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Chapter ten

After everything I did for the Weasley's they weren't even my real friends. And Hermione I defended her even though she a bossy know it all that isn't really the brightest witch of our generation at all. All she does memorizes books and believes everything in a book is right and that will be her down fall. Ron Weasley will get what's coming to him soon enough. Molly and Ginny Weasley trying to set up that marriage contract with Dumbledore signing it as if he could even do that. Those clauses on the contract just showed that Molly Weasley only wanted the money and Ginny Weasley only wanted me for money and fame. But it does look like the twins and Mr. Weasley had nothing to do with it, maybe just maybe he could keep their friendships. He would of course have to talk to them and see how they react to everything I tell them first. Same with Arthur, he would have to address his family after we tell him what we all know. Gran had already said that she will have this addressed and set up a meeting between her, Nev and I with Arthur. His family will pay for it, since he is head of an Ancient and Noble house.

Snape and Dumbledore were both going down in a very horrible way it might not happen this week or next week or even this year but it will happen. Snape has belittled me, humiliated me and he's a bloody horrible teacher. Snape might not go to prison but he wouldn't be able to live in this country or get a job for what he has done. Brewing a potion to control me then casting a block on my mind so I would be slow at everything. He made me average because he didn't want to see me like my father and mother brilliant in everything they did. Powerful and smarter than him. That's why he did it I was sure of it. He was jealous of my father and mother. He always goes on about my father being arrogant and a bully well he has another thing coming, he's the bully now even if my father was a bully he made up for it when he died protecting my mother and I. Snape is a bully to children calling everyone names when we didn't do something right in class because he's hovering over us making sure we didn't do anything right. Oh Snape would pay dearly for it.

And last but not least Dumbledore he's going to pay for so much. Setting my parents up in a supposedly safe house when they had one at Potter manor, signing a marriage contract without talking to me at all, stealing my money and giving it to the people I thought of as a family. That's right Dumbledore stole money that's what got me to almost blow up the room. He didn't just block my core, magical abilities and have me under potions. He also stole from me, tried to make me marry that Weasley whore, because again that's what she is dating three different guys in two weeks. They wanted money for that even though they could steal from my vault. My family vault. I wasn't even aware of my family vault until after I did my Heir test. No one had bothered telling me anything about my family, about how important they are. And how I needed to act a certain way as a Lord of an Ancient and Noble house. Dumbledore will pay worse than anyone else. He thinks he holds all the power well he's wrong. I have the power to take him down and I will use it. I'll use my fame and my name will be the last thing he ever remembers before he dies.

I shook my head. Just thinking about everything I learned today it changes everything. I know now that I have to be better than muggleborns, I can't be average at all. And for the first time ever I could think clearly. With no blocks or potions in me. I felt better than I ever have. Power runs though me and I can think without forgetting anything. I couldn't wait to start studying again it will be loads easier to learn the theory.

The goblins all said that Nev and I could take up our family Lordship's on our birthdays because I'm the last of my line and Nev because gran was ready for him to become Lord of Longbottom. By the time we got back to the school we would be Lord's and have our own rooms or could share the Lordship rooms that Hogwarts offered to Ancient and Noble families that have taken their Lordship young. Nev and I were thinking of taking the Slytherin or Gryffindor rooms but if Draco got along with us we would all share the Ravenclaw hidden rooms in the castle so we would all feel comfortable. Speaking of Draco we were meeting him and his mother now.

"Nev you sure we should do this?" I asked him, looking in the crowd for the blondes.

"I'm not sure but if they are truly willing to leave the Malfoy Manor like that then we should give them a chance." Nev said looking at me. I nodded we had already sent Gran ahead to get rooms ready for them and to check on Sirius and Remus because well their both kids at heart.

"I agree. I'm still glad Gran went ahead of us if this is a trap. I don't think it is. Sirius showed me those letters they seem sure about this. I have to believe them until they make us think otherwise." I said. Nev nodded agreeing.

Suddenly we saw a bunch of redheads and two blondes about to run into each other when they both saw us. I shared a look with Neville. And waited. It couldn't be helped now. They saw us. We couldn't very well ignore them.

Draco and Narcissa came up to us slowly both nodding towards us.

"Hello madam and Heir Draco." Nev said in a bit of a rush with a bow.

"Hello Heir Longbottom and Heir Potter. Thank you for helping us." Draco said, with a polite smile.

"We should hurry or the Weasley's will be here to cause trouble. Are you both ready? If so grab a hold of this book." Nev said pulling out the book that's a Portkey. Everyone grabbed a hold of it and Nev tapped it with his wand and off they went just in time to miss the Weasley's. Leaving them to wonder why Harry, Neville, Malfoy and some blonde lady were together. Molly knew just what she had to do. Tell Dumbledore.

