I have grown up with him since birth. Our parents were best friends, since the hospital, and Danny was born first then me following day. Danny is still my best friend even after killing his aunt thing, I visited him every day even on the holidays, I would never turn my back on him, I know him too well.

I was not there when it happened, I was sick that day, and staying home, but when my father told what happen. I told him, that Danny had to have a reason, I just didn't know yet. When I was healthy, and could visit I did. I had my father drive him to place that I would know inside and out, by the time he left, I knew the staff by their first names, and the staff joked that reason Danny never got a roommate was because I was his roommate. He never really did, (I guess the head, who I never meet really) after the first six months, and four different roommates.

The whole school, thought of me as innocent and bubbly, no one really believed me when I told them, I visited him every day. I got my driver's license and my surprise Nissan Maxima, (that was red.) I could stay longer; he told me over and over again, I was highlight of his day.

His father was a drunk, and I hate his father, and told him that, he would laugh at me, and that he understood why, but did not agree all the way.

Our birthday when we both turned sixteen, I got to spend the night, our birthday was midnight, the halfway point between the days of our births. He gives me this gold band, with a ruby stone, there where these runes engrave that he told me where for protection. He put it on my wrist, and I have never taken it off since.

When Mom, Danny's mother, told me she was picking him up, Mom did not even have to ask, I was at her car in less than minute with her cars keys, telling her to move it. She laughed at me, but hurried up. The staff did even blink when I ran in, his mother had already given me his clothes to change into, and one of them ring's me into the area. I was at his door with his clothes, he laughs at me but took his clothes. I ran around his room while he changed to make sure he had everything important, and good thing too, because he forget a few things, pictures, and drawing, which I notice were mostly things that had nothing to do with me. We smile at each other, as I pick up the bag, and his arm went around me and we walked out.

We meet up with mom, and I keep his bag near me, as we sat in the back talking, when he got near the house, I knew it was going to be a mess, "Go ahead of me," he said to me I nodded my head, as his face went cold, and turned to ice, something I have never seen on him, never want to see again. I got out of the car first, with the bag and head to the house with my spare house key. I sensed Danny right behind me.

I was jumping inside his house, "Stay here, you have to wait for mom," I told him as I ran upstairs to his room, I put his things where they should be, before, I closed the door, I helped mom fix up his room, for his return. When I hear them coming upstairs, I closed his door, with the blanket behind my back, the blanket I made for him. When he was standing in front of me, with mom behind him, "I hope you like it," I step aside as he opens the door, he gasps, and turns to look at us.

"This is wonderful, I love it," He said with a big smile on his face.

"It was mostly Jasper, who got everything and set it up, with help of my money and some of Ma, and Pa's money." I keep the blanket while hidden behind my back but not for long; we read each other like a book.

"J what do you have behind your back," I knew, he would know.

I took it out behind my back, "I made it for you, for your bed," It was grey blanket with a black underline to it.

He took it from my hands and held it to his chest, "Thank you," I smile at him, but he pulled me to his chest, and hugged me, "You always make everything better," he whispered to me.

I smiled with my head resting on his chest. When he let me go, mom was gone, and he went to his bed to pull off the blanket that was on it, and put my blanket down on the bed, it fits bed like the original one, fold up the other one and putting it on the end of the bed. I sat down with my shoes off and we talked again.

"How are they?" This comes up every time but I tell him that things are different; I have not told that I have not talked to them since that day.

When it was time for school, five days later, I had to meet them there, I am driving Danny and I back. I was hoping for the best, but I knew the best Danny was going to get was everyone staring and questioning why I was hanging with him, and why I was near him at all.

I was dressed in jeans, my black boots; black t-shirt, and checkered black and white jacket. I kept taking deep breaths, as I stood near the door waiting for him. He was finally next to me, after what felt like hours, but was really only five minutes, I felt better. I wrapped my arms around his arm, because I needed to hold on to him. Our classes match each other's, something about me being there to keep him calm or something I was too busy trying not to jump out of my seat, and do the happy dance from being told I get to be with Danny the whole day.

First class was English, two floors up, on the third floor, everyone was moving like the sea was spreading for Danny, and everyone was whispering, and staring. I moved arms away from his but I hold his hand, as this cool, happy, and I-am-fine, face comes up on Danny's, but I keep my face happy and bubbly.

