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First Chapter:
Sasuke and Naruto

Kagome was woken by Naruto's frantically worried exclamations. She sighed, her brows coming together in worry. Sasuke had fallen asleep- she checked her watch...3 hours ago. Not nearly enough sleep for a child of six years...
Her feet padding gently on the wooden floor, she started humming as to not alarm them. Opening the doors, her eyes softened as they met two watery pairs looking at her.
"Ka..Kagome-chan, I don't know how to fix Sasuke," Naruto whimpered, burying his head into the raven boy's silk pajamas. She almost laughed as Sasuke looked a bit insulted, his Uchiha pride taking over at the word 'fix'.
Kagome sat down on the queen bed, much too big for two boys, but whatever, because they were her babies and they deserved the best...and Naruto was known to kick in his sleep. She gently ruffled both of their heads, smiling softly. "Naruto," She said gently, leaning in a bit, "Sasuke is sad, and he has a good right to be. He doesn't need to be fixed, he was never broken, Naru, do you understand?"

"She never would have wanted this, Sasuke," Naruto whispered quietly, his eyes downcast. "You were never broken...don't you remember?"
Sasuke's tombstone didn't answer, just laid there next to their foster mother's.
Kakashi appeared, having been there all this time, and slowly walked Naruto away, his arm around his shoulders. Out of respect, the silver haired nin had his mask pulled down and both eyes showing.

Sasuke Uchiha
Led astray by revenge
One of the best men out there
Brother of Naruto Uzumaki
Son of Kagome Taishou

Kagome Taishou
Took a hit for her sons
Beloved medic
Sister of Kakashi
Mother of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha

"I'm sorry I killed you, Okaa-san," Sasuke murmured quietly, watching his brother.
"Sasuke, I took that hit for you. Shut your mouth and watch your brother."
Sasuke's lips twitched. "Yes, Okaa-san."