The first time Kagome recieved the call of a child, she was having tea with Sandy and Pitch at North's place, and she knew Pitch felt it too, though not as strong [never as strong], and his gold eyes flashed with worry before he nodded at her, knowingly. "I suppose you'll be off, then?" His silver-tongued tone soothed her slightly, and she nodded, picking up the shattered tea cup first, hands shaking none too lightly.
"I have to," She murmured lightly, softly, like if she spoke too loudly the wound that the child's call had inflicted on her skin would stretch until it devoured her whole, leaving nothing but a shuddering pile of herself. When Sandy attempted to help her clean, Kagome-no, she was Sister Frost now-lightly batted away his hands. At his confused look, at the way his sand brows furrowed together and his mouth pursed in thought, she answered his unspoken question. "It's...not that I don't want your help, Sanderson, because really, I wouldn't do this in any other situation, but..." Sister Frost attempted a smile, but her lips twisted in the wrong fashion and her eyes potrayed no happiness whatsoever, "But, if I...If I give them some time, sometimes they get caught, or they change their minds, but this one..." A sigh escaped her lips, a sigh that contained pained grief, "This one is persistent. I have to-I have to..."
Sandy placed a hand on her arm, and the gentle touch surprised her.
"We understand," Pitch soothed, "You can go."

The child, only sixteen years old, was lonely, his eyes longingly glancing at the pool where her peers were in. A fae like creature approached him, and he gasped, drawing everyone's attention to him. "Saint...Saint Frost?" The boy asked, and the kids behind him snorted with laughter.

"Talking again?" A girl murmured quietly.
"Another fae?" A boy asked maliciously.
"You guys, please," A little girl stood nervously at the pool's edge, glancing at the boy. "Leave Edmund alone..."
"t's his fault," the group muttered.

"Sister Frost, Edmund," The Priestess of Winter sighed, her soft blue eyes drawing Edmund in. "My name is Sister Frost."
"Sister Frost?" Edmund called to the empty space in front of him.
"'Sister Frost?'" Mocked the others.

"It's not his fault!" The girl cried.
"Save it, Shay."

Sister Frost held out her hands in front of her, readying for an embrace. "Come here, Edmund."
"You'll make it all better, right Sister?" The boy asked quietly, and she nodded her consent. Edmund slowly wrapped his arms around the younger girl's waist, asking to be comforted in his last moments, asking for love where he had never gotten any.
And Sister Frost gave him that love, that affection. She slowly fed it into the creases of his elbows and his knees, let it curl around his toes and fingers, let his ears freeze as so he wouldn't hear his poor sister's shouts, the childrens' shrieking.

"Oh my God-"

'Sister Frost...thank you.'
Kagome smiled, ignoring the tears that fell down her face and dotted each freckle with frost, smoothing his hair back and kissing his forehead before leaving.

The headlines read "Schitzophrenic Boy Freezes to Death".