Chapter Ten:
Rise of the Guardians:
Jack Frost

Kagome laughed as she slid along the loop-de-loop of ice her son had made her, her hair flapping in the wind behind her, silver strands waving happily.
It was rare that two Guardians were drafted from the same era, and that they were related. True, Kagome had been immortal before, but now she was a Guardian. The man in the moon said so, and so, appointed her with the power of Happiness.
She was, in short, a Fairy Godmother.
So, obviously, she and the Guardian of Fun would be paired up.
"Jack!" She sang, smiling brightly, opening her arms up for a hug. Jack laughed, before obliging. Smiling, he nuzzled into her hair, smug that since she was shorter, he looked older than his mother. "Where've you been all my life?" He laughed, smiling.
"Watching your sister," Kagome replied. Jack stilled, before another smile bloomed on his face. "And you've been watching her decendants, haven't you?"
The frost spirit snapped from his muse. "What?"
"Jamie is related to your sister, Jack." Kagome's smile was tired now, but as always, a bit of joy splayed on her lips. "Which means you've been watching your's a lot of greats...anyhow, he's your distant nephew."
Jack's head lifted from her shoulders and he looked at her, his eyes burning. "You serious?" He asked.
Kagome nodded, and Jack grinned again, whooping in joy, and he picked up his mother to swing her around in unadulterated joy.
Joy that was so pure, his mother felt it would make her heart burst. Kagome smiled.