Will stared out his window. Nothing was there, no face or shadow. It had only been a dream, and yet it shook Will to the core. Lecter couldn't know about this dream, though he'd probably be expecting a call from Will about this time, Lecter probably knew he was awake. He had for the past two weeks. But this one was very different, it wasn't a nightmare, more of twisted reality, in a way. Will sighed, closing his eyes only to open them right away as images flashed back to him. He tried to shake it off but a voice was still cooing to him in his head. One he was sure would always end up getting it's way. He looked to the clock, 5:35. A bit later than usual. He smiled, maybe he was making some progress. "Gah" He huffed as the phone began to ring."Hello" He answered.
"Will?" A familiar voice spoke and Will shivered, shocked.
"Yes, Lecter it's five in the morning"
"But you're up" Lecter retorted.
"Pure coincidence" Will laughed. "Why have you called?" "Because you didn't. It's past five twenty."
"I didn;t have the nightmare tonight" Will sighed, a bit relieved. "Then why are you up?" "A different dream" Will sighed, not wanting to be on the phone at all this early. "Oh? Do tell" "I'm afraid I can't, I want to keep my dignity."
"What's said between you and I is always confidential, Will"
"Not when your phone's bugged it's not" "Should I happen to stop by, would you tell me in person?"
"No, goodnight Lecter"
"Good morning Will" He hung up on the psychiatrist and threw himself back on the bed. He needed to get rid of the bags under his eyes, he needed sleep. Burring himself under the thick comfort of his blanket Will closed his eyes and drifted back into lucid sleep.
The pitter patter of the rain outside fell into sync with his mind, and was absorbed by his latest dream. The rain began falling over him as he looked into the trees for the figure he was chasing. His breath was shallow and raspy, he'd been running to long and his lungs burnt, but he was so close. So close to finally catching his victim and slitting his throat. He caught the sound of twigs breaking and snapped his head in that prey was close. Running full stride Will outstretched the hand that would finally bring him down. Just as he was about to take down the man he'd been chasing a loud knock sounded through the area, sending vibrations echoing through the woods. It came again, and again, more rapidly until Will couldn't take it, his ears were about to burst. The loud banging at the door roused WIll from his sleep, making his head pound itself awake. "Who is it?" Will called, sitting up.
"Me" The person on the other end called.
"Me? I don't know you Me, go away" Will said, opening the door, he already guessed who was knocking. "Don't be rude Will" Lecter said walking into the room.
"I have to, it's still morning" Will sighed as he looked up at the sky. "You're late" Lecter said, making himself comfortable on a chair. "For work"
"Work? So early, I think not"
"That's all well and fine if you want to continue living in a pigsty, but I'm here about the dream" He crossed his legs and waited with a patient look on his face.
"I already told you, I can't tell you" "Why not?"
"It's one of those dreams, you know." Will said putting a hand behind his head. He couldn't admit to the other man he had an erotic dream, it was too embarrassing. "One of those dreams? Which kind,Will?" The doctor persisted.
"Those dreams, you know. An..."
"Are you embarrassed of it?"
"Yes, to say it, even think about it" Which was true, he did feel his heart beat a bit faster as he thought about it. He was curled in bed, his arms around the warm body next to him. He could hear the slow heartbeat of the person next to him, wrapped in silky sheets. "Will, You have told me things darker than night. I'm sure that this is insignificant compared to some" The doctor sighed and Will shook his head still. nt wanting to talk. "It isn't. As insignificant as it may seem it's far from it. It has-"
"Power?" Lecter finished for him, almost knowingly. "The things we keep hidden usually do." Will fell silent at Lecters words, letting his elbows rest on his thighs. "I couldn't describe it if I tried" Will whispered, wanting to preserve the silence as best he could.
"Try" Lecter whispered back, still seated in the chair. "I don't...I don't want you to think.."
"Ah, so another door opens" Lecter whispered under his breath. "Think what?"
"Think of me-"
"Think of you how?"
"Think of me like I'm...I just don't want..." Will couldn't get his words right, he stuttered before taking the time to phrase it right. "I just don't want you to think of my any lower than you already do."
"That's absurd Will, I have high regard for you. And there is little you could say to lower it of you."Lecter said curiously "Now tell me Will" "We had sex" Will blurted out, "In my dream. It was on of those dreams"
"An erotic dream is nothing to be ashamed of. Who was there with you?" The doctor was intrigued now, who would Will be so ashamed of touching?
"Was it his(italisize his) daughter?" Lecter said after Will gave no answer. "No! Of course not, she's..she's so young, I'd never-"
"Then who? If you do not tell me Will I cannot help you"
"Just, give me a minute." Will sighed before standing up. He staggered over to his small kitchen and pulled a bottle from the fridge. "Vodka in the morning? Is it really that bad Will?" Lecter smiled, following him into the kitchen.
"If you want to hear the words come from my mouth, then it is a necessity " Will poured himself a drink, offering the doctor a glass. "I think I've waited long enough. Tell me what happened" "We were talking, I don't know what about, but the person was smiling. I remember that it was different from the ones I usually saw form this person, more relaxed more carefree" Will said as he took a drink of his vodka. "You're smiling as you're telling me this. You're fond of this person?"
