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Chapter 11

Hogwarts years

Everyone sat around no one wanting to ask the first question yet. Harry looked nervous, Draco was trying to hide his emotions and Neville was downright scared. Harry was afraid of what others would say about his time at Hogwarts. He loved the school it was his home. He didn't want them to keep him away from it. Draco was afraid of what his mum would say about how he acted and treated others. Neville was scared because he never really told his gran about what happened at school. He didn't want her to pull him and home school him ever. They looked at each other and nodded then looked at Remus so he could know they were ready.

Remus saw this and took a deep breath. He was afraid of what he would found out about his small family, his pack.

"Okay let's go with this, what year has been the worst for you three?" Remus asked, scared of what they would say and why.

"Second year." Neville and Draco said straight away, while Harry was thinking it was his first year. Everyone looked at Harry waiting for his answer.

"First" Harry said. Everyone's eyebrows went up with a question.

"Why first year Harry?" Gran asked him, everyone nodded glad she asked.

"Well going into first year I didn't even know I could do magic. I thought I was just a freak that weird things happened too. That I was also famous in a world for something I couldn't even remember. Everyone was staring and whispering about me. I had a professor that hated me, one that didn't believe me and another that put me to sleep." Harry said a little frustrated, looking down at his cup of tea.

Someone clapped Harry on the back and Harry looked up and saw it was Neville. Harry nodded thankful for someone showing him support. He looked around the table and saw others looking at him with love and support on their faces also.

"I'll take a guess the professor that hates you is Snape?" Remus asked softly.

Harry nodded.

"Binn's is the one that puts you to sleep?" Sirius asked, smirking.

"Yes" Harry answered smiling.

"Why didn't you know you were famous or could do magic?" Narcissa asked, curious.

"My Aunt and Uncle hate magic. So they told me about my parents as my dad was a drunk and my mum was lazy. That my Dad and Mum were driving and crashed killing themselves. They always hit me and punished me when my magic would happen. They just called me a freak and never explained what was happening. Hagrid was the one that brought my letter to me and explained everything." Harry explained, looking at everyone. When Harry brought up Hagrid bringing his letter and explaining things to Harry it wasn't a reaction that he expected.

"Hagrid brought your letter Harry?" Sirius asked.

Harry nodded, confused.

"Did he happen to give you any books about adjusting to our world?" Remus asked next.

"No why?" Harry asked, what books he thought.

"Harry what did Hagrid say to you?" Gran asked.

"He gave me a birthday cake. Said he was keeper of keys at Hogwarts. Said something along the lines of Dumbledore the greatest wizard of all time and the greatest headmaster." Harry said.

"Oh dear." Gran said.

"What?" Harry said. Everyone took deep breathes.

"Harry that's the bringing of a set up." Draco said flat out.

"Dumbledore sent him because he worships Dumbledore." Remus finished for Draco.

"But Hagrid rescued me. He couldn't have known right?" Harry asked, worried that Hagrid didn't care for him.

"Harry, Hagrid cares about you. I don't truly think he would go and set you up like this, I think it was Dumbledore. Tell me how did you meet the Weasley's?" Sirius said then asked Harry.

"Hagrid had forgotten to mention how to get on the train. So I was looking around and heard someone say muggles and saw a group of redheads." Harry said, his eyes opening wide slowly figuring it out on his own. It was like putting a puzzle together in his brain. He never put two and two together like that. He always thought it was just by luck to have found someone like that.

"Figuring it out huh?" Draco said smiling. Harry nodded.

"So it was all set up so I would be friends with them, with a family so deep in the light and a family that worshiped Dumbldork." Harry said. Neville and Draco laughed at the name Dumbldork.

"Good job Harry. I say we call him that all the time now." Nev said laughing.

"Now now boys show a tiny bit of respect yes? Now why did you two pick second year?" Gran said, smiling a little and enjoying their laughter.

"Well people were getting petrified by some unknown creature. We had a horrible defense professor." Neville admitted.

