Legend Of The Guardians: Kludd's Son

Chapter 3: Breaking Free

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"This is unbelievable! This is a Glaux-spinking disaster!" Kludd snarled furiously as he paced back and forth in front of Carlos. Carlos was slightly quivering, frightened by his father's rage. Him, Kludd, and Nyra were in the throne room that was once used by Metal Beak during his reign before he was killed and the crown was passed down to his father 19 years ago...

"I can't believe you would pull such a stunt like this! All you had ever done is cause trouble, and now look what you had done! Have you any idea how many Pickers got loose from your asinine attempt to free them again?!"

"Again?" Carlos repeated, before he realized what was going on, "No, da, you got the wrong idea! I wasn't trying to free them again! It was an accident!"

"That's not what I heard from Alvin!" Kludd rebutted angrily.

Carlos only shook his head, "Alvin is lying! He was the one who provoked me! It was because of him we even landed in that area! It's him you should be blaming!"

"Save it!" Kludd exploded, "I will not tolerate any more of your excuses!" Carlos flinched in horror, as Kludd gave a deep sigh, sternly saying, "It's seems like the academy had been doing you no good. From this night onwards, you will return to training with me. You will train every night without breaks, and you will become stronger...even if it means breaking a body part in the process."

Carlos only gaped in shock, as he instantly shouted, "You can't do this to me! I need the academy to get stronger! I can't go back to training with you! Mother, please, tell him it's not my fault! Tell him I didn't do this!" He gave pleading eyes to his mother.

"I'm sorry, dear. I can't do that." Nyra confessed sadly.

Carlos felt his heart sank, as he then turned to his father one last time, "Please, da...don't do this, please..."

Kludd only growled in anger by his son's incessant pleading, as he glared at his son with the utmost disgust. Then, in a flash, he raised his left talon and slapped him across the face, much to his and Nyra's shock. Tears well up in the prince's eyes as he got to his feet. Kludd only looked at him with the utmost hate, saying six words that would hurt him deeply.

"You are no son of mine." Kludd said in the coldest tone, as he turned away and walked to his throne.

"Kludd!" Nyra snapped, apalled by what he had just said.

Carlos felt his heart break into many pieces...only to have anger rise up in it, as Carlos muttered with venom towards his father, "I hate you..."

Nyra gaped in shock at those words, as Kludd himself actually froze as he heard those words...but soon, he just replied, without looking back, "Then get out of my sight."

The prince only gritted his beak in anger, as he turned away and flew out of the throne room, letting out tears of pain as his cries echoed in the hallways.

"Carlos..." Nyra whispered as she was about to follow him, only to be stopped by her servants, Nitsla, a female barn owl with light brown eyes and white-tanned feathers (much like Nyra), and a male grass owl, Nexus, who was once Kludd's rival during their time in training.

"Let him go, my queen. It's best you give him time to cool off." Nexus suggested. The white barn owl wanted to disagree...but she knew that he was right...maybe she could make things better later...

Back in his hollow, Carlos only let out screams of anger, letting out all his tears as he paced aroud his hollow, angry at his mother for not standing up for him, angry at Alvin for finding another way to ruin his life, and even angrier at his father...for saying those hurtful words...never in his life had he ever been this hurt. The prince's anger eventually ceased, as he laid against the wall of his hollow, and his anger replaced with sorrow, burying his head into his wings and sobbing softly. It was not long before the boy cried himself to sleep...but even in his dreams, he could not escape his problems as the words of his father continue to echo in his mind...

"You are no son of mine...mine...mine..." The last word echoed in Carlos's dream, and to make matters worse, other voices started to join in, as he heard the students laughing at him back in the academy, and Alvin's voice calling him a 'weakling' repeatedly. The voices began to overwhelm the boy as he darted awake, shuddering profusely. As soon as he realized that he was in the vicnity of his hollow, he let out a sigh, knowing that things were still bad for him. He got to his feet and left the hollow, deciding to go see someone who always knew how to cheer him up. After checking the area for guards, the owl snuck his way out of St. Aegolius, as he made his way to Beaks, a dead forest shortly out of the canyonlands, fortunately, he had learn how to fly expertly thanks to the academy and his mother. Soon, he arrived at a base of a hollow tree, where there was a door, about the size of him, but small enough to be considered a mouse hole. Carlos softly knocked on the door, only for the door to be opened by a black rat with brown eyes.