I landed face first. Everyone else landed on their feet. Then I heard laughing. I turned my head and saw Sirius rolling on the ground holding his stomach with Remus leaning again the wall having trouble breathing. I got up and sneered at everyone. Neville had landed on the couch at laughing so much. Malfoy was smirking and his mother was giggling.

"Yes laugh it up all of you. I hate magical traveling. Can't land on anything but my face." I said sitting down on the open couch that Nev wasn't laying on.

"Potter that was good thank you for that we needed a laugh." Malfoy said, smirking.

"Yeah yeah. Hey Nev, Sirius shouldn't u introduce them to everyone? Your family and your house?" I said, pointing to them.

"Yes of course welcome to Longbottom Manor. The elves with take your stuff to your rooms. And we will all go out in the garden for some tea to get to know each other a bit more." Neville said after catching his breathe.

"Yes and everyone this is my cousin Narcissa and her son Draco. Soon to be Black I hope." Sirius said smiling. Narcissa smiled back.

"Of course Sirius did u get the parchment for that? I had RadFang go head and write that up." I said suddenly remembering.

"Yes Harry thanks for that also. And we will talk about Lily. I remember having an older sister that died right after birth we thought she died." Sirius said, frowning.

"We can talk about it over tea, yes?" Gran said, leading the way out to the garden. Everyone sat at the table and silence came over all of us. So I decided to say something.

"Draco, Neville and I have decided to start clean if that is what you would want also?" I said, looking at him he had a hopeful kind of look in his eyes. I suddenly got the thought of he doesn't have any real friends. All those people around him were just children of his father's friends. They had to be friends with him or their fathers would be mad at them. I shared a look with Neville and Sirius they had come to the same thought as well. Sirius looked proud at me.

"Yes. And I wanted to apologize to you both as well. For everything I have said or done. I know I'll have to apologize to Granger and Weasley too and I will." Draco said, I laughed and shook my head. Draco was confused and so was everyone else besides Gran and Neville.

"You don't have to worry about Granger or Weasley I'm not friends with them anymore." I said, shaking my head and sighing.

"Why Harry?" Sirius asked.

"Remember you wanted a blocks and potions test done on me? Well let's just say you were right to have them done." I said.

"Meaning?" Remus asked sitting straighter in his chair.

"I had blocks on my core, brain, and magical abilities." I pointed out, waiting for the fireworks.

"WHAT?" It wasn't who I expected it to be from though. It was from Narcissa. I turned towards her and raised my eyebrows as a question.

"How could anyone do that? You could have been killed if your core was blocked for much longer. You haven't gone through your magical inheritance yet." Narcissa explained. I didn't know that at all. I could have been killed died before my time was up. Dumbledore will pay I swear to it now.

"Who did it?" was all Sirius could get out.

"Dumbledore did the core and magical abilities but Snape did the mind one." I said quickly scared about what Sirius would do.

"They will pay." Remus said, grabbing a hold of Sirius's shoulder forcing him to stay.

"Oh they will. Harry came up with something brilliant you should hear what he wants to do." Neville said smirking.

Everyone looked at me. I was smirking slightly.

"Yes well it's not brilliant to say. I just want them all to pay for what they've done." I explained, waiting for someone to bring up the potions.

"Harry tell them about the potions and the money then the marriage contract." Nev said dropping the bomb.

"Money?" Sirius asked.

"Marriage contract?" Remus asked.

"Potions first please?" Draco said.

"Loyalty and love potion." I said.

"What? For who?" Draco said leaning forward.

"Dumbledore, Granger, Molly, Ginny, and Ronald Weasley." I counted them off on my fingers.

"And the love potion?" Narcissa asked.

"Cho Chang." I said with a sneer on my face.

"Why her? I would have thought the youngest Weasley for doing that. What with her hero worship." Draco said, frowning slightly.

"I don't know, maybe they thought it would look suspicious?" I said.

"If so then that's really Slytherin of them." Nev said, smirking. He's opening it up for that dang heir test now.

"Just don't tell them that they hate everything to do with Slytherin." Sirius said.

"Oh then they should hate me right?" I said, smirking and giving a nod to Neville. They would all faint im just betting on it now.

"What? Why?" Remus said.

"Well wait what about the marriage contract? And the money?" Narcissa asked curious.

"Dumbledore signed a marriage contract for Ginny Weasley and me. Its clauses are if I die before we could get married all my money would go to the Weasley family. They, Dumbledore and Snape have been stealing out of my family vault. Dumbledore since the day after my parents were killed, Snape since I was five and the Weasley's since I was 11. But the goblins said that it was never Arthur, Bill, Charlie, or the twins. It always went to Ron and Ginny." Harry explained, hoping at least the twins were his true friends.

"What the hell does Dumbledore think he's doing?" Sirius yelled getting up and pacing. I shared a look with Remus and Gran. Sirius wouldn't last during a conversion of my time at Hogwarts.

