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Chapter 27: Enough is Enough

It was rare when Sesshomaru felt his best option was to back down, but honestly. Where would his life be then? So, like the few rare occasions such as this, the taiyoukai waited patiently in the living area with his head held high when his cooing mate walked through the french glass doors that lead outside.

Kagome immediately noticed his presence and turned her gaze to him, and he wasn't disappointed with the look she sent him. Sesshomaru had seen how fast her moods could change, but he was a little impressed at how quickly she able to go from her loving and caring expression to Akumu, then turn glaring and menacing eyes on him with a snarl marring her face.

"Say one word, and you'll feel what your brother felt on Christmas last year when I accidentally purified him." She said before setting Akumu on the floor and walking to the kitchen. The pup quickly skipped over to stop at his bare feet.

She gave a small sniff before rearing back with a huff and looking up a him with a knowing look as she sat down wagging her tail.

Sesshomaru sneered at the laugher he could almost see in her copper colored gaze before reaching down and picking her up by the scruff of her neck which earned him a snap from tiny jaws.

He spotted the tall cardboard box he had taken a comforter out of the night before and began walking toward it. He had felt too lazy to get her bed out of the car and just figured she would be fine with the oversized fabric instead.

Stopping at the box, Sesshomaru dropped the pup into the tight space before grabbing the edge with with a smirk as he pulled the box forward with him into kitchen. Delighted at the yelp and thud he heard come from inside the thing.

Hearing the sound of the box dragging, Kagome turned around from her spot at the counter to see Sesshomaru stop into the middle of the kitchen with a box. As Akumu's loud whine came from inside she gave her mate an exasperated look.

"Quit acting like a child and get her out of that now." She said, turning back around to finish gather supplies to make an early lunch.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes slightly before down at the box. "This is the punishment she will receive from this morning."

At his words, Kagome stopped what she was and slowly turned to look at him with an angry an disbelieving look on her face.

She all but slammed the spatula she was holding on the counter before gritting her teeth and stomping over to Sesshomaru. She fisted her her hand into his white v-neck shirt as she yanked him down to eye level and spoke; her voice dropping an octave as her blue eyes clashed with his gold ones.

"Enough is enough Sesshomaru. I'm tired of this childish spat you two have. I don't know how this dog stuff works, and if you two understand each other and are on some kind of 'who is the alpha' bull-crap, but I'm done with it! I don't care what your problem with Akumu is anymore, and if she has a problem with you. It ends now! You two will not ruin this trip. And here's why. If you don't straighten up Sesshomaru these five days we're here. I'm done. With you, and with our marriage."

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