Jack winced, preparing for the blow, and felt...
He felt nothing.
"Get lost."
Everyone had turned their backs on him, and yet they treated him as a betrayer, as if he had willingly taken up something of this magnitude because they couldn't, and now he wasn't even good enough to touch? Fury welled up inside him, flooded his veins and stole his uneeded breath from his lungs, reached from the whites of his eyes to the pupils and snuck into the corners of his scowling mouth, deep within the contours of his lips. It fled from his blood and out onto the palms of his hands, freed from the crescent shaped wounds his nails had made, dripping onto the frost he'd subconciously created.
And Jack Frost...
Jack Fros d.
He screamed with his whole being, ignoring the astonished looks from the Guardians, ignoring the Boogeyman appearing at the corner of his sight, looking more than slightly surprised at his reaction, and he ignored how his throat hurt until it felt frozen over. He kept screaming, screaming, screaming, the wind batting away at everyone's attempts to touch him, every attempt to console him from his three hundred years of grievious solitude. He noticed nothing, not even the sudden quiet, the eerie silence and glow of the moon.
Man In the Moon.
Jack's eyes opened suddenly, and his screaming ceased, and everything was finally quiet. Pupils trembling in rage, pure hot white rage like the burning of fresh snow.
Arms, he realized numbly.
Arms were around him, and he flinched. The pale arms were connected to the shoulders of a black haired girl with blue eyes as shocking as his were, and her eyes were crinkled at the ends, crows feet caused from years of disappointment and sorrow and laughter and joy and they looked so familiar to his own he might cry like she was doing currently.
"Hello Jack," she was saying, "Hello, hello, hello. I am Kagome, and you killed me."
"I..." His voice was hoarse.
She-Kagome nodded, a pair of small pink lips tilting upwards, curving in a smile that reached out and grabbed his still heart, shattering it against his cold ribs.
"I am Kagome. You killed me, and I love you, Jack Frost."