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I don't own SkydoesMinecraft or Deadlox. I also found some MMD picture of the two's first kiss. I chose to use it for this special story of mine.


It was average parkour again as Sky and Deadlox continue to compete for the end. It was another parkour map, made by the infamous Bodil40, and that made Sky shout out "BODIL40!" as soon he sees the map. It's already been ten minutes into competing, and Deadlox was in the lead. He wanted to get back that win from the Epic Jump Map Sprint course when he lost and pulled out an explosive stunt at the end. He wanted to win this time. So in turn, he flies over the course with an invisibility potion in effect and blows up a portion of the course, right in front of Sky's face. His sunglasses have fallen off his nose bridge and are engulfed in the lasting darkness of the gaping hole in front of him.

"Ty, why did you do this!? We're already a quarter done into the map, and you have to blow it up again!" Sky shouts from where he was standing, his brown eyes becoming dazed from the sun's rays hitting his pupils.

"That's for your victory at that Sprint Map!" Ty responds up the air, and he begins to descend onto the grass. To Sky, he knew precisely what happened on that day. He did nothing but only blushes and shrugs his shoulders. Deadlox crossed his arms in anger and knew that Sky won't lighten up unless if he was given a truce or apology with butter included.

Instead, a creeper appears out of the blue and explodes. The force was strong enough to knock Deadlox off his feet and crash into Sky. "Let me handle this. It'll be quick." Deadlox quickly flies over the gap and slays the creeper with a diamond sword. He then collects the gunpowder that came along with the green creature's remains. "I told you it would be quick." He turns around to see another creeper getting closer to Sky, probably ten to eight blocks away. "Sky, look out!"

The commander looks behind his back and the creeper is about to explode. As Deadlox begins to approach the creeper, he was one second late, as the creature explodes and knocks the two into the gap, disappearing into the dark…

They have been out cold for an hour or so, and once they finally wake up they were face to face with a spider. All that Deadlox did was only stabbed its head with his sword. "Sky, are you okay?" He shakes his friend, signaling him to wake up. The commander of the Sky Army responds to the call and jolts up.

"Wait a minute right now! That creeper just sent us flying here!" Sky was shocked and startled. He immediately begins flying out of the gaping hole and reaches back to the surface. Deadlox follows him over to the soft ground and lies down just to gaze up at the clouds. "Ty, don't you ever dare pull another stunt like again! You've been doing that sometimes." Sky only sits down under an oak tree, its vibrant leaves giving him some nice shade, if it weren't of him losing his sunglasses. Deadlox then pulls them out of his pants pocket, seeming like if he found them while they were stuck down in the ditch. He throws them over to Sky, who gladly took them and puts them on, covering his chocolate-brown eyes.

"I'll make sure to watch my temper and my inventory…" Deadlox smiles at Sky and they both begin to laugh. It has only been three days that Dawn let Sky to be on his own while she is away on vacation. He hasn't even contacted her, and whenever he tried to do so she wouldn't pick up the phone. In turn, he tries calling her again. Three rings later, he hears: "Hi, it is Dawn talking. I'm sorry if I can't pick up the phone. Just leave me your message and number and I'm sure to pick up some other time." Sky gives up as he puts his phone away.

"…What's on her mind when she's not around, Ty? I'm just very worried about her, that's all." He says, looking down at his picture of Dawn, smiling and pearly white teeth revealing her happiness. "What can I do if I can't stop worrying?"

Deadlox moves closer to Sky, taking his hand and points at his heart. "She'll always be right here if you are worried." To that, Sky regains his smile again. Deadlox removes his headphones for once and leans back. The peeling bark was rough on his white shirt, but was not enough to make a tear. "I'm sure she'll be okay. She probably needs to get away from all the stress. The squids have been very active for a long time now. Perhaps that's her reason."

Sky nods to his words, finding that to be true. The day is almost over and soon the mobs will come out and go make their rounds to kill. The Sky Army base is far from where they were standing, so all they did was built a temporary shelter to last for the night. Deadlox's hands began to hurt from him trying to harvest wood with nothing but a diamond sword to hold on. Eventually after crafting wood planks, a crafting table, torches, and two beds the two of them lie down to rest.

