Kakashi's Kunochi

"It's fine to express to people your thoughts or individual feelings, but it's equally important not to, such as, project your sensibilities onto someone far less attuned than you," Sakura said, weaving her fingers together. "People should keep perspective of who they are while also keeping perspective of who the other person is and remembering that it's okay to edit yourself if you want someone who is different to enjoy your company."

Kakashi stepped forward once they both realized Sakura's speech wasn't enlightening the children as she had hoped. he put his hand on her shoulder and looked down meekly at the small group of girls, "Don't mess around with each other. Don't purposefully make someone cry. You all don't come from the same homes, so stop assuming there is a normal household. There is no proven fact to back up the idea that men prefer longer hair."

"Yes sensei," The girls said in unison.

Kakashi chuckled, giving Sakura's shoulder a squeeze, "Sakura is your sensei!"

He looked at her apologetically, but Sakura knew that Kakashi was loving the attention. "My friend is going to leave now," Sakura said, gripping his arm. He winced as she pushed him in a different direction. "This is flower arranging," She hissed into his ear. "Go bother someone else!"

" I like it," He said, just as calmly as he wished he looked as his former student pushed him out of frame.

"Then go buy a plant!"

Sakura walked back with Kakashi, unbeknownst to her, following at a stealthy pace. She stopped before the group and pulled up the arrangement of flowers she had prepared to talk about before the quarrel between two girls had started, catching Kakashi's attention. She cleared her throat, not understanding why the girls were all so pink in the cheek. "This is the type of bouquet you would want to give to a friend. Lively colors and pastels are great in spring-"


Sakura nodded, "Yes?"

The girl raised her finger to point, "why is that man putting flowers in your hair?"

Sakura went rigid as she turned around to see Kakashi with a handful of daisies. "Go away."

"It's such a nice day out," he protested.

"Oh? Then go get lost on the path of life, again," She said as she flipped his hand, causing the daisies to fall. "I know you and Naruto like to sabotage my life as a hobby, but today is important."

"Why is today important?" he asked, reaching for more flowers, in which Sakura slapped him back.

"I-," Sakura stopped and eyed the group, "I'll tell you later. Just please, go away for now."

"It wouldn't happen to be the day that-"

"Yes," sakura said hastily. "It is."

"So, you're going to-"

"Yes, kakashi," she mumbled. "Once again, your infinite knowledge has proven itself. Now please, get going."

"Tell me how it goes," he said, rather cheerfully. "I can't believe I forgot about this!"

"We can talk about this later," Sakura assured. "I'll come find you, and you can embarrass me in front of the town."

Sakura turned back to the girls as Kakashi skipped away- not physically, but there certainly was a little skip to his step. She leaned against a tree and fondled the petals of a flower, "I have something planned today, that isn't flower orientated." She cleared her throat again and took a breath, "You probably know, once a year they separate the boys and girls for a lesson-"

Sakura remembered the day when she arrived at their meeting place and Kakashi sent her away to meet up with Shizune and the other girls. She happily left, unknowing that Kakashi was sending her away so that she could learn in-depth, the facts of life. In retrospect; her demise. It not only reminded her that her crotch would look like a crime scene at some point, but, that all the male figures in her life had anatomy. Real anatomy. Not just the general idea that they pee standing up, or they would crumble if they were kicked between he legs. Shizune was kindly enough to tell her why they went to the bathroom a different way, and why they would be in so immense pain with the simple action of an upward thrust. She found it incredible, interesting, and very uncomfortable.

"So, how many of you have learned about the reproductive system?" She asked, sure that she would be screwed over if there was one hand that didn't come up. Her fears became reality when three girls stared at the grass and shook their heads. What else was she supposed to do? So, she began to tell them until their eyes began to shrivel and their ears fell off- metaphorically.

"You'd be surprised how many girls didn't know a thing about bodies," Sakura said, once joining up with her comrades, and former teacher. "Not just the sexual stuff- I mean everything. One girl didn't even know what an appendix was!"

