had time to register Michael slamming me into the wall before throwing me away, onto the floor. I landed on my stomach, letting out a loud gasp as the air left my lungs. I took a few shaking breaths and coughed, before using my hands and pushing myself up. I curled my legs under me as I carefully sat up and looked at Michael. His back was to me and I could easily see how heavy he was breathing, trying to control himself.

I coughed again, finally catching my breath and continued to glare at Michael's back. After a few moments passed, he turned on his heel and went to the door, locking it to make sure I wasn't going anywhere. His back was still to me, refusing to turn around again.

"You know, this probably would have been the best news for you almost a year ago when I first moved in," I snarled, "You tried your damnedest to get rid of us, even tried to kill me! Well now, I guess I am leaving,"

Michael quickly spun around and in another blur of movement, I found myself on my back, my legs still bent awkwardly under me as Michael hovered over me, his hand against my throat, applying just enough pressure to ensure it was a threat, but not enough to do me any real harm. I never broke our eye contact and took in his black irises; I was pushing too many buttons and he was warning me to back off. But the stubborn girl inside of me wouldn't shut up so easily.

"You're finally getting your wish," I rasped. The pressure on my throat tightened just slightly and I could tell Michael was using every ounce of his willpower not to break my neck. The silence in the room was heavier than before as we just stared at each other. Even back on that night in the diner, Michael had never been this aggressive towards me. The change in behavior should have scared me, but I was finding it was only feeding my own temper.

In the back of my mind, I knew that was always the case when we were kids. My anger always fed off of Michael's rage and vice versa. Maybe that was why we were so close back then, we were somehow two halves of a whole and despite being a pain in each other's necks, we could never be too far from the other.

"I'm not hanging around to see what they have in store for me and Emmy. I need to protect my family," I said, finding it a little harder to breathe.

"And I'm not watching you get killed Michael," I finally said. Neither of us moved and my eyes looked at his neck where the smallest amount of skin showed where his mask didn't reach. That's when I noticed a long line on the side of his neck that led underneath the mask. It was not a good idea what I was about to do, but I figured if Michael was already angry, there was nothing left to lose. Except maybe my life if I wasn't careful.

I brought my hands up and placed one on his shoulder while the other gripped the bottom of the mask before pulling it upwards. Michael made to pull back but that only made the mask slide up higher, so he froze in place. Just like last time, it was rolled up to the tip of his nose, allowing him to at least breathe. I could see the long scar continue to the middle of his cheek and from the looks of it, it seemed like it was once an extremely deep gash. Before I realized what I was doing, my finger was tracing it, making Michael freeze even more.

"One day, they'll win," I said, pulling the mask back into place, "You can only beat Death so many times," my vision was blurring again. My breath came out in shudders as I felt his grip loosen as he continued to stare at me. I felt my temper begin to cool, but my heart continued to race frantically. We stared at each other as I pushed myself up onto my elbows, Michael not moving to give me space, leaving our faces centimeters apart. I could feel the small puffs of breaths that came through the holes of his mask. His eyes were still black as night, but the anger in them wasn't as profound. I swallowed thickly before speaking.

"Well," I said, licking my lips, "With me making plans to leave, I don't have to walk on eggshells anymore," I paused a moment, weighing the choice in my mind before shaking my head, "Which means there's no harm anymore in me doing this,"

Before he could react, I used one hand to grab his mask and pull it up just enough to reveal his mouth as I closed the distance between us. It was blatantly obvious that I had crossed the line, but I knew he wouldn't kill me; he would never admit it, but he did become soft for Emmy and wouldn't dare leave her alone. But, that didn't mean I wasn't going to pay for this little stunt.

Even though it happened before and I would like to believe I could predict his every move, I was still pleasantly surprised when after a few moments of hesitations, I felt a slight pressure against my lips. I tried to suppress the smirk that wanted to appear on my face.

I knew I couldn't just pack up and leave; there was more preparation behind this trip: finding a new place to go, convincing Emmy to come, explaining to Loomis and possibly Laurie. As reluctant as I was to admit it, I would be hanging around this town for a little while longer. Which meant I may have to witness the possible downfall of Michael Myers.

But at the moment, the only thought that was that I was going to leave Haddonfield the same way I left seventeen years ago…

…After spending one more night with Michael.

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