"I don't know. But I'll find out for sure when I take him to court. I plan on using my fame and my family history to humiliate them all." I said leaning back in my chair. Draco nodded seeming to agree.

"I'll help." Draco said.

"Draco he's your godfather." Narcissa said, surprised.

"He's never acted like it. He shouldn't be stealing from someone that has nothing, no parents, and no family. Why steal when he makes enough to live comfort in his life at Hogwarts?" Draco pointed out, his mother nodded agreeing.

"That and since we are changing our last names. I thought maybe I could change my godfather as well. I don't want him to be able to claim me at all. If we do this im dropping everything from that family." Draco said looking down. Nev and I looked at each other than at Sirius. Sirius raised his eyebrows at us and turned to Draco and back to him. Sirius finally understood. He nodded.

"Draco since I'm your cousin if you and your mother agree I will become your godfather. That way no one can claim you if something happens to your mother or me. We will both make a new will that leaves you and Harry to someone else, would that be okay?" Sirius asked smiling softly.

"Really?" Narcissa asked for Draco.

"Yes of course, you would have to share me with Harry though. But it does seem like I'm his uncle so you and Harry are cousins." Sirius explained, Draco looked at me. I nodded.

"I would like that." Draco said quietly.

"Great you will be our third partner in crime! The three godbrothers!" Nev said jokingly.

"Godbothers?" Draco asked.

"Yep since you and Harry share a godfather and Harry and I share my mother that was his godmother, we consider ourselves godbrothers." Nev said, and I nodded smiling.

"Now we should be worried Sirius." Remus said, everyone shared a laugh on that. Well the three boys pouted.

"Now about the whole they should hate you and Slytherin thing Harry?" Sirius asked.

"The heir test said I was Heir to Potter, Black, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Peverell." Harry said. Looking at everyone's faces. Neville and gran were shaking their heads. Sirius and Remus had their mouths hanging open. Draco and Narcissa were looking dumbfounded.

"Gran show them the parchment." I asked smiling.

She passed the parchment to everyone. They still looked dumbfounded.

"Wait your mum and dad have black blood in them right?" Draco asked.

"Yes my dad was like a second cousin or something, but my mum was a direct line. A twin to Sirius I believe." I explained.

"It shows that Slytherin and Ravenclaw came through your mum's side so Sirius could claim it right?" Narcissa asked.

"No it would have shown up on his heir test if he could claim it. He has Slytherin blood in him but he can't claim it like with Ravenclaw. The goblins said it had to do with Slytherin and Ravenclaw making sure that the heir was pure of blood, magic and soul." I said.

"Pureblooded. And of course you are a pureblood with your mother being a black. But how did my mum just think she died, same with my whole family." Sirius asked, sitting down with his head in his hands

"I think we all know who could be a part of this. We just need solid evidence to prove it and have him charged." Remus said. Everyone seemed to agree nodding.

"But how?" Sirius asked, lifting his head slightly.

"Go back to Aunt Petunia. Get that spell off of her. Ask her." I said quietly.

"What spell Harry?" Draco asked.

"I don't know but my aunt was able to fight it for a few minutes and told me not to trust Dumbledore and that they were all under a spell to hate me." I explained.

"A compulsion charm. Whoever cast it was powerful and would know that it was fought against or taken away unless another wizard took it from that person to another living being." Remus explained.

"Could one of you do it?" Nev asked for me.

"I believe Sirius could. Once he's healthy enough." Narcissa said. Sirius looked up.

"Why me?" He asked.

"You Lord Black with that comes the Black family magic. Once your healthy enough you could easily do it." Narcissa explained.

"Okay yea she's right with family magic I could call it forth and make it work. But she's right also I need to be healthy and strong to be able to handle it." Sirius said.

"Then it's a good thing you're here Sirius. Narcissa can do a check up on you and you can start eating with all the potions you need." Gran said, smiling.

"That should be a priority. Everyone here needs to be healthy. In top condition, then we need to train and teach the boys ahead of their peers. If Neville and Draco are truly going to consider Harry brothers then they will be in danger just as much as Harry will be. Also Narcissa could you help tutor the boys in everything they will need to know as Heir's?" Gran pointed out.

"Of course. Draco isn't an heir once he changes is name though." Narcissa said frowning, knowing it would be a change for her son.

"He could be an heir to another family that died out. He should do an heir test like I did." I said.

"Neville and Draco should both do it." Remus said. Everyone nodded their heads agreeing.

"Maybe a blocks and potions test as well." Sirius suggested.

"Harry? Why don't we discuss you, Neville and Draco's Hogwarts years for we talk about training?" Remus suggested and looked around at everyone as they agreed.

Neville, Draco, and Harry looked at each other and nodded.

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