"I didn't know I was." "Ah, continue."
"It gets weird from there, I blinked and we were in a bedroom. It was dark but I could see the room was grand. The bed itself was breathtaking. I, I looked for the person I was with but couldn't find them. I panicked and reached to open the door but hey came up from behind me, putting their arms around my waist. I instantly felt, a wave of calm wash over me and all I wanted was this persons warmth on me. Their touch-"
"Elicted some kind of passion, I've heard this before. But the question is, what's her name Will? Who is she?" "That's two questions" Will smiled.
"But they are the same thing, now tell me" Will sighed, thinking his answer over in his head. The Doctor was smarter than he was, he could drive anything out of him if he wasn't careful, so he had to keep his answers short and sharp.
"That's the problem" Will grunted, pouring more of his vodka into the glass.
"You don't know the person?" "I do, God knows I do. Maybe, not as well as I'd like but I know them." "Then you can tell me." The doctor shifted in his seat and put a hand o ntop of Will's. "Maybe you don't understand Will, but what you say to me stays between you and I. There is no shame, no embarrassment, no barrier."
"But you can't unhear it, you can't forget it."
"Of course not, I'd be forgetting you if I did." "Spare me, Hannibal" "From what?"
"Humiliation, the awkwardness of it."
"I can promise that." "Then I guess I can tell you." Will rubbed his head, still hesitant. He looked at Hannibal searching for reassurance, which he found. "The person in my dream, wasn't a woman" He looked away from Lecter, afraid of the look he'd have on his face.
"You were with a man? Interesting, but not shocking" The doctor smiled, but Will still refused to look at him.
"I didn't expect that from you" Will said, he attempted to smile but it faded as soon as the doctor spoke.
"Now tell me his name" "Hannibal, please don't"
"Don't what?"
"Make me say it"
"I'm not making you Will, but I want you to" Will looked to the doctor, and caught his eye, held his gaze before looking away.
"Lecter before I say it, I want you you to know I don't know why...I had this particular dream, my mind was burnt out when I went to sleep and I-"
"Enough Will, just say it. No harm will come of it."
Sighing, Will took a breath before taking a large swing from the bottle of vodka. "In my dream, I was with" Will took a long pause to finish his vodka.
"With?" Lecter asked, he was growing impatient.
"With the closest person I have to a friend."
"Just tell me Will. You're only making it worse by prolonging it"
Will nodded his head, and sighed. "In my dream, I was with a man named..H-Hannibal Lecter" The Doctors eyebrows raised and he didn't break his gaze from Will. Hannibal could see through Wills ploy, he knew the resistance Will had to telling him wasn't entirely true. "I see, w-"
"I don't want to continue talking about it."
"But we must now."
"What is there to talk about Lecter?! I think I've been humiliated enough this morning!" Will yelled, standing up he stormed back into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him. "Am I to show myself out then?" Lecter yelled to him, smiling at the mans tantrum. He smiled even more when he got no response. Standing Lecter walked across the rooms loud enough so Will could hear his footsteps. He opened the door, then slammed it shut, but didn't walk out of it. Instead, he seated himself back in the chair he first sat in, waiting for Will to come out of his room.
Lecter sat in the chair for a good thirty minutes. Perhaps more, he couldn't tell because he couldn't move. The clock was in the kitchen and he couldn't risk making any sounds. "Stubborn" Lecter whispered quietly. He froze when he heard stirring in the room, Will was up?
"What the hell are you still doing here?" He rasped when he saw Lecter sitting in the chair. "Waiting for you to get up." Lecter said, getting up and smoothing out his suit. "I don't want to leave anything, loose" "Nothing is, you should leave."
"I have to talk to you Will, you know that don't you?" "No"
"Yes, had you said any body else we could have kept it closed. But my name tends to, open doors" "What do you mean?"
Sighing Lecter walked over to stand near Will who gave him a cautious glance. "Well for us having a strictly professional relationship, it's very unorthodox I study the mind, and you battle it, which makes me so much more interested in you. However, with your well known conditions, you developing such detailed dre-"
"-Such, detailed delusions, will cause quite the disturbance with those who are already doubtful Will. With that being said I want to figure out the cause of your dream, even if it was nothing."
"Delusion" Will growled again.
"That's hurtful Will" The doctor said.
"I, I'm sorry" Will said, he almost sounded like he was questioning why he said it.
The doctor chuckled lightly before saying, "Shall we discuss it?"
"If, you can answer me this one question as truthfully as you can." Will breathed slowly.
"Of course"
"Tell me how far we are down the rabbit hole?" The doctor stood quiet for a while, before opening his mouth to speak. "I'm afraid we haven't reached wonderland, if that's what you're asking."
"But are we deep enough to climb back up?"
"No, the sun is no longer shining on us. Nor, can we reach it's rays."
"So then I have to sit down and discuss it with you"
"Yes, and your comparison `of it and Alice in Wonderland"
"Alice is a very confli-"
"Not now. I'm more curios about the dream Will"
"Ah right" Will said, making a face as he woke himself up for good. There was no getting out of this one.