It was hard to tell time for a while, and Sky's phone battery is almost out of power. He chooses not to use it to check the time because he was concern of it turning off as a consequence. Deadlox was only staring up at the ceiling, hoping that no weather aliments disturb the silent night that let the two teens fall asleep again.

It only passed an hour later that Deadlox woke up. He couldn't sleep, and it was quite hard to do so if zombies continue to moan their language and communicate with each other. Sky hears Ty's footsteps leaving the little house. He then takes the chance to follow him, hoping to figure out what was bothering his mind. After a minute of walking, Sky finds his friend sitting down on a patch of grass, fumbling with a piece of cobblestone. "Ty, are you okay? I heard you wake up." No response came out of Deadlox's lips. His head tilts down a little. Sky approaches him, sitting down next to him. "It's okay if you want to go back, but it's far too dangerous. And your diamond sword is the only weapon we have.

Deadlox does not say anything. But what Sky noticed is that Deadlox's position shifted closer to him, closing up the space in between them. "Ty, just tell me what's on your-!?" He halted his words once Ty's lips crashed onto Sky's. Sky pushes Deadlox away, moving away to keep distance. "Ty, what was that for!?"

"…It was something I was thinking about… That's why I came out here… Remember that guy who tried to take me back to the squids?"* Ty slumps his shoulder, his hands clutched together tightly. Sky nods, wiping his mouth. "…He wanted to torment me into going back." Immediately, Sky knew what he meant.

"…I'm sorry, Ty." He then scoots closer. Deadlox smiles rather calmly. The two then somehow looked at each other in the eyes and found something else that the two never noticed before. "…Do that again…" Sky mutters under his breath. Deadlox then closes their space again and cups Sky's cheek with his hand. He then brings his lips closer and locks them with Sky's. And that left no words for them. Sky never felt such spark before with Dawn, and this one was far more stronger. The teens begin to exchange kisses back and forth. Sky locks his hands on Deadlox's body as he was being laid down. Ty was over him, and it seems that he cannot even focus for a second.

But Sky didn't care; Dawn wasn't around. Their voices began to dissolve into a broken language. Deadlox then parted his mouth to let Sky's tongue swarm inside, feeling each touch of gums and teeth. Ty does the same, also resulting in a dominating match between the two. Sky then wraps his arms around Ty's neck and draws him closer. Finally the two of them part away, a string of saliva connected onto their lower lip until breaking apart. Their breaths became unstable and deep, taking in as much air as they can.

"…We need to go inside the house, Sky. We're not safe out here." Ty stands up and hurries back to the little shelter. Sky looks at him going away and runs back. They finally get back with no injuries, and Deadlox was sitting down on his bed. He was covering his mouth using his hand. A pink blush appears on his cheeks and his arms were huddled together to preserve warmth. Sky then sits down next to Ty and pushes him down onto the bed. "…Sky…are you sure you want to do this…?"

"I won't tell anyone about it." Sky's body hovered over Deadlox and becoming pinned down. Deadlox only looked at Sky's eyes and let his lips come into contact again, before feeling them approach the outline of his jaw. He feels the touch of saliva trace down his neck and teeth creating reddish marks on his skin. Deadlox moaned to the slight sting but felt nothing but pleasure. "Come on; let me take that off." Sky then peer his hands away from Deadlox's wrists and lifts the other's shirt off his body. Deadlox was then pushed back down onto the bed, his toned chest in full view.

Sky gently held onto his friend's body and brings himself closer to Ty. Deadlox sighs from the cold touch of Sky's fingers and the feel of lips leaving kisses on his chest. Deadlox then folds his arms across Sky body and just holding him there. He then finds the end of the commander's shirt and removes it along with his amulet. The two teens then exchanged positions and resulted in Sky being pleasured as he feels Deadlox's mouth clasp around one of his nipples. The commander moaned as he feels teeth nip at the pink nub and a tongue swirling a ring around it. He attempts to move his position but isn't able to do so due to Deadlox's hands holding him down.