"Well, what a pleasant surprise, didn't expect to see you again so soon!" The rat greeted happily.

Carlos gave a sad smile, "Hi, Mitchell." "Hey, Coryn." The rat named Mitchell greeted. Mitchell was a rat that visited St. Aggies often, in fact, he had lived in the region for nearly 19 years, despite how dangerous it was to live in an area frequented by rat-eating owls. When Carlos was 5, he had met him in the library, and they immediately became friends, enough for him to give Carlos the nickname, 'Coryn'. But unfortunately, their relationship was found out by the other owls, namely Carlos's parents, the rat had to flee the area to avoid getting eaten, and Carlos was forbidden to speak to him, as Nyra defended that you shouldn't be 'talking with your food'. Their friendship still lived on however, as they continued to see each other in secret. Mitchell still hung around the area, just so he could be there for his friend when he needs him. In fact, it was Carlos that carved out the hole he was now living in. "How have you been?"

"Not so good...in fact, you can say it is rather awful..." Carlos muttered.

Mitchell soon frowned, "Oh no, don't tell me that Alvin picked on you again. I ought to head back there and tear that big-feathered bully a new one!" He threatened, but Carlos only shook his head.

"It's not Alvin...it's my...my..." Carlos could not bring himself to say the last word, but Mitchell seemed to get the gist.

"Why don't you come in for some tea? Then you can tell me all about it." The rat suggested. Carlos only nod as he followed him inside, and Mitchell shut the door behind him. As soon as they were settled in, Carlos went on to explain all that had happened last night, and by the time he finished, Mitchell gave a frown and poured him another cup of tea.

"My god, I am sorry that happened to you, Carlos. I knew how much the academy meant to you." Mitchell empathized.

Carlos agreed, "I know...the academy was my only chance to become good enough for my father...but thanks to Alvin, I am now training with him...and when I tried to reason with him...he...he..." He only whispered the last part, tears threatening his eyes, "Slapped me..."

Mitchell nearly choked on his tea, "He did what?! Your own father?!" Carlos nodded sadly, "That is despicable! And your mother just stood there?!" The prince nodded again, "Oy, that is bad..." The rat whispered...before a thought crossed his mind, and he gave a smile, "Maybe there is someoneelse that could train you."

"I highly doubt it." Carlos muttered, "After last night, no one will want to train me, unless they want to be eradicated. And I won't survive being trained by my father. Trust me, I am doomed to be a weakling forever."

"Oh, I'm not talking about the Pure Ones." The rat chuckled, before he whispered into his ear hole, "Have you ever heard the legendary tales of Ga'Hoole?"

Carlos looked at him in confusion and shook his head, "No." Mitchell looked at him in shock.

"Oh, come now! Everyone heard those stories! Hell, even your parents know them!" The rat exclaimed.

Carlos was now curious, as he asked, "Do you know them?"

"Oh, please..." Mitchell laughed, "I'm a rat, Coryn! We rats know everything that goes on around here! This story happened to be a common subject among those bloody dolts!" Carlos gave an insulted look, "Just kidding, kid. But yes, I know the legends...within the Sea of Hoolemere, there is a place known as the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole, a wondrous paradise in comparison to the crags here. Within the tree, there is a group of owls known as...the Guardians."

"The Guardians?" Carlos asked.

"Yes. These owls were a thing of legends, noble knights that rose up everything to make strong the weak, mend the broken, and vanquish evil. These owls however became enemies with the Pure Ones, and a war had been raging on between them, with casualities on both sides. They were the ones who had fought against your family 19 years ago and defeated them in battle. Needless to say, they are excellent warriors."