"Lockhart was horrible. He didn't teach us anything but stuff about himself. I didn't need to know 'what his favorite color was' or 'what his life dream was'." Draco complained.

"Don't forget 'when is Lockhart's birthday and what his ideal gift is'." Neville said shaking his head. Harry busted out laughing.

"Hermione got all his questions right. Earned Gryffindor ten points." Harry said between breathes.

The three boys looked at each other and laughed until they couldn't breathe anymore. They couldn't believe that someone like Hermione actually cared that much about passing a class that she studied that deeply about their ex-professor. They just couldn't believe it at all.

'Boys please calm let's get through this then we can laugh at unfortunate children huh?" Remus said, frowning.

"Wondering why Lockhart was hired huh Moony." Sirius asked, Moon nodded.

"Also wondering why Dumbledore didn't realize it was a basilisk. Or why he didn't close the school?" Remus or Moony said.

"We don't really need to go over anything from third year, do we?" Harry said, jokingly.

"No." Remus said, very deadpan.

"Harry can we ask a few things though?" Draco asked. Harry nodded.

"What happened to Professor Quirrel?" Draco asked first.

"Oh well do you remember that the third floor corridor was off limits to anyone who didn't want to die a painful death?" Harry asked, frowning.

"Yes" both Nev and Draco said.

"Well behind it was a valuable stone that was being protected and Professor Quirrel was being controlled by Voldemort. Well Ron, Hermione, and I went down to get it before Voldemort. Well at the very end I ended up by myself, and saw the Professor standing there, we had thought it was Snape." Harry said, taking a breath and starting again. "Well let's just say Voldemort offered me to join him and he wouldn't kill me, I refused and he told the Professor to attack me. Well as soon as the Professor laid his hands on me, he burned. After I figured out why he was burned, I did what anyone would do is put my hands on his face. Burned him even more until he moved away from me. He burned then Voldemort fled his body. He died." Harry finished, looking down ashamed.

Everyone was quiet.

"You didn't kill him Harry." Neville said, determined.

"But..." Harry started, but was interrupted.

"No but's Harry, Nev is right. Too be possessed for that long, his body wouldn't have been able to take much more. He would have died no matter what." Draco said, in a knowing voice. Harry nodded.

"What about the chamber? I mean we know about Ginny Weasley but what happened down there?" Nev asked, curious.

"Wait what happened to Ginny Weasley?" Sirius asked, looking around at everyone. Everyone looked at Harry.

"Yea thanks I should just write my life story one day." Harry said, sarcastically. Draco and Neville laughed. Harry just shook his head.

"Ginny Weasley was writing in a diary that wrote back to her. It was slowly possessing her. The diary had once belonged to Tom Riddle who also goes by Voldemort. Voldemort wanted to kill muggleborns with a basilisk, he didn't kill anyone this time around but he did manage to petrified, which he did to several different students even a pureblood." Harry explained.

"When Ron and I heard about the monster taking Ginny down to the chamber, he and I decided to help Lockhart by telling him where the chamber was. Once we found Lockhart we saw him packing all his stuff to leaving. We threatened him and took him to the chamber forcing him down it. Once we were in a tunnel, he had grabbed Ron's wand and tried to wipe our memories, fortunately he was using Ron's broken wand and it backfired on him making him lose his memory." Harry said smirking, he heard Draco snort and Neville laughing.

"But when he did the spell it did backfire and he landed against the cave walls and it caved in, I happened to be separate from them. I continued on without Ron to the chamber. I found Ginny laying at the end of the chamber with the diary. Tom Riddle came up behind me threatened me like usual and summoned the basilisk, Fawkes came and I got the sword of Gryffindor from the sorting hat and stabbed and killed the basilisk." Harry said, giving a very very short version of it.

"What was that stupid little girl thinking?" Sirius said, slowly trying to wrap his mind about it.

"Obviously she wasn't. Who in their right minds thinks it's okay for a diary to write back to them?" Remus said, annoyed by the whole thing.

"Any more questions for me?" Harry asked, looking around no one said anything, everyone shook their heads.

"What now?" Neville said, looking at the adults.

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