"Why should she?" Naruto asked. "it's not like we used it."

"It's still inside you body," Ino said, casting a side glance at the group as if to say, look at this idiot over here.

"Then of all people, Kakashi shows up before I start to tell them," Sakura said, looking at him directly and trying to kill his sheepish expression.

"What do you expect?" Ino asked. "As your former teacher, it's his given right to ruin your life."

"That isn't true, right?" Sakura asked, trying to get Kakashi to speak.

He leaned back in his chair and looked at her with his lazy eye, "Not exactly."

"There you have it," Ino said, reaching past Sakura for a cup. "He's not after your future."

"But overall," Naruto asked, "it went alright?"

Sakura nodded, "Fair enough. I would have rather skipped out, but I think I taught them what they need to know."

"Did you go over safe-sex?" Kakashi asked, causing a strange reaction from the group.

"Lesson number one," Ino cited. "Don't talk about sex around a pervert."

"It's a legitamite question," Naruto pressed on, succeeding his teachers will.

"Two perverts," Ino corrected.

Sakura chuckled at Ino's comment and replied to them, "Of course I did."

"You must be suited for uncomfortable talks," Ino said.

"I'm not one for negative impressions," Sakura said proudly.

"Oh, sure," Naruto snorted. "You hear that, Kakashi? Sakura doesn't like to give negative impressions!"

"Tell that to all my bruises," Kakashi whined.

"Bruises? I have scars!" Naruto said, laughing and bumping elbows with Kakashi as if they had just mastered the art of language and other smart-ass scriptures. Sakura smiled as she took a sip of her drink, watching as the two bonded over their similar interests.

"What did you tell Naruto?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi leaned forward, "Mm?"

"What did you tell Naruto on sex-day?" Ino clarified.

Naruto suddenly became a bit stiff, not to mention quiet.

"Don't think I forgot about that day," Sakura said. "I know what I was told, but what did the sex fiend tell my teammates?"

"The usual," Naruto quickly said, before Kakashi had a chance to answer. "Nothing in particular."

"He was shocked," Kakashi said, bumping Naruto's shoulder the same way he had earlier, only with less of a reaction. "You have no idea how naïve-"

"I wasn't naïve!" Naruto protested. "I was perfectly aware of most of those things."

"He wasn't," kakashi said.

"Tell more," Ino giggled, exchanging sly and comic eye contact with Sakura.

"As amusing as this is," Sakura said. "I was more interested in what Kakashi had taught, not how Naruto had reacted."

Naruto quickly understood that Sakura was saving his hide and began to support the conversation, "Tell them, Kakashi."

Kakashi agreed easily, "Well, I started out with female anatomy- in which Naruto had no idea and ask tons of questions. That went on for a bit."

"You know, I don't know why they have to separate the girls and boys," Ino said. "They're teaching the same stuff, and afterwards, they go back together, anyway."

"Most kids would be too uncomfortable to ask questions," kakashi said. "If Sakura had stayed with us when I told Naruto and Sasuke about everything, neither one of your guys would have wanted to ask certain things."

"You can't be serious," Sakura said. "I would have been fine."

"Same," Ino agreed. "I wouldn't have shied away. Isn't it more realistic to teach something like with both genders present?"

"No," Naruto said. "It isn't."

"You guys have a point," Kakashi said. "but that's not how things are done, and most people are more comfortable with the way they expect things to be."

"Aren't they supposed to change things?" Sakura asked. "They must not have done the same teaching style when you were young, Kakashi."

"You're right," He groaned. "Mothers told daughters, and fathers told sons."

Sakura looked at him earnestly from across the table, turned her drink from side to side in her hands. By the time Kakashi was at that age, he didn't have a father.

"You did fine learning it on your own," Naruto said before the gap began to feel mournful.

"I'll say," Ino said. "I've heard rumors about you-"

"Ino!" Sakura hissed.

"What?" Ino said carelessly. "Women talk."