I lead the way to class, knowing that break after, was going to be fun, the rumors spreading, like wild fires. Telling everyone the truth after all these years was going to catch up with them.

We sat near the front of the class next to each other, and I knew he was going to do fine, from study hall, and for helping, and doing my homework. We fly through class, and walking through hallways, mindless because this was the biggest break in between classes, give us time to try and wake everyone up after the first class.

When we got to second floor, we saw Lacey, and Jo, I blink at that, they have not talked to each since middle school, he pulls away from me, and our hands let go of each other's. It felt off, almost wrong. I watched as Danny talked to them, after a few minutes the principal comes up, behind him. "Mr. Nightwalker can come to." He said was I walking near them. Danny smiled and nodded, and picked up my hand, as we followed him. Mom was there, I stood outside the door as they talked.

A few guys came up to me, "Why are you talking Socio? Or better yet, why are you hanging off him?" I didn't even blink, as I looked at them. I knew what they wanted to hear, and what they really wanted to hear.

"Because I trust a killer more than I trust people like you all. I also know him more than anyone else in this town does." I give them a mix of both, the door opens and I turned to the door, my band shining in the light, when my hand moved up to Danny's arm, as they run off.

"Time for psychology," He says as we head to class, he tells me what happen in the room, and how his mother acted.

During the whole class, I was rolling my eyes, I am pretty sure; I broke a record for the most eye rolls, in one seating. When it came to the nickname, they made for him, "Socio" I turned to him, and mouthed, sorry, he mouthed back, it is fine.

When lunch came around, and Regina was all over Danny, I never wanted kill someone more than I did then, and I am all for peace and love. When I heard the party part, I stepped in, to put some space between them, "Sorry but he is busy after school, so no for now. We have homework to get done," I said with a smiled, when I notice her necklace that as the same gold and ruby that, and what made us special. I was worried a little.

I pulled him away, when I zone back in, by looping my arms through his and pulling him away, "We will get pie on the way home." I said, on the way to history. We went through the rest of day.

I pulled my car into a parking space, and we left our backpacks in car, Danny picked up my hand when I was near putting a smile on my face. "I missed pie, why did we not come get some during the weekend?" I giggle at that, I am not worried about giggling, even if I am a boy.

"Because we wanted to play Sims 3, and watch shows that did not kill us." That made us want to puke, "Lets never watch Glee again, even if I do love Kurt."

"I do not want to watch it either; I almost feel as if I will loss you to Kurt, if he was real." I snuggle into his side.

"Never," We get near the door, "I can go in get the pie, if you want to stay here."

"No better get it over with," We walk in and I know he saw Jo, "Get the pie; I am going to talk with Jo." I get the pie, and order two shakes.

I get the shakes and the pie, as he stands back up, and I hand over his shake, as he holds the door open for me, and we leave. We are halfway back to the car, when Jo runs to us. Asking for a reason of why he killed his aunt, that I knew about already, he did not tell them I guessed. When the party came up again, "Yes I agree you should go with him Jo, I cannot go too much homework that I have to do, that way Danny gets out for a while." I said to them as I turned to Danny at the end and stared at him.

***Line Break***

I had no idea what happen but I knew something was up, when I jumped awake and looked at my clock, and saw that it was midnight, I turned to look at phone, and when I did it went off with text from Danny

It was not a fun party-D

Tell me about it-J

As he told me about it, time goes by, it ends with Lacey stayed and her being covered by the old blanket and Danny saying that he is going to be the only one sleeping under my blanket, I was smiling.

Go to sleep D, I promise to see you in five to six hours-J

Okay, just keep the promise, even though I know you never break them-D

I never have and I never will break a promise to D. When morning came around, I was already at Danny's house as Lacey was leaving. I rolled my eyes, went into Danny's house, give Mom a kiss on the cheek. I helped make breakfast; I was already into making breakfast when Danny came down. I have always been smaller than him. I shake my head, and he give me a look, "You have always been taller me," I said, and he knows what I mean.

When the doorbell rings after we finish eating, and Danny goes to get it, as I wash all the dishes, because it was my turn, and I like hand washing them, and putting them on the drying rack, Mom goes out after a few minutes, before coming back in, "Jo is here," I almost drop the dish I was drying. Before I look at the TV and Mom yells for Danny to get in here.

There was a death last night after the party.

I could not speak on this, and Danny knows I went into shock, he had just gone back to school, yesterday, and someone just got killed the same day. "It is going to be fine." He said while putting his arms around me.

