Kagome gasped as a blade entered her stomach, twisting and turning. She screamed, and Naraku grinned.
"Finally got you, Miko. Where are your friends now, hmm? They've forgotten you, even your son..."
Kagome choked, her eyes landing on the locket in his hands. It held the picture of her baby boy, now nine years, and her two husbands. "Peter..." She whispered in a hoarse tone, "Steve...Tony..."
She coughed, before screaming again as another whip struck her back. Writhing in agony, she reached for the locket once again, having to squint because the blood ran into her eyes.
Suddenly the door opened, and eight figures ran in.
"Mom, just hold on!"
"Peter, you've got to get out, please!" Kagome's chest made a sickening thud as Naraku hit it.

Kagome woke up in the hospital room of her home; Stark Tower.
Forgotten you, even your son...
"Mommy?" Desperation filled the boy's voice.
"Peter..." Hands stroked her face, and her eyes attempted to open. "Peter?"
"I'm here, mom."
"Baby, I can't open my eyes!"
"You have bandages-Mom, stop!" Peter tore her hands away from her bandages, surprised to see tears pouring out of her eyes. "Crying?"
"Don't ever...leave me, Peter..."
Peter's eyes filled, and he ducked his face into his mother's raven hair. "Of course not, Mom. We'll always be together."

"Tony..." Kagome put her hand on his shoulder, only to be flung off. She hugged him, and his tears started to strain though her hair. "I miss him too, Tony."
"But you weren't there, Kagome," Tony's voice was shaking. "You didn't see-he took a shot for me."
"Peter-" Kagome noticed their son there for the first time, and motioned for a group hug. "It's no one's fault," She whispered. "Don't ever leave me, Peter, Tony."
"Of course not, Mom. We'll always be together."
Tony didn't reply.
They stayed like that the entire night.
He was seventeen.

Peter stood next to his mother and wept. Kagome was clutching the arc reactor and being comforted by Auntie Pepper. Pepper pointed towards him, and Kagome raised her eyes up to her son. She walked towards him, handed him the arc reactor.
His watery voice broke her heart. "I want you to have this. Your father had a heart, Peter. We're living proof of this, and if anyone dares tell you different-" Kagome choked on her words. "Please don't leave me, Peter..."
Peter's hand shakingly clutched the arc reactor, and his other arm hugged his mother tightly. "Of course not, Mom. We'll always be together."
He was twenty one, then.

Peter stood next to the casket, tears making their way down his face. Aunt Tasha was hugging him but he couldn't feel anything except her shaking, and his Uncle Thor and Loki were reading an Asgardian prayer for her. Uncle Clint, Bruce, and Auntie Maria were standing at the foot of the casket, silently mourning.
He was twenty-seven then.
His mother looked peaceful, was even smiling a bit. Peter touched her face, before kissing her forehead.
Don't leave me, Peter.
Her voice floated around, and everyone turned to see if the person next to them heard it.
"Of course not, Mom," Peter whispered, smiling. "We'll always be together."
It started raining, and he laughed, but only when Mother Nature's tears fell down his face did he smile.