Carlos felt hope sparking in his heart, shining for the very first time. For so long he had been helping the Pickers escape their doomed lives as slaves, wishing he could help other owls, protecting them from the darknesses that lingered in the world...but he could never achieve the dream, especially since he is bound here by his status as Prince of the Pure Ones. But now...maybe, just maybe, if he sought the help of the Guardians, he could possibly live out his dream after all, and be taught by the legendary Guardians in ways that outclassed the academy's teachings...maybe his parents' teachings.

"Do you think they can teach me how to become a better fighter?" Carlos asked.

"Teach you?" Mitchell asked incredulously, before laughing, "They can do more then that! They can teach you all sorts of things. There, they have these chaws, classes if you will, that teaches you healing, navigating, search and rescue, blacksmithing, weather interpreation, and colliering, the whole caboodle!" He exclaimed, before whispering, "But if I were you, I would go with weather interpretation, there you can predict the weather!" Carlos was getting more and more excited as Mitchell told him of this place. He made up his mind, he was going to leave St. Aggies and find the Great Tree...maybe then, he can actually belong.

"Do you know how I get there?" Carlos asked.

Mitchell smiled, "It's quite simple, really. Just follow the River of Hoole to the Sea of Hoolemere, and just keep on straight till you see the Great Tree."

Quite amazed, Carlos could only ask, "How big is this tree?"

"Pretty big, I heard." Mitchell stated, as Carlos mouthed the word 'wow'. He could just picture it now, becoming one of the Guardians...however, a troubling thought crossed his mind...if he was to leave, he would be leaving his family behind: Private, Joe, and his mother...

Mitchell took note of his worried expression, as he assured him, "I know what you are thinking...it is hard to leave everything you know just to go into the unknown...but trust me, you need to do this...because you deserve better!"

Carlos gave him a smile, "Thank you, Mitchell, you're the greatest friend that an owl could ever have." Carlos said happily. Mitchell smiled back at him.

"Now that's the spirit, Carlos! You got a light in ya, Coryn, that no darkness can take away...because you are full of hope." Mitchell smiled, as he gave him a hug, only for Carlos to return it. Soon they let go of each other.[

"So, when do I leave?" Carlos asked.

Mitchell donned a serious look, "Today, while everyone is still sleeping. Come, I will show you the way."

Meanwhile, in Kludd and Nyra's bedchamber, Kludd was having trouble sleeping, as he kept staring at the ceiling, letting out a sigh. Nyra woke up with a groan, as she saw him still awake...in the afternoon.

"You're still troubled, aren't you?" She asked.

Kludd gave an exhale, "I just don't know what to do, Nyra. It seems like nothing I do is doing anything for the boy."

Nyra frowned as she looked at the ceiling, "You have to apologize to him, Kludd. You shouldn't had said what you said to him."

Kludd only looked at Nyra and scoffed, "Apologize? What for? It's not my fault Carlos is so..."

"That is no excuse, Kludd." Nyra snapped, "This thing between you and him got to come to an end. I don't want to lose our son, Kludd...do you?"

The king was about to deny...but he knew that his mate was right, as he muttered, "No...but I think it is best we wait till tonight. I doubt he would want to talk to me right-"

He was interrupted when the doors to their chamber were slammed open and a guard rushed in, as if in a major panic. Kludd gave a groan, as Nyra approached the guide, leaving her bed, with a puzzled look.

"What's wrong?" She asked the guard.

"Q-queen nyra, I-I just want to inform you-" The guard reported nervously, knowing that his rulers were known to be tempermental at times.

"Oh, just spit it out! What's going on?" Kludd snapped, as he went to Nyra's side.

The guard gulped, "It's your son, he's...he's...missing..." Nyra's eyes widens in shock.

"What?!" Kludd screamed, absolutely shocked, "What do you mean by gone?" Immediately, the guard escorted them to his hollow, as the king looked around, "No...no...where did he go?!"

"I don't know, sir. I was just doing my route, and checking in on the prince, and he was gone!" The guard explained.

"This can't be happening, it can't be happening!" Nyra panicked, as she also looked around...then, she glared at Kludd, "My Glaux, this is all your fault, Kludd!"

Kludd turned back to her, offended, "My fault?! How the hagsmire is this my fault?!"