"Ty, I know you can do better, unless if you want me to do it for you." Sky whispers as he removes Deadlox's headphones and tosses them away. They land next to Ty's shirt and results in a slight crack like sound. Sky then rolls his position again and results with him over Deadlox. He smiles as he lets his kisses leave a trail on Ty's stomach. He then lets his hand reach over and unzips the other's pants and undoes the button that keeps it from sliding off. Sky then pulls them down with a pair of boxers. Deadlox covers his mouth to prevent himself from being heard.

Then he felt it; a mouth clutched onto his weeping erection and wraps it around with saliva. Deadlox moaned and screamed in ecstasy; of course, it is the first time he felt something like this before. Sky began to suck on it rather calmly, and he throws Ty's legs over his shoulders. Deadlox then elevated his hips to let Sky take in more of him. His climax was drawing nearer, and he can feel it rising rather steadily. Sky then stuck two fingers into Ty's mouth without wondering why until he finally figured it out just by instinct. Once he pulled them out, he uses his fingers and penetrated the tight ring of muscle.

"Sky, it hurts a little!" Deadlox screamed, his hands being forced further down into the mattress. Sky only did nothing but bobbed his head a little, pleasuring his friend a bit longer. They begin to bead tiny droplets of sweat and they start to fall of their bodies and gather onto the blanket. Sky keeps his fingers in Deadlox's entrance and finds the bundle of nerves that made the teen scream even louder. At that same moment, his mouth was filled with Deadlox's juices. He blushes wildly, hoping that Sky isn't disgusted. However, Sky hungrily swallows the fluid with haste, feeling it go down his throat. He sits up to bring Deadlox in an upright sitting position.

He then brings Ty's head closer, locking back into a kiss. Deadlox then shoves his tongue inside Sky's mouth, tasting himself. The distinct taste of his sperm became a bizarre experience for him, but savored it gratefully. He was then pushed back down and had his face buried into the pillow. Sky then undoes his pants and pulls them off with his boxers. Already, Deadlox knew what was going to happen next. From the corner of his eye, he sees Sky's forearm close to him, and finally wakes up to the feeling of his best friend forcing his way inside. Deadlox screamed loudly into the pillow, and that his voice was muffled by the fabric and wool that filled it. The pillow disappears from his face and that his screams became louder from every thrust.

"Ty…you feel so good…so warm…" Sky panted as he keeps forcing himself further inside. He wraps his arms around Deadlox's chest and keeps his motions slow. Their voices became synchronized in their panting, and they both felt their climax coming near.

"Sky, don't hold back…please, make me yours…" Ty commanded, and the commander does so. He then reaches that little sweet spot inside that made Deadlox scream at the top of his lungs. Sky sighed to the feeling that was built inside of him. Stars began to take up the space that his vision displayed in front of him, and he just shut his eyes.

Deadlox's panting sounded louder than before, and he too spotted stars in front of him. He buries his face into the pillow again, his screams muffled again. "Ty let me hear you…" Sky grips a handful of Deadlox's hair and lifts his head up. And he did scream. They both finally reach their climax, releasing their cum simultaneously. Sky then loses his balance on his arms and falls on top of Deadlox, releasing his hold. They both stayed like that for a minute until Sky gets up and slide into his bed.

"…That was truly amazing, Sky… I don't think I'll find another person to love other than you…" Deadlox mutters before his tired mind and body let him fall asleep.

As morning starts to break, the two teens quickly get dressed into their clothes and leave the house. However, Sky began to mine smooth stone just to get cobblestone. He then starts to make a trail from the house that they made together.

"Why are you doing that, Sky? We don't need to go back there." Deadlox mentions, keeping his diamond sword out in case of any danger.

"…Just in case if you want to go back there and do it again." Sky flashes a smile and throws his arms around his friend's neck. "Dawn will be mad if she sees us doing it at the base, so I thought that if I remember where to go, we can do all over again." He leans over and kisses Ty again, dropping his butter sword.

As they break away, Deadlox smiles to the idea and leaves the cobblestone blocks alone. "I'm open to that whenever you feel like doing it."

And they finally make it back to the base, as if nothing happened…

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