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I heard more news of the war against the daleks. "Why can't a young lady live without such drama in this universe?" I cried. Trying not to curse, I retreated to my room. Kicking my box of various drawings and blueprints, I grew tired of everything. I fumed at the irony of my name. All that I wanted was to grow up, but my name did not agree. My name meant "little girl" in the language of my people. My name refused to change, refused to acknowledge my desire to change. If I could make a new name for myself, I'd do it. But nothing changed on Gallifrey, nothing except the distance that the dalek fleet closed upon our planet. The daleks, which focused on offence, could easily break through our thick defense, past which we had nearly no protection. What stuck up old Lords and Ladies there must be on the High Council, not to even think of a back-up plan. Of course, it was not my place to think such thoughts, for I was only 13 years old. 13 is such a tiny little number when you can live far over a thousand years.

As I always did when I was annoyed, I brushed my hair. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and noted that I could only be described as long. I had long brown hair, long arms with long fingers, and long legs. "Perfect for tripping over and bumping on doorframes." I said to myself sarcastically. It would take me a while to get used to being so tall.

"An update from the Citadel," proclaimed my homemade radio, "an enemy ship has been shot down, and the area is on high alert." We had been studying "Technology of Lesser Races" and the radio had been part of our end of course project. The Academy still broadcast news from the student run station, because we had taken quite a liking to the primitive radios, dressing them up with sparkles and glitter, and various odds and ends, much like a slightly functional decoration. The announcement startled me. "Only the area is on alert?" I thought, " Shouldn't the whole planet be on high alert?" Obviously the ship got close enough to be shot down, and that's quite close. The daleks were advancing, and everyone that should have some sense in them was denying it. I had to act now. I needed to run.

I tried to contact my friends, but the signal was blocked. I tried using a psychic link. That didn't work either. "Sepulchasm! " I shouted, promptly slapping my hand over my mouth. I promised myself I'd stop cursing. I used my mobile. "Who thought that Technology of Lesser Races course would come in handy?" The old Earth technology was so primitive that it didn't even register as technology at all during communications lockdowns A sneaky grin spread across my face. "I must look just like the Doctor right now." I thought, laughing at the way I always imagined that grin looked on him, because many a person had accused me of wearing a grin just like his when I had a devious plan. We members of the Prydonian Chapter always had tricks up our sleeves. Being a troublemaker was in my blood, and everyone knew it. The Prydonian Chapter was home to more than a few renegades, but also some Lord Presidents. Somehow the Doctor managed to become both. I had the reputation of being a bit renegade.

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