Nyra only got in his face, "You pushed him away! You hurt him to the point he cannot bear to stay here! Oh Glaux, why did you have to push so hard?!" Kludd only flinched, never seeing his mate so upset...but honestly, he couldn't blame her...their son was now gone, all because of what he said.

Kludd then placed his wings on her shoulder, calming the angry mother a little, "Don't worry, we'll find him." He assured, as he then turned to the guard, "You, gather the best soldiers we have!"

Immediately, all the soldiers were gathered in the main chamber, as Kludd stood in front of them, "Soldiers! I have gathered you all here for an emergency meeting...the Prince...my son...he had gone missing!" All of the soldiers gasped, "That is why I need all of you to spread out and look around all of St. Aggies. Find him...and bring him back! You are all dismissed, now go!" He declared, as the soldiers gave a bow and took off to search for the lost prince...

But little did they know that Carlos was almost out of St. Aggies, as he stood at the edge of Beaks with Mitchell, as they shared their last farewell.

"So, I guess this is it then." Carlos said.

"I guess so." Mitchell said, "I want you to take care, Carlos, it is a long way to Ga'Hoole."

"I will, Mitchell...thank you for everything." Carlos nodded.

"Don't sweat it. But I must warn you, when you do get to the tree, it is best that no one knows who you really are. These Guardians may be noble and all, but they do hold grudges against your kind." Mitchell explained. Carlos gave a short nod...before a bunch of large screeches surprised both of them, as they turned towards St. Aggies. "Oh boy, they know you're missing. Go now!" He demanded. Carlos needn't told twice, as he took off quickly and flew off into the horizon. The rat soon smiled as he said to himself, "I hope you find what you are looking for, Coryn..." With that, he returned to his home before another owl finds him.

As Carlos flew, he looked back at St. Aegolius as the crags became smaller and smaller, and only laughed, picking up the pace.

"Haha, I'm free! Free at last!" Carlos cheered, as he did a few spirals and loops, "So long, St. Aggies! Hello, freedom!" This was a brand new start for him, a clean slate. No more ridicule, no more torture, no more pain, and no more Alvin! For once in his life, he found something that was much better than his family...freedom...he was now a free owl, and no one could stop him.

"Next stop...The Great Tree of Ga'Hoole!" Carlos cheered, as he felt the wind carry his wings, flying off into the sunset...

Back at St. Aggies, Kludd screeched in anger at his search party.

"Unbelievable! How could you not find my son?!" He demanded, as he back-talon one of them in the face, "My best soldiers...and not one of you could find him! Glaux damn it!" Kludd screamed in anger.

Nyra only placed her wings on him, trying to calm him down, "I just don't understand, Kludd, where could Carlos had gone? None of the guards had seen him since he returned to his hollow."

"I don't know, Nyra. But he couldn't have gone far. We need to extend our search throughout the entire region." Kludd growled, before noting the worry on Nyra's face, "Don't worry, love, we will find him. Me and the others are going to look again. I swear I'll be back by dusk, and keep you informed." Nyra only nodded in agreement, as he and the soldiers took off once more to search for Carlos, as Nyra stood there alone.

"Carlos...where did you go?" Nyra thought to herself.

Two days later

Ever since leaving his home, Carlos have been flying for hours nonstop, and he started to grow exhausted...it did not help that he was now flying within a blizzard that suddenly appeared over a raging sea. The owl struggled to keep his strength up as he made his way through the storm, but there was so much he could take, as his wings began to grow heavy.

"Must...keep...going..." Carlos muttered, his eyelids growing heavy like his wings, as they nearly closed...before he shook his head, and kept focus on finding the tree...but he couldn't see anything, and he was running out of time...he couldn't turn back now, not when he is so close to finding Ga'Hoole...but his body had other plans, as he felt his eyes fall shut, and his wings stopped flapping, causing him to fall. "No...I can't...but I'm...so tired." With that, he finally fell asleep...but not before seeing a shadowy figure approached him. As soon as he saw black, he began to dream of a time when his parents were smiling at him...and could only say two words.

"Mom… Dad" He thought.

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