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Starting Over

Chapter One

Summer Assignment

Going back to the Dursley's, Harry wouldn't call that place home, but Harry would call it prison. Yes, a terrible prison, the kind that loves to belittle, torture, the kind of family that takes total pleasure out of it. He was hoping he didn't have to stay there for too long. Harry couldn't understand why Dumbledore made him go back every year. He always said 'it's for your own safety Harry'. Harry didn't know how when he wasn't safe from his own family.

"Harry you okay mate?" Ron asked, looking up at me from his game of chess with Neville.

"Yes sorry I was just thinking," Harry replied, smiling a little.

"Did you hear about the world cup being in England this year?" Ron said, bouncing in his seat a little.

"Yes, my Gran got us tickets, are you lot going?" Neville asked, making his move.

"Dad got us tickets," Ron said with an excited smile, "Harry and Hermione too."

"Awesome, it's Ireland against Bulgaria, right?" Harry asked, excited to see a professional Quidditch game for the first time in his life. He kept up with Quidditch as much as he could since the season was during the summer. Ron helped him by sending him daily newspapers with the scoring and all the teams' statues.

"Yeah, Krum will win it for them of course, since he is the best in the world." Ron said, his face gushing with pride.

"No way, the chasers will score so much for Ireland, that even if Krum did catch the snitch. Ireland will win it all." Neville said defensively, waiting for Ron to make his move.

Everyone was taken aback, we all stared at Neville, wondering when he became a Quidditch fan. Neville looked up wondering why it had fallen silent, he blushed when he noticed us staring at him, we didn't think that he was so interested in Quidditch, but that could have just been us because we never really hang with him, 'maybe I could change that.' Harry thought to himself.

"What?" Neville asked.

"When did you get into Quidditch Neville?" Harry asked him.

"I always have been, just because I'm no good on a broom, doesn't mean I don't love the sport," Neville stated.

"Of course sorry, Neville, who is you favorite team anyways?" Harry asked him, interested.

"Falcons, of course, they may not win a lot but you gotta' love their motto, right?" Neville said grinning ear- to- ear. Harry's favorite team was the Falcons also and knew their motto by heart.

"Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads" Neville and Harry yelled at the same time. We shared a look, laughing, and high fived each other. Ron just gapped at them a little surprised at their fandom he shook his head disappointingly.

"I won't be able to look at you two now, you guys are bloody unbelievable," Ron stated, with a frown. Ron didn't like that Harry had something in common with Neville, jealousy sparked within him. He didn't want to share the fame of being best friends with the great Harry Potter, since he already had to deal with Hermione, the Know- it -all, why add Neville to it.

There was a knock on the door and it opened revealing two prefects. The gang looked up at the prefects wondering what they had done to get a visit. The prefects handed out parchments to everyone.

"Ma'am what are these?" I asked, politely.

"These are your summer assignment," One of the prefects said, we looked surprised, never ever had prefects giving their own student assignments.

"Summer assignment? We already have ours from the professors." Hermione asked, confused written on her face like it was plainly written on her forehand.

"This assignment is from the Headmaster, not us. It's what would muggles call it a… pen pal?" The other prefect said, while the other prefect left to hand out more parchment to other students.

"Great, another thing to do this summer atop all the other things we have to do," Ron said, grumbled as he moved is bishop to Neville's queen.

"It sounds like fun, but why?" Hermione asked, I agreed it would be interesting, Harry had grown up in the muggle world, but never had a pen pal.

"International Cooperation between us, France and Bulgaria." The prefect said, business like voice masking a robot.

"Do we get to know who our pen pal is?" I asked.

"Everything you need to know is on your parchment. It won't appear until you get home though, so don't go changing your papers now because no matter what you get the same person .You have to write them three times. That is all, good luck to you all." He left; leaving their group stunned all holding their parchments.

Harry looked down at his paper and all it said was "Harry Potter, Summer Assignment". He wished he didn't have to wait until he got home, but at least he had something to look forward to do while he was up at night. He also figured he could make a friend that liked him for who he was and not for being, Harry Potter the- Boy- Who- Lived. He smiled; this could be a good thing.

"Everything okay Harry?" Neville asked.

"Yes, sorry was thinking about the assignment, it could be really fun learning about a different culture," Harry said, excited. He saw Hermione surprised but smiling, not that it mattered to her she had all her summer work done, it wouldn't kill Hermione to do one more thing. He saw Ron with a sour look throwing is paper with the rest of his things and Neville excited already itching to open it.

"I agree Harry, I can't wait to find out who I get to write too," Hermione said, she was bouncing in her seat.

"What schools are in France and Bulgaria?" I asked.

"The one in France Is Beauxbatons and the other is Bulgaria in Durmstrang," Neville answered before Hermione could answer, she was still staring at her parchment.

"Oh," I said, I was thinking which one I would have. I didn't know much about those schools but I guessed that was why we had this assignment so we could learn.

Harry looked out the window and saw they were almost to the station. Harry wasn't ready to say goodbye to his friends yet, He wouldn't ever be ready to see the Dursley's again. He really wished he didn't have to see them ever, but he had to mentally prepare himself to see them and spend the summer with them again…

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