Another poem. But this time, it isn't a Sonic one! I got the idea after reading Must Be Sad by Galimatias. Look it up. May make you cry though.

Warning: If you have had a family member die recently, you might not want to read this. Other than that, enjoy, read, and review!

The tears won't cease

His soul has been released

And, sadly, he'll never return

. . .

My heart has broken

I cry whenever he's spoken (of)

I might never, ever, recover

. . .

I'm surprisingly not sad

I don't think I'm mad

And I'm not sure if I'm heart-broken

. . .

But if there is one thing I know

And I'm sure it might show

I am now truly alone. . .

. . .

- Vanellope Von Schweetz

I have to admit, most of the credit goes to Galimatias because I got the idea from him/her. Read the story Must Be Sad to understand the poem much better. Read and review!(Also, my other poem "A Truth Poem" has been moved to FictionPress! I'm still using the same username there though! You might wanna check it out!)