Talitha woke up, looked out the window, and counted the stars.
"One, two."
She had counted the maximum amount of stars visible from Gallifrey's surface, day or night.
She dressed for school, grabbed her bag, and left the house. Her father said goodbye to her, but she barely heard him at first. He was a soft-spoken man and his words held nothing beneath them. He had no psychic presence, making him difficult to notice, even when he was there. But today Talitha noticed him, and today she said goodbye, although she could not tell in what way her father had said those words to her.
She closed the door behind her.
She went across the way to Bernadette's house, then upon collecting her friend, moved on to Angelo's house. They went down the road together as always, talking and laughing down its winding length. At its end, they parted ways.

Absentmindedly, Talitha copied down something regarding the strong nuclear force, then paused to chew on her stylus. It was a bad habit that she wanted to kick for some time, but it kept her busy as the board was slowly being filled with numbers and symbols that she was too tired to understand. She started to connect them into constellations, daydreaming she was still in the Star Room. The force of gravity is the weakest fundamental force, and the weak nuclear force is stronger, followed by the electromagnetic force, followed by the strong nuclear force, followed by the silent force that became known when the world went blank, followed by the primal urge Talitha felt to cover her face and neck and scream.