I shake my head, "No it is not, someone wants you to go back," I start cry, he turns me around, and I hide my head in his chest and cry into it. My hands are grasped in his shirt.

***Line Break***

When we get to school, everyone is glaring at Danny, and we all know what they are thinking that Danny killed her. Everyone is being pushed into lecture hall. I sat next to Danny with my hand in his.

When Jo stood up for Danny, I was happy but I knew Danny did not want me standing up for him, because he knows, I would if he let me, but he is hand is holding me down. We had nothing to prove to anyone about each other.

When Jo's dad show up out of nowhere, I did not let go of his hand till the last minute, we look at each other, "Come back."

"Always. Wait."

"Always" Is all we had to stay to each, we smile, and let go.

When he gets out, school was let out shortly after, third class, math. We waited in the car for everyone else to clear out before leaving; I drop Danny off before going to pick some things from the house. When I got back his house, and up to his room I stood outside listening to him and Mom.

"Why did we not move," I heard Danny asked, I stood in shock at that. He did not want to be with me, he wanted to somewhere else; I back out down the hall before rushing out of house, quietly and getting in my car and heading back to my house. I turn my cell off at the house so that I could not get any text or phone calls from anyone.

When I got inside my mother was in shock because I am back at home. "Dear what is going on, why are you here?" I started to cried.

"Danny does not want to be here with me." I cried, as she wrapped me up in her arms.

"Oh dear, I am sure that is not true."

When I calmed back down, a few minutes later, "He was talking to his mom, when he asked her "Why did they move," after everything that happen."

"I am sure you are misunderstood something. You two have never fought, but I am sure that it is just misunderstanding."

***Line Break*** (Danny)

It is lying, it is not 4pm, and if it was 4pm Jasper would be here. All the clocks are lying. Where is Jasper? I am walking around my room with my cell phone trying to call and text him but everything either goes voicemail or it was not sent. It was getting to the point where I was going to walk out of the house and go looking for him, and I was more than ready to call Ma, Jasper's mother.

Where is my Jasper? I want my Jasper, I finally sit down, when the clock thinks it is 4:15pm, and it is not because Jasper is not here.

I put my finger on the call button, for Ma. I need my Jasper

I hit the button, and it ring two times before being picked up, "It has been a long time since I saw that name on a phone," It was Pa.

"Hey Pa, do you know where Jasper is. His phone is off," I said as my voice started breaking, where is Jasper?

"He is sleeping right now. I just got home, and he was sleeping. Ma is here, I will give the phone to her." I heard the phone being passed to Ma.

"Hey dear, I have not seen you since you came to visit a few days ago, when you got out." Why is it that they are only ones treating me, like it never happened?

"I will come to visit, Ma. Why is Jasper sleeping?" I wanted to so badly ask why he is not here. Why is Jasper not here with me? Did I do something wrong?

"Darling, he just misunderstood something, and cried himself to sleep, just come over when you can, and talk to him." I was already packing my bag, and trying to figure out what Jasper could have misunderstood.

"I will be there soon Ma," I hang up and pick up the bag, before running downstairs, to mom, "I am going to Jasper's," I am out the door, walking to Jasper's house.

When I got there, I walked right in, and headed downstairs to Jasper's room. He was still asleep, when I got there. I laid down next him, waiting for him to awake up. I had my bag next to the bed. Putting my arm around him was natural. He snuggles closer to him, and everything was back to normal. I had my Jasper.

***Line Break*** (Jasper)

When I woke up and opened my eyes it was Danny's face. "Hey D," I said with a smile.

"Hey J," He said, happily like the world was spinning again, just for us. "J, tell me, please, what happened?"

"You wanted to leave me, leave here. I heard you talking to Mom" His eyes went big with each word that came out of my month.

"NO, never," He wraps me up more, and pulls me to him, as if I would leave at any moment. "I just wanted to know why we did not move, to a new house. One of Mom's reasons for not moving was you. You and I grew up in that house, and this house. Many happy moments, in that house then bad. The house could not sale either." He pulled up my hand with the band on it, "Just keep wearing this," He was holding it with the one that had the matching ring on it, "I will wear this, we are special. I will even make a new set for us, if you want me to?"

"No, these are perfect; they are one of a kind, now. A guess a good thing came out of death of Regina. Regina's necklace is missing, and we have the only pieces left."